Saturday, December 14, 2013

FG2SW Interview With an Exorcist Part II

Last February some of the M16 Ministries prayer team members were invited to be interviewed for a documentary on exorcism. Here is the second segment of the interview with author of A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare, and spiritual warfare director and exorcist, Michael Norton.

Interviewer is Dr. Jerry Johnston of Crossroads Christian Communication in Canada.
This was video was shot for a video project he was working on about exorcists. Dr. Jerry Johnston also interviewed Roman Catholic Exorcist Father Gary Thomas and Christian Deliverance Minister Bob Larson for the project.

This is part 2 of the documentary where Dr. Jerry Johnston asks Rev. Mike questions about incubus spirits, haunted houses, pentecostal views on exorcism, and gospel views on exorcism. And the big question can Christians be possessed? Are ghosts real? This interview is raw video and unedited.

Interview With Exorcist Part II from Michael Norton on Vimeo.

Rev. Mike

For further reading on the topic,
A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare - the Power to PULL the IMPOSSIBLE from the HEAVENLY REALMS

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

FG2SW Interview with an Exorcist Part I

Last February some of the M16 Ministries prayer team members were invited to be interviewed for a documentary on exorcism. Here is the first segment of the interview with author of A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare, and spiritual warfare director and exorcist, Michael Norton.

Interviewer is Dr. Jerry Johnston of Crossroads Christian Communication in Canada.
This was video was shot for a video project he was working on about exorcists.

Rev. Mike

For further reading on the topic,
A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare - the Power to PULL the IMPOSSIBLE from the HEAVENLY REALMS

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ghost Adventures The Exorcist House Using Ouija Boards

Last Friday, October 04, 2013, The Ghost Adventures aired their 100th episode at the original exorcist house, in St Louis, Missouri. This episode is loaded with information that I wanted to share with the prayer warriors. In this video blog I am going to focus on the use of the ouija board and some comments, Nick and Aaron made about the use of these tools. Including when they categorized the ouija board, the spirit box and evps in the same category as seance tools. In a nutshell, if a Christian Ghost hunter is using any of these they are involved in necromancy (communication with the dead -demonic).

Sit back and enjoy. At the end of the video is a curse breaking prayer for those of you who may have dabbled with the ouija board.

FG2SW 100813 from Michael Norton on Vimeo.

Rev. Mike

For further reading on the topic,
A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare - the Power to PULL the IMPOSSIBLE from the HEAVENLY REALMS

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

House Blessing a Spiritually Tainted House

It is Saturday October 05, 2013. I am presenting a video blog commentary on the SyFy show Paranoramal Witness, aired Wednesday October 02, 2013 (I know I said September 28th in the video, but I correct myself here). The show was titled, "the Coven", and portrayed a Christian family moving into a spiritually tainted house. In future vblogs you may hear me use the reference of spiritual leprosy. Spiritual leprosy and a tainted house both represent a home that was defiled by ungodly rituals (i.e. witchcraft or satanism).

I actually enjoyed this episode because it portrayed a Christian family cleansing the enemy out of their house. Although they bolted afterwards, the house was cleansed. I include my commentary on house cleansing of homes with spiritual leprosy.

FG2SW VBLOG 100513 on Blessing Spiritually Infested Homes from Michael Norton on Vimeo.

Also, keep these in mind too during warfare the following points:
1. Pray to get released into the battle.
2. Never go into battle alone. Matt had his mother with him. I usually have at least one other person with me or a posse!
3. Spiritual leprosy is best dealt with by an experienced ministry group or a Roman Catholic exorcist.
4. Keep ghost hunters and paranormal teams off the premises!!! And no clairvoyants. A charismatic or Christian operating under the gifts of the Holy Spirit are OK! But warn them their are demons present.
5. Blessings and exorcisms are left to the discretion of the minister in charge. My posse and I have been to homes that weren't haunted. We'll bless the home anyway...

  A complete walk-through guide in house blessing can be found in my book, A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare. See below for ordering instructions.

Rev. Mike

For further reading on the topic,
A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare - the Power to PULL the IMPOSSIBLE from the HEAVENLY REALMS

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ghost Bait and Some Tips on Spiritual Warfare

Ghost Bait or is it the scarecrow villain from Batman?
Well, yet another paranormal show, acronym YAPS, has hit the air waves of reality television. Ghost Bait. This show is so contrived, even from the very beginning. The opener is  such a rip off from Ghost Hunters all that is missing is the Roto Router van and Jason Hawes. And the font effects are a rip off from Ghost Adventures. The show itself? Well, take a gander at my video blog.

FG2SW VBLOG Wednesday September 25 2013 from Michael Norton on Vimeo.

One quick commentary to the video. I mentioned in the video how my friend received word through intercession to stop warfare. Many times Jesus tells us to stand down for reasons he doesn't have to reveal to us. In this case, my friend was warring on the home land advantage of the enemy. Unless you are released into doing this through intercession it is better to receive direction from God, like my friend did.

If you are one of the people who had your nightmare portrayed on a reality tv show and you haven't found any help in your problem contact me through our M16 Ministries web site.

If you require information on how to bless a house, or foundational information in starting a deliverance ministry, pick up a copy of my book.

A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare - the Power to PULL the IMPOSSIBLE from the HEAVENLY REALMS


Rev. Mike

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Demonic Obsession from Episode of American Haunting

Once again, the object of my affections - paranormal television shows. In this video blog I will examine the third episode of the AE show, American Haunting. In this episode of American Haunting, a man is obsessed with taking pictures of spirits in his home. This behavior, from the stand point of Christian faith, is called Demonic Obsession. It is when the individual being tormented is obsessed with the activity going on around them. They will obsess over constantly seeing spirits, that as part of the torment, others can't see. The individual obsesses over proving to those around them the spirits are there. Since only they can see them.

Please note, the vblog doesn't have an ending. I had to clip it so it would upload to Vimeo as a 500MB file. I did lots of re-editing to crop out what wasn't needed to squeeze in the info you viewers demand.

FG2SW 082013 VBLOG from Michael Norton on Vimeo.

If you are one of the people who had your nightmare portrayed on a reality tv show and you haven't found any help in your problem contact me through our M16 Ministries web site.

If you require information on how to bless a house, or foundational information in starting a deliverance ministry, pick up a copy of my book.

A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare - the Power to PULL the IMPOSSIBLE from the HEAVENLY REALMS


Rev. Mike

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Comments on an American Haunting

It seems like Hollywood can't crank out these new shows fast enough. The new paranormal show, An American Haunting, premiered with 3 full episodes last week on A&E. I wanted to comment on these earlier but I didn't have the time this week. Not that I do this week either...

This show really got my attention because of the demonic activity in this. And the portrayal of how the paranormal community handles these cases. The sad thing is, teens and misguided adults, watch these as how to documentaries and become involved in ghost hunting or worse it acts as a gateway to the occult.

Someone has to pick these shows apart and tell the truth.

If you are one of the people who had your nightmare portrayed on a reality tv show and you haven't found any help in your problem contact me through our M16 Ministries web site.

If you require information on how to bless a house, or foundational information in starting a deliverance ministry, pick up a copy of my book.

A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare - the Power to PULL the IMPOSSIBLE from the HEAVENLY REALMS


Rev. Mike

Monday, July 1, 2013

A Reality Check on Reality TV Paranormal House Blessing Advice

By now if you've been following my blogs you know I love watching reality tv paranormal shows. One show I love tuning in to is The Dead Files on the Travel Channel. One thing I love about this show is that it is an honest attempt at people involved in the paranormal to assist people who are in dire straights with their paranormal situations. I can tell Amy Allan's heart is truly in the right place to help people in paranormal conundrums. I watch the shows through the eyes of my own ministry, and the people we have reached out to and helped in similar no where to turn situations.

I'll be quite honest here, if I were to give the people who came to us the same advice given on The Dead Files, these people would still be living in their nightmares. I am an exorcist who works with pastors and Christian counselors. I am not a paranormal investigator. I am a minister, who operates in the ministry of exorcism. In this blog entry I will bring to light through our ministry what I see is wrong and flat out demonic in a lot of popular paranormal shows.

The Chemistry of Sensationalism

Let's face it, the producers of these shows need to attract viewers in the millions. The best way to gain viewers is to create a show with the combination of psychics and demons appearing weekly in each episode. This is the chemistry combination these shows strive for. Case point number one, the goal of these shows is to pump out as many demon filled episodes as possible to the craving viewer. In a nutshell, reality tv is giving demons a means of communication to millions of viewers.

Let's look at the show chemistry of the psychic. Each show carefully chooses a psychic that appears to be highly educated in the dealings with the after life. Amy Allan holds a degree in parapsychology. Which, from an exorcist point of view, is useless. Most tv psychics are pagan. Michelle from Paranormal State and Amy Allan are obviously pagan practitioners.

A majority of Amy's advice for people in demonic situations has been to flee the house or to call in, what she called in one episode, an alpha warlock, to drive out a demon. When Amy does recommend and exorcist it is to be a janitor to come in and clean the house. Then she recommends a parapsychology clairvoyant to come in and finish the job. These shows also tend to display clergy as weak and incapable of dealing with the demonic. Au contraire!!!  The men, women, and clergy I have had the honor to go into battle with proved to be an insurmountable and victorious in nearly every battle. These were nasty battles with the forces of darkness - I am not talking about deliverance sessions - I am referring to exorcisms.

The Dead Files seems to go out of its way to show how ineffective the followers of Jesus are. Which is a spiritual lie the demons want to spread with their reality shows. I am a minister through River International, I am not Roman Catholic, but I was raised Roman Catholic. The Roman Catholic exorcists I have worked have, for the most part, proven to be phenomenal warriors of God almighty. If you are in a situation where you are getting scratched, raped, or terrorized by shadows (the demonic) don't call a psychic or a paranormal team - call the local Roman Catholic diocese office.

Parapsychology is junk science and should not be employed in demonic war zones. If you call a psychic in to your war zone you will compound the problems on your site. The communication with the demonic (NOT THE DEAD) invites more demons into the problem. There is always more than one demon involved!

Steps to Take in a War Zone 

If you're a follower of Jesus jump right in. If you're not a follower of Jesus, you maybe a wiccan, a psychic plagued by demons you attracted, a gnostic, a New Age follower, doesn't matter, who you are - you have a demon problem with no where to turn.

You need to pray the following,

Jesus, the true Jesus, the King of kings, and the lord of Lords. I need your help. Please help me. I am in a battle against your enemy and I have no where else to turn. I ask for your protection and for you to reveal to me how real you are. Reveal to me how you can help me and protect me. I need your help.

That's all you need to do. If feel yourself braking down in crying in your weakness that's okay too. That's just Jesus stepping in to take a load off your shoulders with the demonic. The demons will try to stop you. Ask Jesus to show you that he is stronger than the demonic spirits. You must be willing to step out of your bondage to a spirit of fear the demons have placed you in. Some battles like this end in a matter of hours or they can drag on for months and escalate. But Jesus is dealing with it the whole time. The fight always ends with Jesus victorious. And a life changing event in spirituality for your belief system. If you are engaged in warfare, you must cease and desist spell casting, transcendental meditation, observance of pagan holidays. You literally need to close all portals, by remaining inactive in your normal spiritual behavior that is creating gateways. Just let Jesus handle the battle. Fighting the demonic with witchcraft is a seriously BAD idea. Just chill and keep talking to the real Jesus. Why the real Jesus? Witchcraft will send the false Jesus to lead your mind into defeat. This is the false Jesus that sets up shop in spiritist churches and universalist churches. It's a demon with no power anyware close to the true Jesus!

Now let's jump back into the warfare advice. 
If you're arguing and fighting in the house you need to shift the atmosphere. Be self conscious of the tension. Play worship music in the house. Pandora (stations: Jesus Culture, Hillsong United, Gospel) and are good places to look for streaming Christian music.

If you're in a war zone then the demons have you in CHAOS! That's right, I can tell right now from experience, the rooms with activity may be uncleaned or cluttered. Fight back and remove chaos. Clean the house. Cleanliness is NEXT to GODLINESS!!!! God is order and clean. The demonic are disorder, chaos and a filthy home!

During this time start looking for churches who may be able to assist you. If you're looking for help from a church be willing to work with them. If you're not a follower of Jesus and the church is more interested in having you take the salvation prayer then assisting you you need to keep looking for a church. The right church will work with you, but you must be willing to work with them. If they come in and pray and then you call a psychic and a paranormal team and your activity escalates - don't blame the church! You just shot yourself in the foot.

If you're a church asked by such an individual for help, i.e., they're pagan or New Age, Jesus is big enough to handle this situation. He is going to show the individual his awesome power and most of all love. Just give the situation some slack and let Jesus do his job. Jesus is working with them where their at and their own timing - not yours!

Have some people from the church come over and worship in your living room. Have them pray with you. Make sure you have a few of the church prayer warriors on your team.

House Blessing

I recommend blessing the house yourself. I provide a detailed description in my book, A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare. The demon is kicked out by YOU!!!! You have dominion over the demonic. What do I mean by that? Go rent the Passion. I think it is on Netflix and even youtube. When Jesus was crucified he took back the dominion over the earth from his enemy and he gave it back to us. That demon that is attacking you violently, must answer to you - in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Wow. You never heard that come out of Amy Allan's mouth! I am only giving advice to those who are living in a nightmare. If you're a follower of Jesus don't go out looking for a fight with the demonic. All the hundreds of battles I have been involved in - Jesus brought to me. I never went out looking for a demonic battle. Some popular preachers are dangerously encouraging people to go out and pick a fight with the second heaven. But that's another blog I need to write.

Demonic Fights Back - It's Spiritual Warfare!

The demonic will fight back. It's called spiritual warfare. 90% of Christians (in America) are inexperienced in spiritual warfare. You need to put a team together around you and engage the demonic through a team of intercessors.

You need to walk your land and anoint it with anointing oil or olive oil. Bless the olive oil by asking the Holy Spirit to anoint your grocery store bought olive oil. Walk around the house and anoint doorways, windows and walls (see A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare...).

Don't burn sage, or spread rock salt. That is all gypsy nonsense. Don't RC priests use sacraments? Yes they do. But they are using it as a part of the mass for the Rite of Exorcism. When a medium does it, it is a more of spell that lacks the power of Jesus Christ being involved. But wait a minute! Don't psychics use Jesus name. Yes they do. Jesus shows up for his kids. He was crucified for everyone! The reason he shows up is because He wants us to know he is real!!! Jesus will take on the demonic? That's not the message I've been seeing on paranormal shows. Well, these shows are dangerous and many well meaning people have been demonized from following these reality stars as examples.

I have seen incredible miracles time after time in our battles with the demonic. It is not because I am saint with a special anointing it is because I know Jesus wants to make himself real. Satan is the producer of reality tv so you'll never see an incredible miracle of Jesus whooping a demon on tv!

Finding Help

As long as you are in battle continue to look for help! You may be in luck and be near a diocese with an exorcist or a local church with a deliverance minister or an exorcist. The head start I can give you is to avoid psychics, paranormal teams, and anything para....  And most of all avoid charlatan exorcists. There are a lot of quack pots out there. Your safe bet is call the local diocese.

If you don't believe in God, you must ask yourself, what is His enemy doing in your house???  On another note, some Christians out there won't call a Catholic church because they have been deceived into believing the Catholic church is the arm of Satan. If you are in this doctrine of mind you need to seriously re-evaluate which Jesus you are listening to. The same true Jesus, the Heavenly Father, and the Holy Spirit are present in both the protestant and the Catholic church. These churches combine to make the body of Christ! Us!

If you are one of the people who had your nightmare portrayed on a reality tv show and you haven't found any help in your problem contact me through our M16 Ministries web site.

If you require information on how to bless a house, or foundational information in starting a deliverance ministry, pick up a copy of my book.

A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare - the Power to PULL the IMPOSSIBLE from the HEAVENLY REALMS


Rev. Mike

Thursday, May 30, 2013

When You Should Curse Break Before a House Blessing

In this video blog entry I give an example of why a house blessing may fail.When spiritual attachments are involved with people living in a home, the attachments must be removed first. And then proceed with the house blessing. I am trying out a new camera in this vblog. I am both the man in front of and behind the camera. My attempt to use the auto focus feature on the T3i was unsuccessful. Hey, live and learn. I totally respect Bear Grylls now and his one man show. The trials and tribulations of shooting on location and then going home to edit.

Here is the video blog for Thursday May 30, 2013. I discuss two interesting topics in spiritual warfare, clairvoyance vs. spiritual discernment and I discuss whether  you should do a Spiritual Curse Breaking before a Spiritual House Blessing.

FG2SW VBLOG 053013 H264 VIDEO from M16 Bishop on Vimeo.

Curse breaking and house blessing prayers are found in my book,

A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare - the Power to PULL the IMPOSSIBLE from the HEAVENLY REALMS Blessings 

Rev. Mike

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

House with Demonic Infestation Burn it Down or Call an Exorcist?

Well, it's that time for another video blog entry. My original vblog for today was going to document what appears to be another paranormal show bamboozling over the Sedomsville Rectory. But instead I didn't listen to my better judgment and watched the paranormal show, The Dead Files. It's about a psychic and and retired cop going out to help people with paranormal issues. At first I avoided this show altogether because psychics in the paranormal give me migraines in my field of work.

This show surprisingly -is a notch up from the run of the mill paranormal shows. All the shows out there are trying to top Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters, but in their effort to do so, they closely mimic them, and then visit the same sites. Boring.

The Dead Files I thought was interesting because the people in the show were actually trying to help real people. And there were no paranormal toys, like the ovulus and we were spared the EVPs. This show actually is more interesting to watch. I liked it. But I am going to tear it apart because of the volumes of spiritism coming through on this show. The advice provided is dangerous and shouldn't be followed. I especially love how the psychic in this show is just a treasure trove of horrible news for the home owners.  The psychic is sitting across the table from a mother and father, who have been through literally hell, and possibly demonically induced health issues, and tells these people their only true option is to tear their house down. Option B is to call a Hoodoo priest out to the house. Ah, I was having a field day with this show!

The question posed for this video blog is, "Should you burn down your demon infested home or should you call an exorcist?"

FG2SW VBLOG 051513 from Michael Norton on Vimeo.

A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare - the Power to PULL the IMPOSSIBLE from the HEAVENLY REALMS


Rev. Mike

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Paranormal Exorcists - I'll Haunt You When I'm Dead

Seems like every time we turn on the bob tube now, whether it is BIO, A&E, Animal Planet, or SyFy channel, that there is a new gray cell killing paranormal series to purvey to their zombie audiences. Well, this week is no different, the Biography channel aired it's pilot, "I'll Haunt You When I'm Dead". As if the viewers weren't punished enough with endless ramblings from "My Ghost Story". And the next pilot to spew out, next week, "My Haunted <New> House", airs on Satruday May 4. I decided to arm chair quarterback the pilot episode of "I'll Haunt You When I'm Dead". I would have commented on "The Ghost Speaks", but the 5 minutes of my life I wasted on that one I'll never get back.

There was suitable material in "I'll Haunt You When I'm Dead" to have a video blog discussion.

FG2SW Blog 0501013 H264 from Michael Norton on Vimeo.

If you require information on how to bless a house, or foundational information in starting a deliverance ministry, pick up a copy of my book.

A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare - the Power to PULL the IMPOSSIBLE from the HEAVENLY REALMS


Rev. Mike

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Assisting Non-Christian Believers with Demonic Torment

How does a Christian assist a non-believing Christian who is experiencing demonic activity? Glad you asked. In this blog I will outline what our initial meeting at pagan or New Ager's house usually looks like.

First of all, you must ask yourself the question, are you the one who belongs in this fight. Many times Christians get over zealous and jump into a battle way above their pay grade. Yes, we were given authority over the demonic. But many Christians can't handle the midget demons in their own closet, then they go off and take on what they call "a giant". This is a remedy for a good old fashion spiritual butt kicking. It won't look very well if you go off half cocked into a battle, get beat up spiritually and quite possibly physically.

I didn't use to differentiate myself before from a deliverance minister, but now I do use the title exorcist. An exorcist is a minister who is operating under the anointing of God to assist individuals with long term and nasty battles against the forces of darkness and sometimes mental illness (from demonic forces). The anointing is critical because it protects you and helps you when severe demonic oppression is flung on you from warfare. This is a nasty demonic acid trip of depression to endure and it requires a supernatural battle. Many times while you're helping someone else. They don't call it spiritual warfare for nothing!

Many deliverance ministers cast out demons, bless homes and break curses. I started using the term exorcist because my ministry was recognized as such and operating at that level. At this point in ministry, your team includes therapists and doctors, It wasn't a self-appointed title. If you read my book, "A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare - the Power to PULL the IMPOSSIBLE from the HEAVENLY REALMS", I discussed this distinction. An exorcist comes in where the deliverance minister needs assistance with warfare. I help other ministers that have gone into homes and got slimed by the demonic activity taking place there. Exorcism and deliverance ministry is not for everyone in the church body. We were given authority by God to deal with our own spiritual warfare. Many Christians are misguided and believe that gives them a license to go out and start a spiritual bar fight. Some Christians are "DRAFTED" and not called into higher levels of spiritual warfare. Exorcism can be a life threatening ministry and only those equipped should be involved. PERIOD.- End of my disclaimer.

How do you help a non-believer who experiencing demonic activity? Simple. The same way Jesus would have. In the western church we only recognize one category of Jesus 3-fold ministry. We only preach the Gospel. Jesus ministry was comprised of teaching the Gospel, healing the sick, and casting out demons. When I work with New Agers and Pagans, many times a one fold Christian with lack of spiritual maturity has already gotten to them and vehemently hurt them. This is the person who told this individual that they are going to Hell rather than love them as they were like Jesus would have. I know I just rattled some religious spirits reading that line. But it's how Jesus ministered. Remember in the last days of the church the Holy Spirit was poured out on all of us. Jesus is seeking all of us!

When I am called out to a pagan's or New Agers home I respect their beliefs and not try to convert them. They are in the midst of a personal and spiritual crisis. I walk into their home with the confidence that Jesus is going to do something and make himself real to this individual. I am demonstrating the true Jesus, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords. Not the false jesus they may know from the unitarian perspective of spirituality. Yes, you are operating in the miracles, signs and wonders - the three-fold Gospel of Jesus. If you never seen a miracle through prayer this is not a good scenario for you. Why? Because these people are spiritual and you're not going to be able to give them a fire and brimstone sermon when you yourself have never seen the supernatural like they have. Get the picture? Many Christians aren't walking in the power their own God gave them the authority and power to walk in. Unless you are walking in this, can hear from God, can pull down the power of heaven through prayer, you won't be affective. These people have seen the supernatural through the forces of darkness. And pretty much the predicament they are in stems from their own dabbling in darkness. White witches don't realize their power is dark.

When our team ministers in these environments we use prophetic ministry. When we meet the individual we listen to God for him to give us something meaningful about this person. Usually, it is deep and touches their heart. At the right moment, we share the word we got during the initial meeting with the individual. When they hear what we have to share - it puts our team in a position where their wall with Christians comes down a bit so we can minister. We let God do the talking. We walk on egg shells in these environments. Recall that Jesus sometimes performed healing miracles before he shared the Gospel. Same situation here. It's a woman at the well encounter (see John 4). There is a correct and positive way to demonstrate the supernatural realm of Jesus. Word of knowledge or prophetic word is the tool of choice through Jesus. And whatever you do, avoid your "So sayeth the Lord" malarchy. It may fluff you up at church, but if you're word is wrong. You just shut down the whole meeting. What I am saying, is, don't be afraid your word is wrong. Be more afraid it is offensive to the individual. "So sayeth the Lord" is overly religious and usually used by people in church who fake it until they make it - so to speak. You must be experienced at hearing God to do this. We can ALL hear from God! Do you ever wonder why all these people on ghost hunter shows buy into the lie that their kids are psychics? We are all spiritual beings and we all have the spiritual listening equipment. If you are a deliverance minister - get trained. John Paul Jackson's Art of Hearing God is a great place to start. My team trains churches too. So if you're in Northern California, look us up. We'd be glad to come out and train your church.

With these individuals, they are looking at you and waiting for you to sound like the immature Christian who is going to tell them they're going to Hell. Jesus loves people where they're at. It's important to build a relationship with these people and gain their trust. Jesus will give you a dead on word to get their attention. We always laugh when the people ask us where did we get our psychic training from. We tell them we're not psychic, we're trained to hear the voice of our creator.

When we make appointments with New Agers and pagans they are always blown away that we are not the typical (Western) Christians. We are there to build a relationship with the individual. Sure there is a demon in their home -but Jesus will deal with that.

When the initial meet and greet is over we ask for permission to walk through their home. We're not carrying an over-sized ornate cross like we just stepped out of a horror movie. Many times we just show up in plain clothes and carry a Bible or an ipad - and some anointing oil. That's it for the items we bring to a house with activity. The Jesus inside of you -the minister, is who is going to be doing all the work. You just need to be listening and moving with him and not in the opposite direction of him. So yes, you read that correctly, no ovulus, no spirit box, no K2 meter, no digital recorders, no video cameras, nadda - just a small flask of anointing oil. We like to travel light, minimizes setup time for the ministry. Then we walk through the house, and we discern where the spiritual activity is taking place in the home. Yes - we kick it old school. Believe it or not the Holy Spirit is more accurate that a K2 meter! And we walk through the home with the lights on! We're not filming a lame ghost hunting reality show. We're actually helping someone who is in spiritual torment.

It is common, during the discernment walk through, the demon will reveal itself because it knows an anointing when it sees one. We did not provoke the demon - which is extremely dangerous and should never be done - EVER! If a demon manifests it's good to have team members who understand their authority and identity in Jesus Christ. Because now you have entered the miracle, signs and wonders moment of the meeting.  It at this point, my ministry team gets the thumbs up approval from the non-believer. It is at this point the individual is physically witnessing the power and authority of God. At this point it is okay to vocally pronounce the authority of Jesus Christ during warfare. You must discern if this is the appropriate time to take action and remove the demon or to just demonstrate your power authority over it. God could careless about the demon, it's already been judged and is going to Hell anyway. God cares about the person you are helping. If they clearly understand the power they just witnessed it is time to discuss, after the encounter, and it is shutdown, what just occurred and why. Jesus only wants people to love him through the individual's own free will. This is when you explain the angelic spiritual war and that these creatures -demons, are in rebellion to the God most high. This is not a convert to Jesus or perish speech. This is the time to give them information on what happened and why. They must process what they witnessed and make some decisions. You must be mature in your walk and know that God is big enough to deal with this individual and give them time and space to process. Exorcism is essentially prophetic and process evangelism while operating in the miracles, signs and wonders. Many times, you just need to be a good listener, discern when to shut up, and listen to their story. Some people will come to Christ, some will over what seems to be a very long period of time, and some never will. Some people will run to God just to be healed from their pain and not seek Jesus. This situation in itself is a whole other can of demonic worms.

It is through YOUR sensitivity to the individual plus the miracles, signs and wonders, that hearts change during warfare. The heart must change before the demons are expelled. Otherwise, 7 more horrible homies will return. Not always the rule of thumb. If you can hear God on one or two  occassions he may ask you to do otherwise and evict the demons before repenting. I know - the religious spirit person's head just spun around again. YOU MUST BE ABLE TO LISTEN TO GOD IN THIS MINISTRY!

This is not a methodology. It's building a relationship with the individual and understanding where they're at in their spiritual walk. I have used miracles, signs and wonders over the phone to help gnostics who called me. One gnostic went to a psychic and the psychic told them to call me! I didn't know the psychic. Sometimes God intercepts transmissions and gives psychics info. This person through a supernatural God was led to Christ. Using prayers and shutting down demonic voices over several phone calls this individual decided God was real. She had no where else to turn but to Jesus.

I have had power encounters with legion and shutdown their activity. Only in this case, the psychic didn't want to give up her legion of demonic spirit guides (we've seen this with Paul in Acts). In this case, the woman would rather be thrown down the stairs then seek Jesus. We broke off ministering with this woman. Her husband would call us every night for a week because we could shut down legion over a phone call on the speaker phone. But this individual didn't want Jesus so we couldn't help her any further. You must remember, this is all a process. Just because they reject Jesus now doesn't mean they won't call you back later. Exorcism takes time and it's all about the heart of the individual and turning their heart to Jesus. This ministry is not about kicking the BUTTS of demons. It is about the grace and mercy of God coming down and helping someone who is spiritually wounded - in their darkest hour.

If you require information on how to bless a house, or foundational information in starting a deliverance ministry, pick up a copy of my book.

A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare - the Power to PULL the IMPOSSIBLE from the HEAVENLY REALMS


Rev. Mike

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spiritual Warfare and House Blessing a Haunted Residence

It amazes me how many Christians forget their faith when it comes to haunted residences. If you arrived at my blog by GOOGLE-ing house blessing and are at your wits end over a haunting in your home, then pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit down, relax, and read through what I have to share with you.

For starters, I work primarily with Christians, not because I am biased, but because those are the people who primarily come to M16 Ministries. Our team has worked with everyone, New Agers, pagans, and assisted homosexual believers in spiritual warfare. There is a strong bias that Christians won't help others, non-believers in the faith, in their time of need. Not so, I found the opposite to be true, that there is a reverse bias in asking a Christian for help in spiritual matters. I once spoke with a ghost hunter in San Francisco, and told him I was a Christian exorcist. The conversation abruptly ended. The other irony, is that we tend to help people for free. I had a conversation with a psychic who spiritually cleanses homes, at a psychic fair. He said he charges $1000 per home in the bay area and doesn't deal with non-human spirits (demons). This guy had a long list of people signed up for his services. Our ministry does exorcisms, and we deal with "non-human spirits" for free. That's right. We don't make a dime off exorcisms. A majority of the funding from our ministry comes from people who support us through love offerings. Yes, I am also and author and a speaker, but you don't get rich on that either. So why do what I do? God drafted me into this ministry and he broke my heart to help those who are being oppressed. Now with a very small ministry team it is impossible to assist everyone who comes to us. Which is why I write blogs, books, and speak. I need to equip you in spiritual warfare and separate what is commonly accepted spiritist malarchy and what is truth. There are a lot of exorcist charlatans out there -so BEWARE!!! Basically, if you land on a website of a person who is holding out a big cross and looks more like a vampire slayer then a normal person -it's most likely a charlatan. And there are a lot out there.

If you found yourself at this blog, because the ghost hunters have come and gone. They have posted the EVPs found at your home on their youtube channel. The psychics have come, spoke to the native American spirit residing in your home, and they performed their sage cleansing, told you your toddler was clairvoyent, which is why they see spirits,  and then left. HOWEVER -  you are still having nightmarish activity in what you once thought was your dream home. Am I on par with your predicament so far?

By this point you are at wits end. The spirits in your home have oppressed you and they have torn your family or your relationship apart. You simply want everything in your home to stop and you want your life back, NOW!

It doesn't matter what your spiritual background is at this point. Pagan, Buddhist, Kabbalah, Mormon, Jehovah Witness, Presbyterian, Catholic or Assembly of God. What you need to realize at this point is what the truth is in your situation. The truth is, the psychic was deceived by a spirit and he-she relayed the lie the spirit wanted you to perceive to keep you in your state of frustration and brokenness. This is called spiritual bondage. The spirit needs to keep you obsessed with the activity going on to oppress you. Oppression is a horrible thing and it can push you to the point of temporary insanity or to the point where the spirit can try to occupy you and use you. At this point in the battle you are broken. The spirit is whipping you into submission.

Now for the truth. That isn't a native American spirit haunting your home. It's a demon. If I had a nickel for every time I went into a haunting and the (Christian) owner told me a psychic told them it was a native American spirit, I would have $5 in a jar. This is tactical information for me and my team. We will walk through the house and discern it is a demonic spirit of witchcraft and the false information from the psychic will help collaborate the teams findings.

When we work with individuals in this situation we start with aligning their spiritual life to Jesus. Not the false Jesus found in splinter New Age churches, but the one true Jesus Christ, King of Kings, Lord of Lords. Whoa! Reverend Mike, your getting a bit religious on us here! Tone it down!

When dealing with the demonic you must call on the one true God. The demons can send you a false Jesus and really mess with you and your warfare. Up until this point, you have not been in warfare with the spirits. When the ghost hunters and psychic came to your house, you were unwittingly aiding and abetting the enemy within. Yes, through your own actions you were feeding your own torment. Does this make sense to you?

When spiritual warfare starts you must be working with the one true God, Jesus Christ, King of Kings, Lord of Lords. If you are a New Ager, or a pagan, or even a Christian, and you are getting crushed by the forces of darkness in your own home, call on Jesus. Forget about what others are telling you and what you SHOULD be doing based on your faith. Obviously, if what you were doing was right, this nightmare would have ended by now. RIGHT? Also keep in mind your own faith practices could be the source of the demonic activity. There is no difference between white magic and dark magic. The only difference is that the practicer of white magic has been deceived and is still practicing dark magic. If everything else you tried has failed -then Jesus is excited about coming to help you.

Step One. Go somewhere private, away from the haunting, or defiled site, and call on Jesus. Speak with him like he is right there with you. If you are not a believer in Christ, but you found yourself to this point, here is what our team would do if you asked us to help you. Remember this is a personal decision and it can't be shoved down your throat, my God doesn't work that way. God is gentle and he wants you to invite him into your situation. We would pray with you, regardless of your faith, the following prayer for help. If a spirit manifests through you because of the haunting, have someone who understands what you're going through sit down with you and help you read this prayer. Many times we find people who are demonically oppressed can't read through this prayer. If you have a Christian friend who isn't RELIGIOUS and isn't ready to convert you on the spot, have them help you. Don't let them convert you. This is a process, and right now, this is a cry for help! All we are asking is for Jesus to come make himself real to you and help you.

A Prayer for Help:
Dear Jesus, my heart is wounded and I am oppressed by your enemies. I don't know what to believe at this point. My prayer from my heart is that you show me you are real. I ask you Jesus to show me in my situation that you are the creator of the universe, you are the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. I ask you to help me and heal me. To bind the lying spirits in my life who are oppressing me. I ask you to send the Spirit of Truth to help me see the truth and to help me in my condition. Jesus Christ, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, I invite you into my condition and I am asking you to help me.

If, during this prayer, or after, you find yourself crying and maybe getting a bit angry at God, that is okay to. The most powerful prayers are through your tears.

Once you have made this prayer keep talking to Jesus as you go about your day. You may not be experienced in prayer, but God will reveal himself in battle. As your heart has called out for God, go home and bless your home. Sometimes a priest won't come out and bless your home if your not a Christian. But don't worry about that. What kicks a demons ass is your heart turning to God. A house blessing is useless if your heart isn't inviting Jesus into your house. There is no methodology for blessing a home. Walk your hurt heart through your home and show Jesus where it hurts you in your house. Ask for his peace to come into your house. Ask for the light of Jesus Christ, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, to come into your house. Ask him to push out the darkness and seal up your home. At this point you have now entered into spiritual warfare. All the time and nightmare before this was oppression and not warfare.

What is in your house are not disembodied human spirits. They are demons. A spiritual war has been going on since before the history of the universe itself. A group of high ranking angels chose to rebel against God. They were thrown out of heaven and exiled on earth until their day of judgment. This is what is making you sick in your house. This is what is tormenting you at night.The demons are the shadows the ghost hunting team caught on video and whose voices are on EVPs. Yes, what you thought you knew about the spirit realm is wrong.

Now as you bless your house, Christian and non-believer, alike, walk through your home and ask the Spirit of Truth to reveal to you what is in defilement in your home. You will be surprised what is revealed. One Halloween, we were assisting an individual in spiritual warfare, they were being attacked by demonic spirits. The individual was reaching out to God, but the warfare continued because they were renting a room from a person whose home contained movies that were in defilement - Twilight, horror flicks as well as pornography. The home owner was in agreement to defilement of their own home. The home owner was also in rebellion to the will of God and had sex partners sleep over at the house. This made for a situation that was difficult to contain. I have also been on the site of a haunting where a Christian was sleeping with his girl friend in the house. We couldn't assist this individual because what he was doing was wrong in the eyes of God. He knew it and he didn't feel it was necessary to abide to God's will in this matter.  As you walk through your home, look to see what is in defilement and get rid of it. This is a process. You are tuning into the will of Jesus Christ, Lord of Lord, King of Kings. Let him help you, it will take time. The demonic will recognize your attempts to ask Jesus for help and the warfare will really start in your home. When the clash starts, take this as a sign as the demons are in fear and don't like the fact you called on the one true God. They're incapable of defeating God and they know they're haunting days at your home are now numbered.

Gosh Rev. Mike. I thought this was a blog on house blessing. It is. Your body is your house. It's where you live 7 days/ week x24 hrs/ day x365 days/ year. Bless your home and make it impenetrable to the demonic. As your heart becomes blessed you will leak out into your house. This is the nuclear weapon against the demonic. M16 Ministries has worked with nearly 500 people in cases of demonic activity. Many times we find that when we go to a haunted residence, it is the person in the residence that is haunted. True they moved into a defiled property, over time, they got slimed and the property defiled them. The cleansing of the land must come from within. Even Christians don't get this part of warfare. It's the change of heart that nukes demons. I teach classes on deliverance ministry and from time to time I get those individuals who puke religious doctrine on me on how I should cast out demons. You should see some of the wacky e-mails I get. Over doctrinal religion is a form of demonic bondage.

Jesus is all about being set free. If you're in bondage in what was once your dream home. Take action. Your heart is spiritual in design and it knows how to contact Jesus Christ, King of Kings, Lord of Lords. After all, your creator designed it that way.

Again, if you want to learn more about deliverance ministry, please buy a copy of our book. We give this book out to the people we work with in ministry. So help us help others in expenses and buy a book.

A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare - the Power to PULL the IMPOSSIBLE from the HEAVENLY REALMS


Rev. Mike

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fireside Chat on Intercession for Demonic Possession

There are a lot of books out there on spiritual warfare, but very few offer any good insight on the practical side of deliverance. It's a hot topic in religious reading so publishers are going to fill the market. What the market is filled with in top selling books and what actually goes on in intense prayer sessions are two completely separate topics.

Very few ministers are truly involved in exorcisms. What is an exorcism? I am a non-Catholic exorcist, which means I don't use 'The Rite'. I use the gifts of the Holy Spirit in warfare. Yes, the Catholics do to, they call these ministers charismatics. From my point of view, an exorcism is the expulsion of demons in what is identified as a true demonic possession. 99% of the demonic activity and manifestations most Christians have seen are what are known as demonic oppressions. A demon can manifest in a Christian and speak through them. A deliverance prayer team can evict this/these unclean spirit(s) because the individual is requesting prayer to be set free from them.

In demonic possession, which is difficult to diagnose (to the average deliverance minister), requires a lot more background and expertise. When our ministry is involved in a case of demonic possession, we already have some medical professionals involved who had aided in the diagnoses and medically deemed the situation to be spiritual in nature. A person may look and act demonically possessed but could simply be mentally sick.  Their mind is broken. We commonly work with people that have dissociative identity disorder.  You need spiritual discernment to determine what is an alter (an alternate identity) and which is a demonic presence. When we work with DID, there are both alters and demonic spirits, and the team has the discernment to tell the difference between the two.

In cases of demonic possession, the individual will not allow you to pray for them. All too often there are the horror stories that I have heard where an inexperienced deliverance team will hold someone down and try to cast a demon out of a possessed person. Then get tossed across the room in the process.

The individual that is possessed must want to be set free from their demonic prison. And they're not going to let you reason with them about wanting to be set free. There will be too many voices in their head and around them mocking every word you say.

This is where intercessory prayer comes in. For starters, you must pray to have yourself released into battle. And if you do make this prayer, you are certain of your prophetic gifting and that you hear God clearly. You are certain in your faith and you know how to pull down from the heavenly realm. You must also be a person who has their life in order and your family isn't dysfunctional at home. You must lead a life that is built on a strong relationship with Jesus. You will be a person who is free from bondage and can immediately identify demonic oppression as it is thrown at you. This is warfare. Demons fight back and bite back! If you're experiencing extreme warfare on your team it may be because you stepped out the covering and will of the heavenly Father. Be careful this doesn't happen to your team!You are a mature prayer warrior and understand the battlefield. You don't immediately start your prayers by binding regional principalities. Instead, you consult Jesus and the Heavenly Father for a battle plan. Jesus will heal this person from possession. Not you and your book on routing demons! You must listen clearly to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

You must be a member of a prayer team that works in unity for this intercession. You must be a person who is not closely associated to the possessed or the family. You will have limited contact with all individuals involved. All your information will come in through intercession and you will pray as the Holy Spirit directs you. On occasion, you will receive information from the family of the possessed on the individuals status. Don't rely on the status. Rely on what the Holy Spirit is telling the prayer team. Furthermore, don't get caught up in the chaos and drama coming from the person reporting the information. Many times Christians who don't belong in the battle get caught up in the fight for the excitement of battling demons. They will ignorantly and emotionally direct you how to pray. The demons will use these people to irritate, distract and even control your prayer team. If you allow these people to carry on like this your intercessor prayer team will be compromised. Stay out of the drama and focus on the time with Jesus.

Covert prayer ministry is the best approach to minimize outside influence. Never discuss the prayer ministry with anyone outside the prayer team. The information is confidential and it's disrespectful to the person who is in your pastoral care.

How long should intercession last? Many Christians get frustrated after praying for two weeks and give up. Intercession for exorcism can take months! If not longer. The purpose of the intercession is to turn the person's heart back to Jesus and pray for breakthrough for them to have a Jesus encounter. The exorcism can't be done unless the person willfully turns back to Jesus and wants the spirits driven out. Jesus knows how to deal with his own enemies. Jesus also knows it will take time to turn the demonically possessed person around. Jesus respects free will even to the point of it leading to one's demise. The person possessed must choose to turn to Jesus under their own free will.

Intercession will last up until there is a spiritual break through. The intercessor team that is listening to the Holy Spirit will all receive the same information on when to switch from intercession and move to evicting the spirit.

Intercession for an exorcism requires mature Christians, who are not doctrinal in their walk with Jesus. People on intercessor prayer teams were literally drafted by God and very seldom do people find themselves on these intense prayer teams because they felt called into it. The intercessor must understand that God is big enough to handle this situation while we only step in and work under his will and movement. Not our own battle plan!

This is not something to play around with and try. You must be a seasoned spiritual warrior who understands the enemy can manifest and inflict both spiritual and physical harm to the prayer team. The prayer team must understand to the spiritual nature of spirits of suicide and how they operate during the season of intercession. It is intense and it is not something for church intercessor team to take on.

If you're learning Deliverance ministry, I strongly recommend you pick up my book.

A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare - the Power to PULL the IMPOSSIBLE from the HEAVENLY REALMS


Rev. Mike

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Christian Ghost Hunters and the Tennessee Wraith Chasers New Show

Hi Warriors!
Yet another paranormal show has surfaced in the reality tv world. The show's name is Ghostland Tennessee, which aired this last weekend on Animal Planet HD. Again, why are there ghost hunting shows on Animal Planet?
What really caught my attention about this show is another (scripted) reality show that fuses two money making reality shows together. In this case, Ghostland Tennessee is Ghost Hunters meets Duck Dynasty. I kind of wish they wrote Si into the script. The show would have been more entertaining. Which is what this is ...entertainment.

The fact that the individuals in this show portray themselves as Christians raises alarms and this show needs to go through the Biblical spiritual warfare dissection.


If you're learning Deliverance ministry, I strongly recommend you pick up my book.

More information on spiritual warfare can be found in our book,  
A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare - the Power to PULL the IMPOSSIBLE from the HEAVENLY REALMS.


Rev. Mike

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Paranormal Project - Demonic Home Invasion

Fellow Warriors, It's been some time since I updated this blog. M16 Ministries has been pretty busy the past couple of months. A lot of NEW paranormal shows have popped up recently. My favorite is Ghost Mine. That one has got to be a mocumentary. Ghost Mine combines Ghost Hunters with the popular Alaska gold shows that are on now. Ghost Mine even includes the same haunting narrator from the I Shouldn't Be Alive shows. You know the one. He always narrates the disasters. "What Pappa Smurf doesn't know right now is that his 8 year old niece has fallen down a well." Then there is the lead paranormal investigator who screams every time she sees a ghost. Whoever wrote Ghost Mine left no stone unturned when they scripted these episodes. Anyhow, enough of Ghost Mine, I am here to discuss the new show on Destination America, The Paranormal Project. There was a lot going in this show so I decided to video blog it and save myself some time in writing this all up. I took a particular interest in this show because it presumably documents some demonic activity in the town of Clovis. Within driving distance <road trip actually> to the M16 bunker.

 Let's roll that footage Mike...

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Rev. Mike