Saturday, April 11, 2020

Tales of Glory - Interior Castle Second Mansions

Tales of Glory - this episode we move into the Second Mansions of Saint Teresa of Avila's Interior Castle. Here Saint Teresa explains to us the differences between the First Mansions and the Second Mansions. Souls that enter the Second Mansions are no longer deaf-and-dumb. We begin to hear God as we develop our prayer life. In the Second Mansions we encounter harsh trials to correct the soul in its sanctification. Saint Teresa tells us that we need to employ the practice of Recollection into our everyday prayer practices. Let's dive into the Second Mansions!



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Show Notes:

The Interior Castle
The Second Mansions audio book from Discerning Hearts Radio 

The late Fr. Thomas DuBay on the Seven Mansions of Saint Teresa of Avila

Thank you for stopping by. Next episode on Saint Teresa's Interior Castle we enter into the chapters of the Third Mansions and learn more about ascetical prayer.

God Bless
Rev. Mike

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Tales of Glory - Analyzing Voodoo Spirits and the GA Episode Home Invasion

In this episode of Tales of Glory podcast, we look at voodoo and the recent episode of Ghost Adventures, 'Home Invasion". About the voodoo witch spirit that infests Aaron Goodwin's old home. More important, what do you the pastor do when a member of the church body tells you there house has a demonic voodoo infestation?

I've been ignoring GA more and more lately because of its level of darkness is reaching an all time low. They're satanists. The crew doesn't call themselves that, but it's what they are. And they're actions reveal it. This episode of GA has some revelations on the current readiness of the Christian Church on dealing with the demonic and witchcraft. We are not to RUN from it. In this episode, Aaraon's father Dan, admits his pastor and friend could not help him with the matter of the demonic infestation of Dan Goodwin's home. M16 Ministries, from it's early days, was literally thrown into battles with voodoo, No one shadowed me, or trained me. God brought the fight to my ministry, literally. I didn't advertise or ask for it. The Holy Spirit trained me. In this podcast I want to speak out and make comments on what to do when this supernatural battle hits the pews of your church.

Remember, there is no methodology in this. It's all about who you are in Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit directs you in these battles!!!



Note, I made this episode on OBS, and youtube wouldn't let me use the Ghost Adventures clips. Well, dang it! Oh, well. So this youtube is just a rehash of the podcast. Sorry...

Show Notes:

M16 Ministries Curse Breaking in Haiti - I mentioned I would post my video on the praying and cleansing of the Haitian witch doctor. My video was removed. Arghh!!! I'll need to go dig up the original copy. Hopefully, I still have it somewhere. Apologies. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Tales of Glory - Interior Castle First Mansions Chapter 02

After some hiatus and a little quarantine time in between, Tales of Glory - Interior Castle First Mansions Chapter 02!
Let's dive into this classic manuscript on prayer and see what the Saint has to say on developing your interior life. We are in First mansions, where we just entered the castle and the soul is beginning to learn to pray. Or as the Saint says, the soul opens into itself through prayer.
In chapter 02, Saint Teresa wants to warn us about the dangers of mortal sin, before we move into deeper mansions. We must address our sinful nature, before advancing through the castle. Otherwise, the venomous vipers and reptiles, our own sinful natures we allowed in with us will draw us back out!

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Show notes:

Angel Moroni missing his trumpet

Saint Teresa of Avila Interior Castle Manuscript
Audio First Mansions Chapter 02

Recommended Reading:

Into the Deep by Dan Burke

How you enjoyed this information. Any questions, ask in the comnents field below.
God Bless

Rev. Mike

Friday, January 24, 2020

Tales of Glory - How to Get Started in Spiritual Warfare Ministry

In this episode of Tales of Glory, we'll take a short prep break, as I work on the Interior Castle. Tonight we talk about the simplest way to get into healing, deliverance, and prophetic supernatural ministry. This is what you need to know to start your own homeless ministry, and why it's advantageous to do this to get training from the Holy Spirit.

I will present why the homeless ministry is the best approach for ministers who are being called into ministry and how easy it is to get started. I provide tips on how take simple approaches for launching a powerful ministry with minimal budget.

The Show

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Show Notes

Night Strike on the 700 Club

A Tourist Getting Prophetic Word at Night Strike

Night Strike History

Night Strike began in 1999, when Bob Johnson, pastor of the Frontline church in Redding, was called by God to come minister on the streets of San Francisco. Bob Johnson, along with Mark Neitz and Milton Meyer, started ministering to the poor on the streets of Jones and Eddy. It was then the skidrow of the city. It is now the site of the Tenderloin Police station. Mark Neitz said their old white van with a purple stripe would pull up on a Thursday evening for street ministry and the place would just go nuts. The people knew the minsitry van pulled up and they would gather around it and start rocking it and pound on it. Mark and Milton would hand out peanut butter sandwiches prepared by Debra Stineart. Debra was still in Redding at the time and she would prepare all the food and items to be handed out. Redding is a 3 hour drive from San Francisco.

Mark Neitz made connections with other local ministries, like the Homeless Church, led by Pastor Evan Prosser. Mark and his wife, Jessica, led ministry bootcamps to serve the people in high crime areas like Hunter's Point and the Richmond district, as well as the Tenderloin.

By 2006, Night Strike grew into a large minstry event occuring every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month. Church groups from all over the United States came to work in the "manna truck" and serve hundreds of meals to the homeless in a matter of hours. Some attendees chose to work close to the "manna truck" because the streets were still rough at night. Other more adventurous people went out on teams to deliver food, and most important of all - a touch from the heavenly Father. Night Strike has witnessed incredible healings and delivernces on the streets. Night Strike started as, and still continues on today, as a supernatural street ministry bringing healing to the street and heavenly encounters.

In 2009, M16 Minsitries evolved from deliverance ministry on the streets with Night Strike.

In October 2011, Bob Johnson was called again by God to work in area of passion, social Justice. Bob returned to his home in Redding to start iDignify. Mark Neitz was being called to start an orphanage for children rescued from sex trafficking. Bob and Mark passed the batton of operation over to M16 Ministries to fullfill their new calling and season in ministry.

Hope you enjoyed the fireside chat. If you have questions about starting your ministry, leave them in the comments. I will answer, or expand the good questions in future podcasts.

God Bless

Rev. Mike

Friday, January 17, 2020

Tales of Glory - Saint Teresa of Avila's Interior Castle First Mansions Chapter 01

In this episode of Tales of Glory we dive into Saint Teresa of Avila's classic masterpiece on prayer, "The Interior Castle" or "Mansions", Chapter 01. Saint Teresa was a Spanish Catholic from the 1500's who knew a thing or two about developing a deep a prayer life with Jesus Christ. As we continue the topic of the way of the warrior we are going to dive into the theology of intimacy with the Father, his Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.
Starting with the First Mansions, Chapter 01, we starting in at ground level on the topic of learning to pray and developing a spiritual interior life. The saint is a romantic at heart and provides the language for us for our stages in going deeper in prayer and what intimacy with Jesus Christ looks like. SO kick back, pull up a chair to the fireside conversation and let's learn about beginning stages of prayer.

Let's dive in!! The Interior Castle - First Mansions Chapter 01

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Show Notes and Links

The Interior Castle pdf

The Interior Castle (audio)

Saint Teresa's History

Salvation Prayer Psalm 51 - repent and ask Jesus into your Life 

The Lord's Prayer

Psalm 46:10 

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Tales of Glory Episode 06 - The Spiritual Gift of Spiritual Discernment

Tales of Glory podcast, continuing on with the The way of the Holy Spirit warrior topic. In this episode we dive into the Holy Spirit's gift of spiritual discernment of spirits as it pertains to encounters in spiritual warfare and the likes of these experiences through the lens of Christian mystical theology.

What is a Christian mystical experience with God's invisible spiritual realm? What does it look like? How do we discern the spirits during these encounters?

In this episode we'll dive into this fascinating topic of spiritual warfare and spiritual discernment.

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Show Notes

Intellectual Visions and the Presence of God

Interior Castle Sixth Mansions Intellectual Visions
Basilica of Immaculate Conception - where I had my intellectual vision of Jesus

Discerning Angels

Psalm 115:16 Jesus owns the heavens
Hebrews 2:7 We are lesser than angels
2 Corinthians 11:13-14 Satan masquerades as a angel of light

 My Dodge SRT4 totaled in a 5mph crash. The day I was leaving for Burning Man ministry (attacks on cars by regional spirits).
My SRT4 being towed with its motor blown. Was on my way to ministry in San Francisco. It was the night of trafficking ministry in a location that is under a regional spirit of San Francisco.

Room 217 at the Stanley Hotel, from cold opener.
Main lobby of the Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel

Thank you for tuning in. Hope enjoyed the podcast and found it informative.
God Bless
Rev. Mike

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Tales of Glory Episode 05 - The Giants and the Nephilim

In our fifth episode of Tales of Glory we look at the amazing account of giants in the Bible. Who were they? Were they even human? What is the small disclaimer in Genesis 6 about the sons of God taking for themselves the daughters of men?
Are the angelic beings in chains in 1 Peter and Jude, the satanic angels who broke from their dwelling place and defiled God's creation of man?
We will look into this controversial and hot conspiracy theorist subject from a Biblical perspective. How does the Bible give testimony to this strange account in Genesis 6? Let's dive in with a truly amazing topic in Tales of Glory - Episode 05, "The Giants and the Nephilim".

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Show Notes

Sons of God Daughters of Men

Genesis 6   sons of God and daughters of men
2 Peter 2:4-6 angels in chains correlated to God's judgment and the flood
Jude 5-7  sexual perversion of creation by satanic angels and the judgment of the flood.
Antiquities of the Jews, Book 1, Chapter 3  Jospehus discussing belief was satanic angels.

The Satanic Angel Agenda

Genesis 3:15 prophecy of Jesus Christ, and the 'seed' discussion
Genesis 6:9  Noah's righteousness and perfect bloodline (DNA)?

Giants in the Land

Genesis 14:1-7  The Raphaites and Lot and Abraham
Numbers 13:17-33  the Nephilim, the Raphaites
Deuteronomy 1:26-28  the Raphaim kings
Deuteronomy 2  the tribes of Raphaites
Deuteronomy 3:1-17 King Og of Bashan and his giant sized bed
Joshua 11:21-22  Joshua disobeyed God, and drove the Anakim to Gaza and Gath
1 Samuel 17:1-7 David and Goliath (from Gath)
2 Samuel 15:21-22 Four other Giants (in Gath)
1 Chronicles 20:4-8 Recount of David's Mighty Men from 2 Samuel 15:21-22
Amos 2:9-10 recounts the size of the Amorites, they were in fact giants!

Antiquities, 3.14.2 – Moses’ spies see giants in Canaan
Antiquities, 7.4.1 – “The Valley of the Giants”
Antiquities, 7.12.1 – Achmon, son of the Giants

The Book of Enoch

Genesis 5:18-24  Enoch's geneology
The Ethiopic Book of Enoch
Matthew 24:37-39  Jesus talks about no marriage in heaven when we go there
1 Timothy 1:3-4 Paul recants The Book of Enoch as a myth
1 Timothy 4:6-7 Paul again refers to the Book of Enoch as a myth not to be taught.

The Physical Evidence of Giants

The Story of David and Goliath Gets Archeological Evidence Backing it Up
An Archeological Argument for the Existence of Goliath
Nevada Mysterious Red Hair Giants
Is the US Hiding the Giant of Kandahar?
Gilgamesh  Tomb Found
LA Marzulli on Kandahar Incident youtube (note Christian conspiracy theory rabbit hole)

Tribes of Giants in the Bible

Tribes List of the giants

Hope you enjoy this information.

God Bless
Rev. Mike