Thursday, October 23, 2014

Did Ghost Adventure's Go Too Far?

Did Ghost Adventures go too far? For those of you who caught the October 18, 2014 broadcast of the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures, I ask you this one question, Did it go too far?

 This particular episode took the GA crew to a house that was already demonized by a spirit that came over through a spirit board session by a previous resident of the home. Zac Baggans tends to compromise any form of logic or moral in exchange for spiritual sensationalism on his show. In this episode, Zac reunited a demonized resident with the defiled residency. It's hard to separate truth from reality on this show on what Zac is presenting. How much was re-enacted and fabricated for sensationalism for the audience?

If what we viewed was real, is the GA team really trying to help Darren Evans or is the premise to promote Darren Evans and his media on being knowledgeable about the demon he is still in bondage to? There is always a strange underlying factor of promoting haunted sites. GA doesn't really help anyone. It's a travel channel show to promote industry to haunted locations.

What really is becoming more evident in these shows is Zac's unhealthy obsession with the demonic. One of the key factors of spiritual attachment is obsession. Its obvious that Zac Baggans is addicted to going to places that are demonized. This is not the sign of a spiritual warrior as he proclaims, it is the sign of one spiritually obsessed! Don't take my word for it. Zac said himself in the opening scene of this episode during a conversation with Nick.

 Nick - this #*@$ can linger in your life. I got it off me. And now were opening this #*@$ up again? 

Zac - we always have to take this deeper. it's like truth or dare amongst ourselves. we're daring each other to go deepr and deeper. We're daring each other to contact the demon.

Zac listen to Nick. Not only can these attachments linger in your life, they can continue for generations. 

For Zac it's obvious he's not about spiritual warfare, it's a game - its an addiction. Zac certainly provided no help for Katheline Evans in this episode. Zac Baggans has such a strong spiritual attachment to oppression he is involuntarily drawn to it. He cant stop himself. Like a heroine addict craving his next fix.  The GA isn't helping anyone they're satisfying their own addiction to encountering the (BAD) supernatural. In my opinion this show went too far for several reasons. For instance, during one interview in the show they spoke with an expert on spirit boards and he warned Zac that this spirit has a characteristic where it sexually assaults some of its victims. No common sense or Zacs supposedly vast knowledge of demonolgy was used here. I have worked with individuals who are under the oppression of these types of demons. They are difficult to sever the attachment from for various reasons. 

For the sake of common sense over viewership, the lock down plans should have been terminated there. What about the demons ability to oppress the viewership Zac? This garbage can go through the internet and cable fiber and oppress the viewers. I am curious to know how many viewers got whammied like Zac did with the spirit repeating its name over and over in their heads? The spiritual attachment can go through the video stream!

What really bothered me about this show was the treatment of Katheline Evans. During the lockdown a demon manifested in Katheline Evans and it was insinuated she was violated outside the lockdown.  In one scene Katheline returns with a spirit manifested in her and her belt is unbuckled. The spirit commented in the scene it wanted to see her private parts. At this point, anyone with true spiritual warfare experience would have safely removed Katheline from the premises and commenced prayers of liberation. No experts on this show considered the safety or liberation of Katheline. And to be point, any one with true spiritual warfare experience would not have placed themselves in this situation for the sake of television.

Let's continue with Katheline Evans, in the height of her oppression she disappeared. Zac and Darren went to go look for her, but stopped. Why? So they could return to the lock down and finish with their spirit board session. Either this garbage was completely scripted or the evidence of the GA crew speaks for itself. A woman demonized has gone missing, and one of the people looking is the spouse. And it was a good idea to quit looking for Katheline? Seriously???? There is no concern at all for the people involved. This episode clearly portrayed that.

Katheline, if your husband really quit looking for you while a spirit manifested in you - you need to completely rethink your relationship with him. I have worked thousands of cases, with my wife, and never once did I put her in jeopardy! If you need help Katheline contact the ministry. We can help you sever the spiritual attachment. I am so sorry this happened to you.

...and Christians! Quit contacting the occult for HELP!!!


Rev. Mike

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

More Bad Advice from The Dead Files - The Dark One

I primarily only tune in to watch, The Travel Channel's The Dead Files, for the last ten minutes of the reveal. To see what horrible advise Amy is going to give the family in trouble. Don't get me wrong I watched the entire episode. I really like Steve and think he does a great job in his research. It's the REALLY bad advise from Amy that is hard to comprehend. Where does this stuff come from? I am presuming she is a wiccan or a universalist. Or something. Anyhow. I digress.

The episode, The Dark One, S06 E06, aired Saturday 08/16/14, about a family in Abilene Texas, living a demonic nightmare is no exception. Amy's involvement with this stuff is to the point where it is nerve racking. In this episode Amy goes into a Christian home and advises the people to bring a voodoo priest in to stop the supposedly voodoo summoned spirit by a long deceased slave. Amy terrifies the family and tells them if they don't do this, or any one from the family is missing from the African voodoo ritual, this inhuman African voodoo spirit will single the individual out and torment them. ---REALLY???

Amy knows flat out these people are Christians. Is there no church in Abilene Texas capable of exorcising a house? I think not! I don't know what happened to get this family to this point. But for Amy to tell even the grandmother in so many words, that God isn't big enough to stop this - they should have thrown Amy out!

I would like to speak to the family. There are Christians who know how to fight spiritual warfare at this level and magnitude.

The entity is a demon. Forget the misinformation from Amy's familiar spirit. You will need to get with a Christian ministry team that knows what they're doing. And that's the clincher on this. There are deliverance ministries - and then there are real spiritual warfare teams. There is a huge chasm in understanding in spiritual warfare between the two.

For starters, as in this situation, the family will first need to repent for doing the voodoo cleansing ritual in their house. The voodoo ritual brings in more demons. The activity will also resume and on a greater magnitude. Since the family brought in the voodoo priests - they can't move away form the house to evade the demonic oppression. They have brought it in under the agreement of working with Satan. Again, a team that knows what they're doing and has battled at this level will know how to assist someone experiencing this oppression.

The demon oppressing this family isn't all as powerful as Amy made out. Demons have power, but once you have repented and realigned yourself with Jesus, the demon will submit to your spiritual authority.By submitting to spiritual authority I mean ordering the demons to leave under the authority of Jesus Christ. Again, with as much as is going on in a house like this, I would work with a special ministry team or a Roman Catholic exorcist.

In my bouts with voodoo, I have had to deal with high level voodoo priests. we do things a lot differently than paranormal investigators and wiccan psychics. We know the power of our God Almighty and so do they. I have seen with my own eyes where voodoo priests stopped because, quote "I see Jesus is here!".

Voodoo is Satanic. Satan is the king of the demonic. Voodoo (Satan) won't run off his own. I think Jesus already scolded the Pharisees about a house divided.  The ritual was in favor of the devil. You now have made a pact with the devil by performing the ritual in your house and you need to break it. The illness in your home will only get worse. Rituals open doorways to things far worse with higher spirits that want to be worshiped! Your house is now unholy grounds. Take it back! This is beyond a simple house blessing now that you have involved the occult.

Listen to your grandmother. She was right. You just need to understand how to engage the enemy and what the protocols are on this battlefield. You can take your house back!

I am here if you should ever contact me.

...and Christians! Quit contacting the occult for HELP!!!

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Rev. Mike

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Author Addendum 12/17/2017

It's amazing that this article was written in 2014 and still gets heated responses from occult practitioners. Can a Christian remove a voodoo spirit?

I am adding this addendum to provide answers to my statements on this blog. I receive numerous comments from followers of the show, and many are occult or voodoo practitioners. The comments tend to have the same general flow to them, and look like this (an actual comment),

This is rubbish, you don't know how strong this entity is because you've never experienced it.  I know what this thing is and what's capable of, it is not a Demon it's something more ancient and much harder to get rid of, it's brought from voodoo and it has to be expelled with voodoo, I do believe in God but an exorcism or anything of the sort is not strong enough to battle this thing. Now if you don't believe in voodoo or find it unholy it's your opinion and it's fine, but do not bash Amy over things you don't comprehend I don't think it's not fair.  

Let me break this down, and respond, in the opening statement,

you don't know how strong this entity is because you've never experienced it.

I am a Christian minister with an advanced spiritual warfare ministry, M16 Ministries, that works, around the world, exclusively with cases of the occult. Yes, we have tackled dark voodoo at this level, and darker. And yes I have experienced this level of warfare, in many of our ministry cases. I am NOT arm chair quarter backing my blog entries. These cases are documented on my blogs, and in my books. These spirits of voodoo never prevailed going up against the Name Above of All Names, the Ancient of Days, the Great I AM, the creator of the heavens and earth, the Lord Jesus Christ. It's just the simple facts and the TRUTH!

Let's address the next line item,

I know what this thing is and what's capable of, it is not a Demon it's something more ancient and much harder to get rid of, it's brought from voodoo and it has to be expelled with voodoo, I do believe in God but an exorcism or anything of the sort is not strong enough to battle this thing.

Many voodoo practitioners don't understand the level of darkness they are dealing with. There is a high level of deception, which is exchanged to the practitioner in the form of dark power. Are these spirits harder to get rid of? Yes! Many Christians don't understand the difference between low-level demonic deliverance and exorcism. The pastor or minister will go in and try low-level demonic deliverance and get clobbered. This level of the occult requires special prayer ministry teams that know how to battle in this degree of warfare. It is very different. Exorcism is where the minister and team petition the Lord Jesus Christ to remove the spirits. It is always effective if the parties under attack follow the instructions of the minister. Get that? It is always effective if done properly!!! These spirits are not stronger than God! The lie that the spirit is more ancient and harder to get rid of? It is not more ancient than its creator. Who is the creator of ALL things? Jesus Christ. All things were created for Him and by Him. Every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is the King and Creator. I have witnessed this first hand in my battles.

Finally, response to the last word,

Now if you don't believe in voodoo or find it unholy it's your opinion and it's fine, but do not bash Amy over things you don't comprehend I don't think it's not fair.  

I do believe voodoo is real. I have been all over the world, and I have ministered to high-level voodoo priests who saw the power of God and converted to Christianity. Jesus spoke to them in supernatural ways through dreams before I showed up. These souls were shaken to their core by the message in their dreams. Again, this is not my first rodeo.

As for the show, The Dead Files, it is an atrocity in how to handle spiritual warfare (and so is Ghost Adventures for that matter). Any true Christian follower should not be using any advice Amy offers. Or follow any paranormal advice for that matter!  Save your hate mail that I am an intolerant Christian. I am only intolerant of lies. I have spent over a decade at this level of spiritual warfare. Christians don't need to go to Amy for her new age advice.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Silencing Demonic Voices - Locutions

One of the most common forms of spiritual attacks my ministry deals with are mind attacks. There so common that every Christian has experienced these through spiritual warfare in one form or another. As an example, perhaps you have gone through life believing your never really good enough at something you wanted to do in life. Or perhaps, you feel like no one could ever love you. These are basic examples of how spirits can invade our thoughts and rational. This is why in Corinthians, the Apostle Paul tells us to take every thought captive.

2 Corinthians 10:5 5 We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ,

Spirits speak to all of us to inject ungodly beliefs into us. These are thoughts that steer us away from our identity in Jesus Christ. For some people these supernatural voices are far more desturctive and can cause harm to the individual hearing them. For some indiviudals, hearing these thoughts can be a living nightmare, causing depression or instructing people to harm themselves.

Voices - Spiritual, Medical and the Soul

From a ministry perspective there are several ways we hear voices and thoughts.

1. Locutions - spirits speak to us in our own minds and sound like our conscience. This is the most common way we all hear spiritual thoughts and voices. Class: spiritual, soul-intellect, soul-imagination

2. Dissiociations - people who survived life long traumas as children, such as repeated molestation,rape, and or forms of ritual abuse. These voices tend to be loud thoughts. People with dissociations tend to have committees in their own minds rather than singular patterns of thought from one identity. Class: spiritual, soul-fractured

3. Haullucinations - drug induced or occur from a medical condition. Class: medical

4. Bi-polar - person switches between personalities. Class: spiritual, medical

This is of course the short list I compiled. I want you to get the picture that not all voices are spiritual in nature. An immature deliverance minister treats everything demonic. There are natural reasons for hearing voices, the soul, there are medical reasons for hearing voices, drug addictions, mental illness, and medical disorders. Then there are the matters which are spiritual in nature, the locutions. If the reasoning for hearing voices is not spiritual in nature, deliverance ministry is not the answer.

I work with people who are ritual abuse survivors and people who survived life long trauma from molestation, rape and some were incest. Through the natural design of God's creation, these minds fractured to protect themselves from the inhuman and ungodly trauma they endured. This is called dissocitation identity disorder. Many Christians (deliverance ministers) who are untrained and don't have an ounce of spiritual discernment have done some horrible things to people with D.I.D. One woman I worked with, her church called the county hospital, when one of her identities was triggered in church. The pastor couldn't cast the demon out - go figure! Dissociation is not a demon. It is a human part. So this poor woman came out of her dissociation hand cuffed to a gerny in county hospital. I have story after story of these D.I.D. nightmares. Some people I worked with reported massively dissociating for weeks after Sozo ministers tried to minister to fractured parts. Nothing wrong with Sozo, it's just that low level demonic deliverance and Sozo inner healing don't work on fractured identities. Are you going to deliver or do Sozo on 1000 or more identities in one individual? I didn't think so. We use a different approach in ministry for inner healing and it is long term. We work with people for a year of longer for full healing and integration into one primary identity.

I look for everything when someone comes to me and tells me they're hearing voices. Take your time and learn to understand the person. Listen to their story and make them feel comfortable when they're around you. If there is a dissociation involved be prepared to catch a change in personality even if it looks demonic. This is why you need to understand you spiritual discernment. The rest of this discussion I am going to focus on locutions. These are Six Dwelling Places (or Mansions) mystical experiences. The sources are self (your soul), spiritual, and God.

You don't have to be in a poltergeist active home to receive internal and external locutions from spirits. As I opened with 2 Corinthians 10:5 lying spirits try to oppress all of us - all the time. Some of us have the will to stand in our authority and fight back. Some don't. And some become obsessed by the severity of the torment that they begin to beleive the lies. This is where the lies become an ungodly belief system inside of your soul and it's very distructive.

Dealing with Voices - Internal Locutions

Recenlty, I started working with an individual who was receiving heinous thoughts of hurting people they loved. This individual knew full well these weren't their thoughts. They came in quickly, in a flash, and portrayed horrible pictures of stabbing a loved one. This person was freaked out by these quick flashes. After sitting down and talking with this person the ministry team discovered that this person was starting to get nightmares of the same thing. The individual themselves were perfectly sane and it was nowhere in their character to harm any living creature. There were no dissociations in this person. They were whole, body, soul and spirit. So what the heck was going on?

These thoughts are demonic locutions. Thoughts injected into the mind from a spiritual source - the demonic. People who live in homes with demonic activity will experience this. But it is not the only means this can occur. There can be some strange demonic attachment, from somewhere else. It can be generational or happened through something else in life.

We listened to this individual and took some notes. This is where a good ministry team always starts. We listen for them to tell their story. We listen and document the ungodly belief system. This is the road map the demons are using to bring the person into the obsession of lies. Then we have the person renounce and repent of the ungodly belief system. At the very end of the session we'll use prophetic ministry to speak into the person's life.

Now anyone who has ever had a session with me knows, I don't do the fighting for you. People come for ministry and think I am going to roll the magic deliverance bones - break curses and send them on their way. Go ahead and laugh. But that's what a lot Christian's think deliverance ministry is. When I minister with people I teach them how they can fight back. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a meal. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life. I joke with my clients and tell them I am their new sensei. I am going to teach you how to fight. If I teach you to fight - I don't have to lose a weekend with my family. You get built up in your spiritual life and learn your authority. It is a win-win! Every new deliverance ministry makes the mistake of running to people and helping them. If you read this - stop it! Make them come to you! I found out those who really wanted help made the time to come to me. Those who didn't wasted some other ministers time. So this is time effective. It cuts your ministry in half and weeds out those who are distracting spirits. As a friend of mine in ministry shared with me, we are not an urgent care ministry.

About a year ago I had a woman call me and frantically ask me if I could meet for her for prayer as soon as possible. I asked her why she needed me so soon. She said her room mate returned from South America and had spoken to a shaman. The shaman said that this woman, the one who called me, is cursed. She was terrified on the phone and again asked me how soon could she meet with me. I told her I didn't need to meet with her, and that she just needed to repent to God for allowing the lies of the enemy to cause fear in her life. This woman became irrate at me. I told her not to be upset, I just gave you a nickels worth of free advice. Repent for believing the lie of the room mate and the shaman - and MOVE ON!!!! This woman called another deliverance minister! I just want to see how mindless we can be in situtations like this. Christians don't have a solid background in their own faith! Jesus created these spiritual beings. He can deal with them too! In fact my Jesus can spank these things senseless. He saw Satan fall like lightning! Don't beleive me? Go look it up!

When Spirits Attack

When the spirit realm attacks, you need to know Jesus phone number, Jeremiah 33:3! Let me set up a scenario for you. Your home alone, a demonic locution occurs. Whether it is dropped into your mind, and some of these can be visual, like you see a ghost in a mirror. This is a demonic locution. It may freak you out and that's okay at first - but consider this. If a local gang member came to your house and spray painted it with grafitti, would you sit in your house and cowar? Or would you call the authorities and demand justice? Of course you would call the police and demand the perps be arrested. Now consider this, many of the low level demons are gang bangers. They're even setup in a similar hierarchy. When the demonic show up. Call the authority - YOU!!!!

Step one. A horrible locution just dropped into your mind. Recover quickly. Your in battle mode now, and not fright and victim mode. Turn on some worship music. Any worship music that puts you in the ZONE! I am a user, there are the Jesus Culture and Hillsong United stations. Use those for thermonuclear response. Like I said, whatever it is that gets you in the ZONE!! You are preparing for receiving God. We start by opening ourselves to receive God. Sit in your chair, and still your mind. You need to train yourself to quiet your inner self during these times so you can go to Jesus. This is a basic form of meditation. I am not talking about Eastern meditation or Yoga meditation. THESE ARE BAD!!! And open you up to more demonic torment. Don't harp on me about Christian yoga. I have yoga stories from my minsitry experience that you don't want to hear! Back to Christian meditation (Psalm 1:2, 1 Tessalonians 1:5).

The reason we are going to our still place is because we are responding to the demonic incursion.
When the demons attack, you are going to go to Jesus! The purpose of the attack is to turn you from Jesus. This is the first stage of demonic obsession. This form of meditation will be hard at first. But it will gradually develop to the point of where all you have to do is think about going to your quiet place. This takes work and it pays off in the long run of shutting voices down and taking back your thoughts.

Don't pay attention to the garbage on the paranormal shows. What is more powerful? Blessed Holy Water or the indwelling Holy Spirit inside of you?

Step 2. I want you to go to Matthew 6 and meditate on the Lord's prayer. If you are under spiritual attack,  recite the words of the Lord's Prayer out loud and do it calmly and slowly. Try to meditate on each word as you recite them. This is bringing you into God's domain in the fight. You are removing yourself from the state of fear and into the protective arms of God. I use this in sessions where angelic majesties manifest. I have seen stuff far beyond what Nick, Zach, and Aaron have caught on camera in Ghost Adventures. Levitation, astral projection, and teleportation, I have witnessed in my ministry. Learning to quiet yourself and be in the presence of God is critical in supernatural warfare. Many people whom I have worked with in teaching them this, have later assisted me in ministry. You have to learn to fight for yourself. Reciting the Lord's prayer out loud brings the entire embodiment of both flesh and spiritual into the prayer. This is very powerful. Still under attack? Repeat reciting the Lord's Prayer. Don't do it mindlessly. Focus on the words and who God is.

Your Kingdom COME!!! Your will be DONE!!

You are now positioning yourself in warfare. Stating to the heavenly realms - I don't receive this demonic broadcast or torment. I am going to Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords! You will most likely, as your starting out, get more mind attacks. This is okay. The spirits don't want you understanding your spiritual authority. They will put on whatever show they can to distract you. And this sounds weird - but this is a good thing. Now you know they are upset at you for stepping out of their boundaries. Your changing their game on them. They don't lke that. Step out of fear and into Jesus.

Step 3. Integrate the inner quieting into your time when reading the Bible. This is not just for warfare. You need to learn how to receive Jesus during your non-combat time. Beginners start by meditating (reading) the Bible. There are basically two forms of meditation that occur naturally while reading the Bible. These are discursive and contemplative meditation. Some people are discursive in their meditation. That means they read the words in the Bible and the intellect analyzes and memorizes it. Some people are contemplative, where there imagination portrays the words like a movie as they read through the scripture. Take the time to discover who you are. I was always taken back by the difficulty I had in memorizing scripture. Some people could do it with relative ease. I found it to be extremely difficult. Too much emphasis is placed on discursive meditation by the church. God knows we're all special needs kids, so we can be discursive or contemplative. Take the time to discover who you are. I honestly have people come to me for deliverance because they can't memorize scripture. In 99% of the cases, this is simply because they don't know if they are discursive or if they are contemplative by design - learn which you are. I did have one case, where a man couldn't read the read letters of the Bible (Jesus words). And it wasn't because he was color blind. This was a read flag for needing deliverance. The enemy was preventing him from reading Jesus' words.


Did you find it odd that I didn't mention I was going to run over and bless someones house who was having these locutions? I occasionally bless houses now. I found it is best to invest my time in turning a victim into a spiritual MMA fighter. If I did my job correctly, blessing their own home shouldn't be an issue with them. My first step in training is taking back one's own mind.  Just as I described above.

This is warfare so there will be volleys fired back and forth. The quieting of the mind is essential in learning to hear God during warfare. The stillness and peace bring in God. Chaos brings the demonic. Cut yourself some slack when you do this. I recommend practicing daily - whether you are under attack or a new Christian setting out on your baby steps walk with God. This becomes invaluable as you walk in your spiritual life. It's a life journey. The first steps are renouncing sin and locking out the enemy out of your mind!

 The big snag I have found in training Christians is that too many people who come to me for help seem to have a poor foundation in their own faith. Many have been Christians nearly all their life and don't know who Jesus is. But this is an issue at the pulpit. If you're living in fear or locutions, or living a nightmare in a haunting, bring Jesus into the situation - and not Amy Allan.

By now, some of you have figured out that I haven't mentioned a word about demonology. I won't.
I am an exorcist that focuses on the supernatural ministry of Jesus Christ. I could careless about demonology. What I presented hear on quieting and meditation far out ways anything else. Whether in your personal prayer life or seeking help in spiritual matters. What I have found through this is that so much about demonology is a lie from the enemy it is absolutely worthless in pursuing. Don't think I am ignorant of these matters. Its just that I don't need it. Jesus solves problems in unfathomable ways that I don't waste my time with what is not in synch with Him.

There is so much I covered here feel free to comment and ask questions.

Rev. Mike

A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare - the Power to PULL the IMPOSSIBLE from the HEAVENLY REALMS

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

House Blessing and Exorcising a Home with Demonic Activity Part II

Initially Screening the Client 

We're continuing on with our series in House Blessing and Exorcising a Home with Demonic Activity, if you missed the first article, you can find it here in Part I. Let's continue on with the second installment.

Your team or your church just received a phone call that a house is under demonic attack. What do you do? The very first thing you need to do is treat the situation as a crime scene. It is your job as the leader to be the skeptic and determine that the situation is NOT demonic. There are two things in the past four years that have increased my workload for my ministry. Those two things are paranormal shows and churches getting into low-level (demon) deliverance. By low-level deliverance, I mean curse breaking, bondage breakers, and so forth. Low-level deliverance means you are dealing with low-level demons, and nothing from the angelic realms (exorcist territory). With the rise of paranormal shows my workload increased because people started believing that the noise their washing machine is making, as it is slowly dying, is sign of demonic malice in their home. In the low-level deliverance arena, Christians are no longer taking responsibility for their own sanctification and transformation anymore and are blaming EVERYTHING on demons. Just to throw out an example, “I am cheating on my wife, I need deliverance!” I mean, seriously? Or, my husband needs deliverance because he isn’t a Christian. Deliverance has become the MAGIC bullet for all the Christians problems. Deliverance is a component of the sanctification process of the soul but God expects you take some sort of responsibility in your own life! I receive many phone calls from husbands who are unfaithful and blame it on demons. I instruct them, through my counsel, that they can take a Cleansing Streams 10 week course, that I instruct, and have them speak with their pastor. They always insist they JUST need DELIVERANCE. I don't work with people like this. It shows me they have no intention of taking responsibility for their own sinful behaviors. Which is what breaking free from bondage is. Everyone who contacts me insists they need deliverance or an exorcism. For many, if they led the Christian life they pretended to walk, the demonic torment would leave.

Discern Mental Illness from the Equation

Christians are also blaming demons for medical issues. True sickness, decay, and death are of the enemy, but I have seen people rely on deliverance and blame demons for their children or loved ones mental illness. We had one individual who O.D.ed on home made drugs. This person was brought down in the prime of their life and was barely able to function properly as they used to. We had family members insist it was demons. The fact of the matter was the individual needed long term medical care. When the person was brought to me, my team and I would pray for healing in the mind and not cast out demons. People have brought loved ones to me with mental illness issues and told me that other deliverance teams held the person down to cast demons out of them. Obviously, not all the church body belongs in deliverance ministry. Some need to work more on themselves then deal with the sins of others.

Just be aware that when you get these e-mails and calls you need to be thorough. I am a Christian counselor who works with Ritual Abuse survivors. From experience, I know what questions to ask people, many times, when they’re shouting demons, demons, demons! There is something else going on mentally and spiritually. Remember, exorcism is pastoral care for the soul. As an exorcist you need to make some hard calls as to whether the person coming to you needs psychologist, a counselor, or an exorcist. 85% of the time it’s the first two choices. I am pretty established in the San Francisco bay area, so I get referrals from Christian counselors and on occasion from psychologist who deem the situation paranormal. Which helps me, because they already did the leg-work in the investigation for me. Experience helps a lot too. Many cases are extremely weird and you need a firm understanding in the spiritually weird. By weird I mean I have repeatedly seen and worked with things most pastors would call me a liar and not believe exists or happened. Most pastors also believe the devil is powerless. He is not. He is defeated - but not powerless! If you don't understand this then you seriously lack a comprehension in the dominion of your spiritual authority.

Discern Dissociation Triggering from Demonic Manifestation

Another issue is dissociative identity disorder, (D.I.D.) or what I call the frustration of the deliverance minister. Many women I have worked with were D.I.D., which is a fracturing of the soul through severe trauma. Different identities can be triggered and many times deliverance ministers think these parts or identities are demons. They’re not, they’re fragments of a human soul. Some of the women I worked with have horror stories of being thrown out of the church by their own pastors. The pastor couldn't discern the D.I.D. triggering from a demonic manifestation. If you have D.I.D. do not let anyone use deliverance ministry on you or any other form of church inner healing ministry. Only a hand full of ministries currently understand this. I have seen some paranormal shows where I could see the person was D.I.D. and people were portrayed as demonized.

Make Them Come to See You

If you have discerned over the phone something is valid about what's going on, you're next step is to arrange a meeting with them. Never run out that day or that night. This isn't urgent care!  The recommendation I can make is to insist the person, or people under oppression to come to your office and see you.

I am also a minister that teaches and ministers with Cleansing Streams Ministries. I have recommended to people to take Cleansing Streams classes and to go to the retreats. I have seen a lot of the same problems over and over again. The reason I recommend Cleansing Streams is because it teaches people to take authority and responsibility over their own problems. This is how you get set free and stay set free. Again, many people think deliverance is magic curse breaking. The truth of the matter is Christian's keep returning to their own vomit and stay in bondage. For the ones I do recommend this ministry to, when they blow off my advice to go to Cleansing Streams I am usually done with them. They don't want to take responsibility over their own life and actions. 

Many people are obsessed with their own demons and want you to drive out and prayer for them. Not to get healed, but for you to drive out on your day off, usually a Saturday, and waste your time with them. This is demonic. These people have a comfortable relationship with their demons. They feed off people coming to pray for them so the demons bring these people the attention they need. Learn this now. Some Christians like their demons. These are spirits of distraction and they are everywhere! I weed these out by making people come to the counseling office to meet me. The spirits of distraction don’t usually want to come to an exorcist’s office. So they decline the offer and my Saturday is free once more. Typically, I never hear from them again and they move on to the next deliverance ministry. They always call on weekends and they want urgent care. But it’s never urgent enough for them to come see you. They sound urgent in the phone call and they make their home sound like it’s Bobby MacKey’s Music World with all the demonic activity going on.

I have had a few that did show up to the counseling office, but they controlled the conversation so you could never get a word in edge wise. Put a 2 hour cap on your meeting so if this happens, you have an exit strategy. The sign of this distracting spirit is always talking and never allowing you to pray for the them.

Inexplicable Torment Proverbs 25:2

As you mature in your ministry you will learn there are some cases that are simply inexplicable. For the novice deliverance minister, whenever they get flustered they will blame the unexplainable spiritual attachment on a lack of releasing forgiveness. The fact of the matter is, God is sovereign. We aren't always owed an answer as to why severe torment is taking place. I have worked with some very devout followers of Christ who have been horribly tormented by demons. Cases do exist where an individual didn't open up a doorway through sin and they are under demonic attack. These cases are rare. Sorry to bend halos, but good Christians can have demons. Why? We don't know. Perhaps it is for some inexplicable trial from God for which we're not supposed to understand? I don't know. An example of such a torment is the late Padre Pio. He was Roman Catholic priest who had mystical experiences with God and yet the demonic would horribly torment him. These cases do exist, I have seen them, and I refer to Proverbs 25:2 when I don't have an understanding in these matters. God doesn't owe us answers.

When It's Time to Consider the House Blessing

You will get smarter as you minister more. The initial contact, the client call or e-mail is important. They need to prove to you they have a situation going on before you act. When the party has started turning me towards something is going on in their lives I invite them in for a meeting. Usually, if the situation is demonic, there is a spirit attachment and it will manifest in some form in the office session. If this occurs, I will schedule a house blessing. Usually, we do as much work as possible in the office visits, then move to the house blessing. If we can shut down the spiritual attachment in the office, the house activity usually subsides as well.

A lot of information about the crime scene can be assessed from the office visit. It is extremely important that you bring in the person who the activity is centered around to sever the spiritual attachment. You must speak to that person alone and not let a spouse or a parent come in to the session with them. You need to hear their story and you need to hear it straight from them. You will find out a lot by just having the person alone with you and another minister in the room (I like having a woman minister with me it helps balance the session as well as put women and children clients at ease). You will gather more information in just letting the client speak and tell there story. If there is spiritual activity, never start out with a Bondage Breaker style session with a questionnaire. The questionnaires steer you to a probable solution. I have come in behind deliverance ministers who told me this and that was going on based on the answers from a Bondage Breaker's style question matrix. Only to completely miss, for example, the individual was molested by a family member at a very young age. And that was the root cause of the spiritual attachment and not a gypsy curse or a ghost in the house. It took 2 long hours for this individual to tell us what was going on. From that they were able to discern what was going on. And for the first time they put together that their older sibling was being molested by their step father, which is what caused the sibling to molest them. The realization wasn't put together by them until they told us their story. We were able to set them free from the spiritual activity in their home because the root cause were spirits of molestation and perversion. They were generational curses manifesting in the physical and tormenting. We have done a lot of significant warfare in the office and shutting down activity by just listening to the individual tell their story. Sometimes the spirit will manifest when the person stumbles into the part of the story the spirit started the attachment at. Never lead the person in their story. Just sit back and listen and take notes.make note of all the ungodly beliefs that come out of their mouth too. Such as, "I always felt like I should never have been born, or I felt I was never good enough", and so forth. It's not uncommon for the story session to take up to 2 hours. Usually, a person is set free by just divulging the truth to someone. For this reason, we don't let spouses, family members, parents or anyone in with us during the session. It could be one of those family members who are the root of the bondage and spiritual attachment. The session is about creating the space for the individual for the truth to surface. I hope the light bulb is going on now as to why the paranormal psychic and the paranormal lead exorcist as not effective in severing spiritual attachments. Jesus came to heal the broken hearted. By His wounds you were healed. Your job is to sever the demonic attachment from the mind and heart. The true office of the exorcist is pastoral care for the soul (mind and heart).

We don't do a lot of house blessings anymore. When the attachment is severed in the office session we work with the individual to sever it completely. We use our own book, A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare to work with these individuals and help them stand in their own spiritual authority. That's how the victory in the battle comes, when the person makes a stand against their own demons. Churches don't teach spiritual authority. My opinion on that is because it is something that is caught and not taught. I remember in my early days as a deliverance minister. I met people who read every book backwards and forwards on deliverance on deliverance. They were full of advice, but they were ineffective in deliverance ministry or never expelled a demon. This is because they don't understand their own authority in Jesus Christ. Whenever, I speak with people on low level deliverance ministry they always ask have you read this book or that book on routing demons and demonology? I tell them no, because I understand who I am in Christ and the extent and dominion or my spiritual authority. Besides, most books out there now are all re-hashes of old books. I don't but deliverance books anymore. Buy a book on intercessory prayer or something, you will benefit greater in the long run.

Like I side, we don't do many house blessings anymore. Usually, if there is ritual defilement (possible heavenly realm incursion by forces of darkness) or an existing spirit in the home, we'll form the house blessing posse~.  In the early days, we were called out to a lot of homes, because of paranormal shows influence, that were NOT haunted!!!! It got to the point where I could put together a posse~ for an office prayer session, but no one wanted to go bless a house. We blessed many a spiritless homes. My team consists of Christian mystics and we can sense and see spirits. My wife and I go through open homes for sale on weekends just to have some fun with our discernment skills.

We went through one local home that was for sale, it was around a hundred years old. I stopped in one room and felt a heavy oppression. I quietly got my wife's attention to come over to the room I was in. She said, "What?"As to why I called her over. Then in a moment, she said, "Oh wow! I feel that!" At that moment another women walked in the room, "Oh? Feel what?".  I just shrugged and said, "Feel the warmth of the paint on the wall." The woman looked at me like I was nuts.

There is one house on my local walk that I know is demonized. To the point, I know that it has objects moving. I can feel it every time I walk by it. I tried talking to the care taker of the property once, but he blew me off. Wasn't a very friendly guy.

So when I tell you there were no ghosts in some of the homes we blessed – there were no ghosts! And a lot of people call us without the consideration that we’re not compensated. So it was a waste of our time for a lot of house blessings. Never run out to do a house blessing! Treat it as a crime scene and collect information first. Now on the other extreme I have been on phone calls and skype where you could hear the demonic activity.

These are a lot of notes on how to handle the initial phone call. I would like to make a few comments on exorcism and the pastoral character involved in this ministry. It is not for everyone.

Some Comments on Being an Exorcist

Keep in mind, you start in the deliverance side of the ministry and God will promote you to the exorcist side through time (God's timing and not by a What Would Jesus Do exorcist correspondence course) and His training through the Holy Spirit. You need to be walked through this by Him. I warn people who said someone prophesied over them to a calling of exorcism. Always test the spirits and ask God for His confirmation.  Exorcist are NEVER called they are DRAFTED into warfare. This is very dangerous work, for both the exorcist and the people you are working with. You need to keep in consideration, too, that you are under a constant heavy, unbearable state of warfare against you as you battle for someone else, or in our case, a lot of people.

Many times an exorcist is called to be an intercessor to come along side and pray in warfare with some who is struggling to gain back their compromised will. Intercession can be intense and God may grant you the spiritual favor of feeling this individual's burden. This mystic favor can stay with you until there is breakthrough with intercession. Exorcism is not a game or the next level in your spiritual warfare  development. It is special forces warfare. Many are a called - and few make it through the boot camp training  process.

These are long term battles and the enemy will do everything he can to destroy you, mentally, physically, and financially. You have only your faith that Jesus Christ will deliver you through this intense battle as you work with Him to assist others in overwhelming supernatural battles. These are supernatural battles and you must understand what that means to walk in the supernatural. When you are attacked, you are like a sniper behind enemy lines. If you take a hit, you must know how to extract the bullet and patch yourself up. That was no metaphor. The spiritual can manifest damage in the physical. You can't call your pastor at 2:00 AM when your deep in battle and the canon volleys are flying. You're special forces. There was a download right there that many of you need to go back and read. You must be covered by a church, and you must be solid in your walk with Jesus. When I walk in for prayer ministry or a house blessing, I don’t look like the usual exorcist, with the big cross in my hand. I usually show up with my Bible and a small bottle of anointing oil. I have the faith and the trust that Jesus is going to do something no matter where he sends me. I just have to make sure that this is a battle he is sending me into. Always pray to be released into every battle!

Most of all you must walk in humility. Humility is a life long sanctification process and it means talking responsibility and authority over your own sins.

To my other exorcist brothers and sisters in Christ out there – may God bless you and your families for all that you are doing.

Well, that's it for today. More to come.

Feel free to comment, slander, throw stones, or ask questions below.

Rev. Mike

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

House Blessing and Exorcising a Home with Demonic Activity Part I

The subject of house blessing can be a broad subject. The reasons we bless homes, one, are to make our home more inviting for the Holy Spirit to come dwell. We want the peace the Holy Spirit brings when we create an atmosphere for Him to come inhabit our home. We should bless our homes regularly to re-invite the Holy Spirit back into our home and clean out anything that may be offensive to Him.

Second we bless our home because it has become tainted or something was brought into it. Perhaps, we had a guest come visit our home and something came in with this person. When you keep your house blessed you can feel or discern when something enters that does not belong in your home.

 Third, you may have acquired a property that is haunted (demonically active) or spiritually defiled. This spiritual incident requires a little more effort to clean up. What I am going to discuss here are some house blessing practices I use in ministry. A lot of these concepts won’t be found in books. Why? As you probably here me gripe, a lot of spiritual warfare books are re-hashes of one another. What I present here are findings my team, M16 Ministries, has encountered on the spiritual battlefield. This is our first hand information. In my other posts, I have already spoken at length on how to basically bless a house. What I am going to discuss here is what to do with demonic activity in your home.

Off the top of the bat, anything you have learned from Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures or The Dead Files – flush from your brain cells right now! If you’re living through a situation with malevolent spirits in your household then you probably already figured this out. If you’re living a nightmare right now, the first thing you have to do is find a team that can assist you. Living under the same roof with demonic entities, your thought process is already compromised. You need a ministry team outside of the home to help you discern what is going on. You will need to get rid of the paranormal investigators and psychics. The outside audiences these provide as well as giving the demonic a voice through a clairvoyant needs to be shutdown immediately.

If you can find a ministry team that has team members with great spiritual discernment that would be beneficial. A lot of people in church fake it until they make it in spiritual warfare and prophetic ministry. You don’t want anyone like that in your battle. they will only become a casualty of war. And that’s exactly what this is – it’s a war. You need an experienced team to assist you. While your finding a team to assist you, you need to come up to speed on how to stand in your spiritual authority. A good ministry team is not going to fight this battle for you, they’re going to fight along side you. If you need to learn about your spiritual authority and learn to walk in it – get my book, A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare . And start there. As you look for a ministry team to help you. Don’t fear what’s going on. It’s a show. Granted a very nasty and terrifying one. But a show nonetheless. When you see an incident occurring, take spiritual authority over it. For instance, an object starts moving, stop the activity, and shut it down. “In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind you. Stop shaking the table!” You will little by little start seeing authority in different areas. Nothing can prepare you and train you like this will.

Do not swear at the malevolent spirit or provoke it, like they do on paranormal shows. Instead use,

“The Lord rebuke you!”

 Remember to remain calm, the demon is trying to instigate chaos. You must learn to snap out of your fear and obsession. These are the two things the spirits are trying to control you with. If for the moment, you can begin to remember only two things, they are,

“I bind you in the name of Jesus Christ! I order you in Jesus name to cease and desist all your activity now!”

 And the second thing to remember is,

 “The Lord rebuke you!”

I will discuss more in this series why we are to use that and not provoke. For now, I just want you to be careful of what comes out of your mouth. You are to start to regain your self-control for the bigger battles ahead. If you are living in a house that was defiled through ritual abuse or ritual activity, you must be extremely careful of what you say. In ritual activity there can be angelic enmities, which are forces of darkness from the heavenly realm. This will take a team that understands heavenly warfare to come in assist you. A good book to pick up to understand this is John Paul Jackson’s Needless Casualties of War . A paranormal team is not qualified with this level of battle.

As a hint, my team doesn’t bring in toys, meters, and FLIR cameras. We only bring in Jesus and our FAITH. You must clearly understand what you are up against. This is not a hobbyist ghost hunter amateur hour. Angelic enmities and high order demons can curse you for generations with horrible illnesses, miscarriages, and very bad fortune. These things fight real nasty and they aren’t interested in turning your mini-flashlight on or off to answer questions. They would rather embed the flashlight in you.

Also, most churches aren’t equipped for this level of warfare. If you get a pastor or a prayer team in your house binding satan and mocking him, you have another serious issue on your hands. Repent to God for bringing these people in to your home, and for their spiritual ignorance, and ask God to forgive you and cleanse you of anything they may have stirred up. Very bad mojo can come your way by ministers who don’t understand their Bible. Especially, in the epistles, and post Pentecost spiritual warfare. If you are dealing with a haunting with malevolent spirits, like the classic Bob Mackeys Music World you are probably dealing with something from the angelic realms.

And a scratch is not just a scratch. Consider more of evil venom with curses. These people allowing themselves to be scratched don’t have a clue of what they’re allowing into their lives for generations for the experience of being scratched.

If you find a room or an area in your home that was used in rituals, find a team to come cleanse it, or call your local diocese for a Roman Catholic exorcist to come cleanse the area. In the mean time, ask Jesus to protect you from the angelic realm. Don’t war with the angelic realm. Ask him to hide your family from them and to protect you from their retaliation. Acknowledge to God that these are His enemies. And don’t proceed any further in this battle. Reciting the Lord’s Prayer out loud works great too.

Be careful, that in a defiled house, every room is a ritual abuse crime scene. Even the bathrooms!! Or I should say, especially the bathrooms. I found this out one day while I was teaching a Cleansing Streams deliverance class at my church. I was discussing house blessing as part of the class. I talked about how I usually encounter the spirit of suicide and anorexia in the bathroom. As I was discussing this, one of the women there in the class, dissociated into a child part and ran out of the class. The discussion triggered a memory that she was ritually abused in the bathroom as a little girl. Also, most all pedophile molestations occur in the bathrooms. Which is why there is always these weird spirits that hang out in the leu. Pray through the bathroom and bring a change of spiritual atmosphere to it. There will definitely be a spiritual tug of war in these rooms until the spirits are all expelled.

Well, that's it for today. More to come.

Feel free to comment, slander, throw stones, or ask questions below.

Rev. Mike

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Curse Breaking Series - Ghost Hunters and Spiritism Part III

Necromancy - Consulting the  Dead

In this installment of, A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare - the Blog, in our series on Curse Breaking - Ghost Hunting and Spiritism, we're going to examine necromancy and divination, and it's cultural relevance in ghost hunting and Christian beliefs. 

If you have just dived into this series, you can take a look at the first 2 parts in this series, Part I - Spiritualism and Part II - Saul Consults the Long Island Medium. In Part III we're going to examine necromancy and divination, and how ghost hunting Christians, have not only stepped over a fine line of God's, but have trampled on it. 

My background is in deliverance ministry and exorcism. If you read my blogs you'll notice I am not too fond of 95% of the deliverance books that are out there. I actually quit buying deliverance books once I became assertive in my own spiritual authority to stand up to the forces of darkness. I have been walked through this training by the Holy Spirit. Myself, and my team have done, close to, if not well over, 1000 cases with supernatural battles against the forces of darkness. These all involved some form of house (with activity, murder scene, etc) blessing, deliverance, major curse breaking from the occult, spirit detachment or an exorcism. My team is in no way involved in any paranormal investigations. We are a ministry team to assist people with supernatural battles beyond the scope of their local church clergy. I just want you to keep this in the back of your mind when you read something I write here that may really sound crazy to you. I draw upon my battlefield experience. Not from some deliverance book that was ghost written for some popular Christian mega pastor-author-speaker based on his voice recorder notes. Sorry. Sad but true. A lot of deliverance books are ghost written. The funny part is I am starting to hear these speakers quote A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare - under the guise of what some would consider 'flattery'. Isn't imitation the greatest form of flattery? But even under 'flattery' you should really quote your sources. Some copy cat titles are beginning to emerge, such as The Real Life Field Guide. I mean excuse me, having battles with the occult, demonic shadow manifestations, and objects flying around your house during intercession wasn't real life? Again, it's another book ghost written - caveat emptor! Buyer beware!  So much for the integrity at the pulpit.

Well, I digressed. The information herein comes from battlefield experience. My intent isn't to get a bullhorn like those evangelists on the streets do and call out people's sins. My intent is to demonstrate to any of you who are Christians and ghost hunting, how dangerous of a mix this REALLY is. Christians participating in ghost hunting are already demonized with some sort of spiritual attachment. The attachment is in the disguise of wanting to go out to more spiritually active areas. Why? To load you up with more spirits! The rule of thumb is do not consult the dead. Ghost hunting is not seeking proof of the supernatural, it is consulting the dead for answers you should be seeking through your faith. You're asking the demonic for proof of your eternity. This information came from people our ministry had to clean up and detach dark spirits from.

There's a reason God instructed us not to mess with this. These spirits are demonic! Look at what the book of Deuteronomy says, Necromancy and Spiritism are FORBIDDEN under the law of God.

Spiritism Forbidden

“When you enter the land which the Lord your God gives you, you shall not learn to imitate the detestable things of those nations. 10 There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, one who uses divination, one who practices witchcraft, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, 11 or one who casts a spell, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. 12 For whoever does these things is detestable to the Lord; and because of these detestable things the Lord your God will drive them out before you. 13 You shall be blameless before the Lord your God. (Deuteronomy 18:9-13)

The law clearly states that "WHOEVER" does these things is in rebellion to God. The law doesn't stop there.
31 “‘Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them. I am the Lord your God. (Leviticus 19:31)

How are we defiled? By spiritual attachment and rebellion against the word of God. God is warning you that if you mess around with this stuff you WILL get proof of their existence. Only not in the form of proof you thought you would get. It would be in the form of severe demonic oppression or possession. The goofy thing is, my ministry has worked with Christians who have dabbled in the occult. When the Christian got demonized or got the mojo in the form of a curse, they went to a psychic or a gypsy to break the curse. Some people went to numerous psychic and gypsies (both are divination), paid thousands of dollars for useless help or got further demonized - before they came to Jesus for help! You will get defiled if you mess with this stuff. The worst defilement is the rebellion to God with your ghost hunting activities. This is what opens up a doorway to the demonic and it's you who holds the door open for them! You can't cry out to God for help and and at the same time usher in the demons. The more demons that come in the more they tell you Jesus cant help you. They're right. Jesus won't help you while you're being duplicitous in your spirituality. He'll let you go back to you own vomit (Proverbs 26:11). People always ask me, but Pastor Mike, how can a Christian be demonized? God allows us to have free will. Under this domain God allows for us to be stupid. Stupid is what gets you demonized! Pastor Mike, could you clerify stupid? Yes, it looks like this, when you're cursing yourself by going to demons for knowledge of the after-life. You need to consult God about supernatural matters - not the realm of darkness. If you're asking a spirit questions and demanding a response, this is seeking knowledge from demons.

In the book of Isaiah,

19 When someone tells you to consult mediums and spiritists, who whisper and mutter, should not a people inquire of their God? Why consult the dead on behalf of the living? (Isaiah 8:19)

I have been using the New American Standard Bible (NASB) translation, but the King James Version (KJV) translation really brings it home. Let's look at these verses again, sometimes the KJV translation speaks for itself,

When thou art come into the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not learn to do after the abominations of those nations.
10 There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch.
11 Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.
12 For all that do these things are an abomination unto the Lord: and because of these abominations the Lord thy God doth drive them out from before thee.
13 Thou shalt be perfect with the Lord thy God. (Deuteronomy 18:9-13)
In Leviticus,

31 Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I am the Lord your God. (Leviticus 19:31)

Have you noticed a trend on what term was used in KJV? "Familiar spirits" - demons!
And Isaiah,

19 And when they shall say unto you, Seek unto them that have familiar spirits, and unto wizards that peep, and that mutter: should not a people seek unto their God? for the living to the dead?
(Isaiah 8:19)

There it is again! Familiar spirits! So who are communicating with us in haunted houses? What is it that is twisting the flash light on and off, speaking through the spirit box, spelling out on the ouija or witch board, showing up as a shadow on the wall, giving a response with knocks, or leaving an EVP? It's a demon! The dead can't respond to you. If you believe this your not practicing the Christian faith you're a spiritist! The greatest danger aside from offending God is being sucked into a demonic obsession in speaking to the spirits.
Any and all form of communication with the dead is forbidden by the word of God. The spirit knocking and spirit boards were the method of choice of communication for some time. The spirit board is more commonly known as a OUIJA board.  The OUIJA board is so last millennium. So now spiritualists use digital voice recorders, that you can pick up at any office supply store, and have conversations with spirits. A spiritualist will ask a spirit questions, pause, and let the spirit speak. When playing back the conversation, paranormal investigators listen for spirit responses captured on the digital recording device.  Spirit boxes are another high tech toy that has a microprocessor the spirits can use to articulate speech through using computer phonemes. The spirit box has a dictionary of words the spirit can access and respond in real time to a paranormal investigator. Now you don't even need the medium to speak with the dead. The spirit box has gained popularity by it's regular usage on the Ghost Adventures show on the travel channel. As a side note, the Ghost Adventures crew, Zac Bagan, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin have all experienced demonic torment from their involvement in paranormal investigation. Aaron Goodwin has been an open book on Ghost
Adventures, that his marriage ended because of demonic spirits that attached to him, Zac and Nick, from their paranormal investigations. Zac still reports on his blogs he gets night terrors and physical attacks. Aaron, by the way, is an awesome down to earth guy. I met Aaron twice while ministering in Las Vegas. He'll never remember me. But I do remember what a great guy he is. He's the reason I tune into GA every week. One of these days Aaron Goodwin I would love to sit and have a chat with you. You have the M16 business card. Next time your in Northern California or I run into you in Vegas - let's go get a beer and share some stories. This Pentecostal pastor has some war stories you haven't heard yet!


Does contacting the dead still sound exciting to you?  If you have messed with contacting spirits and you know there is an oppression around you, repent! You may need a prayer team present if you are repenting of ghost hunting. You may find yourself unable to repent of this sin. That's the spiritual attachment at work.

Heavenly Father I come before you today to repent of my involvement of contacting the dead. I understand that what I did was against you and your Word. I ask for forgiveness and that I am cleansed from all assignments and curses I opened up on myself and my family line. I take ownership of my actions in spiritualism and paranormal investigation and I renounce my involvement in this. I repent for seeking spirits, angels and miracles in the afterlife. I repent for seeking power and knowledge from demonic sources. I repent fro not following the one truth – you Jesus. I ask that your truth set me free. I renounce Satan. In Jesus name I ask that I be made clean before your eyes and be made whole. I will sin no more in spiritualism and paranormal investigation. I ask that this curse be taken from me and I receive blessings from you God. In Jesus precious name I pray. AMEN.

Well, that's it for today. More to come.

Feel free to comment, slander, throw stones, or ask questions below.

Rev. Mike

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Comments on Ghost Adventures Aftershocks

I am going to take a small break in the Curse Breaking series to cover this material. Last Saturday night the Travel Channel aired, "Ghost Adventures Aftershocks", which I am going to comment on here.

It's interesting that no one recommended exorcising Bobby Mackey's and shutting down the demonic activity. Which is what really needs to take place.

If you didn't catch the original airing of Aftershock, it might be available here.
Feel free to comment, slander, throw stones, or ask questions below.

Rev. Mike

For further reading on the topic of spiritual warfare get your copy of,
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Monday, April 21, 2014

Curse Breaking Series - Ghost Hunting and Spiritism Part II

Welcome back as I continue this series on curse breaking - Ghost Hunting and Spiritism. This article is part ii, if you haven't read the first article, here is the url to part i. For those of you who follow this blog, you know I pretty much stick to the NASB translation of the Bible. In this article I will site scripture from the New King James Version translation.


A lot of verses regarding the supernatural are being translated out of the scripture. When you examine the scripture and Hebrew and Greek on sites, like the Blue Letter Bible, you'll see where the translator of your favorite translation used an artistic license. In many cases, theologians are starting to interject their own belief rather than maintaining an accurate translation. This is especially true when it comes to the supernatural in the Bible. As an exercise for yourself look up the first couple of verses I cited in this article and see for yourself. I just wanted to give you a heads up of why I suddenly switched translations on you. Sometimes we have to dig really deep - down in the translations in scripture, to get a true feel of what is really going on. For consistency, I will use the New King James Version of translation in this article. Now, let's get back into the article series, Curse Breaking - Ghost Hunting and Spiritism, Part II.

King Saul Consults The Long Island Medium


The common scriptural argument used by Christian paranormal investigators is in 1 Samuel 28. The Christian spiritualists argument is that Saul communicated with the ghost of Samuel through the medium at En-Dor.

13  And the king said to her, “Do not be afraid. What did you see?” 
And the woman said to Saul, “I saw a spirit ascending out of the earth.”
 14  So he said to her, “What is his form?” 
And she said, “An old man is coming up, and he is covered with a mantle.” And Saul perceived that it was Samuel, and he stooped with his face to the ground and bowed down. 

15  Now Samuel said to Saul, “Why have you disturbed me by bringing me up?” 
And Saul answered, “I am deeply distressed; for the Philistines make war against me, and God has departed from me and does not answer me anymore, neither by prophets nor by dreams. Therefore I have called you, that you may reveal to me what I should do.”  (1 Samuel 28:13-15)

In verse 14, Saul perceived it was Samuel. Saul never saw Samuel in this encounter. It was the medium acting through her familiar spirit. If it were Samuel, the medium would have had to pull him from paradise, then in Sheol. It would be impossible to summon a deceased spirit from Sheol. Two possible scenarios here, one, the medium summoned a demon, or God allowed the medium to summon Samuel to mock Saul. I firmly believe the evidence is in the scripture for the medium summoning a demon through her familiar spirit. We know about paradise from Luke 16, verses 19-31, of Lazarus and the rich man. Lazarus was on the good side of paradise and the rich man was in torment. Neither Lazarus, nor the rich man, were permitted to leave the confines of their spiritual reality. The spirit of Samuel could not have been pulled from paradise. So what spirit did the medium conjure up? It was most likely a demon impersonating Samuel.

Scripture in 1 Chronicles identifies the ghost of Samuel  as a familiar spirit.

13 So Saul died for his transgression which he committed against the LORD, even against the word of the LORD, which he kept not, and also for asking counsel of one that had a familiar spirit, to enquire of it; 14 And enquired not of the LORD: therefore he slew him, and turned the kingdom unto David the son of Jesse. (1 Chronicles 10:13-14)

A human spirit, or a ghost (which technically, is the combination of soul and spirit), as a spiritualist would call it, is not a familiar spirit! A familiar spirit is an elohim, a lower case god, a demon. In this verse, we see that Saul died for his transgression, that is, his unrepented sin against God, and against the word of God. When you rebel against God you are opening yourself to being cursed. Saul violated the law of God by using a medium and consulting the dead. These two things, witchcraft and necromancy, are abominations to God. Why would God grant the spirit of Samuel to leave paradise and go against His own word?

Ghost hunters like to use the word debunked, when one arrives at a normal explanation to a paranormal problem. The spiritualist theology of Saul seeing the ghost of Samuel has been debunked right here!

Paranormal investigation and Christian beliefs don't mix. It's like adding oil to water. Spiritualists believe you can communicate with the dead. Our scripture tells us that communication with the dead is impossible. Furthermore, contacting the dead is an abomination to God. He wouldn't grant it in the first place and go against His own law. Christians involved in ghost hunting are convoluting their own beliefs with spiritualism. They're mixing two religions. The scripture warns us of borrowing from other faiths in 1 Timothy.

Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; (1 Timothy 4:1)

When a Christian ghost hunter is out on paranormal investigations and talking to spirits, they're giving heed to seducing spirits and they're listening to the doctrines of demons. If you're a ghost hunter you need to cease paranormal investigations immediately and repent for acting against the word of God.

Paranormal Clergies

False doctrines of spiritualism have entered the church through paranormal clergies. Paranormal clergies cross the isles of denominations and have infiltrated many pulpits. Some members of paranormal clergies now include a few Roman Catholic priest who are NOT exorcists. They protray themselves as exorcists - but they are not! This deception is not limited to the Catholic church. We rarely use the word exorcist. But we do have a lot of deliverance ministers in the same sinking boat of deception. The paranormal clergy believes that deceased people can become stuck between our world and their eternity. This anomaly is proof of ghosts. Is it really? These are church pastors and clergy that are embracing teachings of spiritualism through their own  paranormal involvement and presenting it as godly. It is good that church pastors are assisting people with their supernatural problems. Many church pastors don't understand the supernatural and choose to ignore it or avoid it all together. The church should be the center of handling supernatural problems. The bad part of this is the clergy is allowing their beliefs to be tainted with spiritualism. Their experiences from their investigations introduce doctrines contrary to the word of God. For instance, a negative spirit can be a human spirit with demonic characteristics, called a wraith or it can simply be a demon. This is not biblical teaching it is spiritualism demonology. This is the warning in scripture from 1 Timothy 4:1. The paranormal clergy is listening to evil spirits and bringing the false doctrine into church.  The religious spirit has moved into many pulpits, across many denominations. I have also heard  a false doctrine stating if demons asked God for forgiveness He might forgive them. These pastors and clergy have opened themselves up to religious spirits and the Jezebel spirit. This is a dangerous position to be in for church leadership. If your priest or pastor is a ghost hunter or a paranormal clergy member, you have to make some tough choices about where you're getting yourself spiritually fed. These guys may love Jesus and be really nice people -but they're being deceived and they're preaching their deception to you. God didn't grant Saul the consultation of the medium. He cursed Saul! Similarly, God won't bless words from the pulpit that He is opposed to.

Spiritism Entering into Church Deliverance Ministry

Sadly, I have been seeing a lot of New Age beliefs enter the church. One such teaching is in regards to deliverance, that a person can be possessed by a deceased rogue human spirit. I have seen a lot of crazy supernatural things in my ministry - especially through exorcisms and house blessings. I am talking a lot of weird things! I have encountered a lot of spirits identifying themselves as deceased spirits looking for help. When you pull the mask of it's a demon. Don't be fooled by these false teachings. Especially, this one. Put up a big red warning flag when you see this. A popular Christian ministry is publishing media on this lie. And lot's of other ministries are blindly getting on the band wagon - of deception.

What does scripture say about lingering spirits?

28 Do not marvel at this; for the hour is coming in which all who are in the graves will hear His voice 29 and come forth—those who have done good, to the resurrection of life, and those who have done evil, to the resurrection of condemnation. (John 5:28-29)

The Gospel of John is referring to the deceased in Sheol, the netherworld of the dead. Before the resurrection of Jesus Christ all deceased spirits went to Sheol - the grave. The deceased waited there for their judgement until Jesus completed the miracle of the cross and defeated death. The scripture doesn't say, "and also the deceased human spirits who were lingering around". Because they weren't. We know from 1 Samuel 28:13, that only the little "gods", elohim,  can go back and forth between death. The little "gods" are demons. Human spirits are subjugated to some pretty specific rules at the time the human body expires. As we are living in the End Times church, Jesus has completed the work on the cross and all human spirits go to heaven or hell when the body expires. The spirit has an automatic retrieval system on board.

Remember your Creator before the silver cord is loosed,
Or the golden bowl is broken,
Or the pitcher shattered at the fountain,
Or the wheel broken at the well.
Then the dust will return to the earth as it was,
And the spirit will return to God who gave it. (Ecclesiastes 12:6-7)

The biggest issue I see with deliverance and exorcism ministry is that people are blindly jumping into them to pick fights with spirits. If you don't know you're spiritual authority, the dominion of your authority, are lacking a strong discernment of spirits, and you don't have an inkling as to how dark abyss of evil really is, you shouldn't be in this ministry. I don't know how many times discernment and the Holy Spirit has steered me in one direction and popular conference speakers on deliverance have led the general Christian populus off in another direction. A lot of deception is entering the church in deliverance ministry. Satan has counter measures and intelligence. And he is going to use someone who has a pulpit to perpetuate these false ideas. Always test the spirit!!!!

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.  (1 John 4:1)

As I write this, a lot of popular and misguided deliverance ministers are instructing their students to sharpen their iron in the second heaven. You don't increase your authority by battling in the second heaven, but as John Paul Jackson accurately puts it, you do become an unnecessary casualty of war! Because you cleaned your loaded shotgun pointed at yourself!  If you're a student of one these deliverance ministries I strongly suggest you take the time and repent for operating out of your jurisdiction and ask God for forgiveness. Then run in the opposite direction away from that misguided and dangerous deliverance ministry. The deception of deceased spirits, and battling in the second heaven are two key red flags for identifying a deceived deliverance ministry.


From our experience in deliverance, exorcism, and all sorts of crazy battles with the  demonic, ghosts are demons masquerading as human spirits. The more we worked with oppressing spirits on individuals and casting them out, the more we started seeing the same behavior in bodiless spirits -apparitions. For instance, when a person commits suicide in a home, it isn't their soul  that lingers, it's the spirit of suicide. The spirit of suicide is looking for a new victim. The house has to be cleansed, and the family must be cleansed from the spirit of suicide as well. These are demonic spirits masquerading as deceased humans. When you have done hundreds of deliverance sessions and have seen many manifestations you start to understand what is going on with people and a haunting. The paranormal clergy isn't regularly involved with curse breaking and demonic oppression to see the veil has been pulled over their eyes.

If you are a pastor or a clergy member that has convoluted the word of God with spiritualism from the pulpit you need to repent and ask forgiveness. Then you need to fix the damage you have done.
If you are Roman Catholic and in need of an exorcist. Contact your local diocese! They will direct you to a credible, authentic Roman Catholic exorcist.

My ministry also does exorcisms. Keep in mind, we must evaluate whether an exorcism is necessary. Many times people just need to stand in their own authority and need a deeper understanding in their own faith to shut down demonic activity.

Rev. Mike

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