Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Paranormal Project - Demonic Home Invasion

Fellow Warriors, It's been some time since I updated this blog. M16 Ministries has been pretty busy the past couple of months. A lot of NEW paranormal shows have popped up recently. My favorite is Ghost Mine. That one has got to be a mocumentary. Ghost Mine combines Ghost Hunters with the popular Alaska gold shows that are on now. Ghost Mine even includes the same haunting narrator from the I Shouldn't Be Alive shows. You know the one. He always narrates the disasters. "What Pappa Smurf doesn't know right now is that his 8 year old niece has fallen down a well." Then there is the lead paranormal investigator who screams every time she sees a ghost. Whoever wrote Ghost Mine left no stone unturned when they scripted these episodes. Anyhow, enough of Ghost Mine, I am here to discuss the new show on Destination America, The Paranormal Project. There was a lot going in this show so I decided to video blog it and save myself some time in writing this all up. I took a particular interest in this show because it presumably documents some demonic activity in the town of Clovis. Within driving distance <road trip actually> to the M16 bunker.

 Let's roll that footage Mike...

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Rev. Mike


  1. I agree with you, I do not think the house or land is the problem.

    I wish I had heard of you when we were going through the worst of our spiritual warfare. So many pastors in our area of California had no idea of how to help us. They knew nothing about real spiritual warfare.

    Before we moved to where we are now, we had no real demonic problems. But when we moved to where we live now, the problems became immediately apparent. We researched what to do to get rid of the problems, and managed to get rid of them...


    Because the problems began when we moved to the land, (and the horrific history of the land,) we realized that it was the land, and not something we had brought into the home.
    (Unlike this problem, which was caused by bringing in an idol:
    http://dreamsofdunamis.wordpress.com/2012/02/16/three-idol-encased-demons/ )

    I am glad you state that mental illnesses can be caused by demons. So many brush this possibility aside as being impossible and superstitious. One of my kids came into contact with one who was suffering from this kind of illness:
    My heart still goes out to this woman, and I still pray that she would be set free...

    I am happily married to my husband, (have been for over 26 years,) my children have been homeschooled by us and we are all followers of Jesus Christ. Some in our family have been given a strong gift of spiritual discernment, after they have chosen to live for Jesus Christ. They can see the demons as well as the angels, and witness the spiritual battles in the unseen world. I blog these insights and experiences in order to share this with others who are in need of spiritual warfare help. (The other part of my blog, are prophetic dreams the Lord has given me about other believers in the future.)

    I am very glad to have found your web site, and hope to follow your posts. I am unable to afford a copy of your book at this time, but I am hoping to have enough to purchase it next month.

    PLEASE keep doing what you are doing; so many believers are held in darkness, and they don't even know they hold the keys!

    C. Dunamis