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House Blessing and Exorcising a Home with Demonic Activity Part I

The subject of house blessing can be a broad subject. The reasons we bless homes, one, are to make our home more inviting for the Holy Spirit to come dwell. We want the peace the Holy Spirit brings when we create an atmosphere for Him to come inhabit our home. We should bless our homes regularly to re-invite the Holy Spirit back into our home and clean out anything that may be offensive to Him.

Second we bless our home because it has become tainted or something was brought into it. Perhaps, we had a guest come visit our home and something came in with this person. When you keep your house blessed you can feel or discern when something enters that does not belong in your home.

 Third, you may have acquired a property that is haunted (demonically active) or spiritually defiled. This spiritual incident requires a little more effort to clean up. What I am going to discuss here are some house blessing practices I use in ministry. A lot of these concepts won’t be found in books. Why? As you probably here me gripe, a lot of spiritual warfare books are re-hashes of one another. What I present here are findings my team, M16 Ministries, has encountered on the spiritual battlefield. This is our first hand information. In my other posts, I have already spoken at length on how to basically bless a house. What I am going to discuss here is what to do with demonic activity in your home.

Off the top of the bat, anything you have learned from Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures or The Dead Files – flush from your brain cells right now! If you’re living through a situation with malevolent spirits in your household then you probably already figured this out. If you’re living a nightmare right now, the first thing you have to do is find a team that can assist you. Living under the same roof with demonic entities, your thought process is already compromised. You need a ministry team outside of the home to help you discern what is going on. You will need to get rid of the paranormal investigators and psychics. The outside audiences these provide as well as giving the demonic a voice through a clairvoyant needs to be shutdown immediately.

If you can find a ministry team that has team members with great spiritual discernment that would be beneficial. A lot of people in church fake it until they make it in spiritual warfare and prophetic ministry. You don’t want anyone like that in your battle. they will only become a casualty of war. And that’s exactly what this is – it’s a war. You need an experienced team to assist you. While your finding a team to assist you, you need to come up to speed on how to stand in your spiritual authority. A good ministry team is not going to fight this battle for you, they’re going to fight along side you. If you need to learn about your spiritual authority and learn to walk in it – get my book, A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare . And start there. As you look for a ministry team to help you. Don’t fear what’s going on. It’s a show. Granted a very nasty and terrifying one. But a show nonetheless. When you see an incident occurring, take spiritual authority over it. For instance, an object starts moving, stop the activity, and shut it down. “In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind you. Stop shaking the table!” You will little by little start seeing authority in different areas. Nothing can prepare you and train you like this will.

Do not swear at the malevolent spirit or provoke it, like they do on paranormal shows. Instead use,

“The Lord rebuke you!”

 Remember to remain calm, the demon is trying to instigate chaos. You must learn to snap out of your fear and obsession. These are the two things the spirits are trying to control you with. If for the moment, you can begin to remember only two things, they are,

“I bind you in the name of Jesus Christ! I order you in Jesus name to cease and desist all your activity now!”

 And the second thing to remember is,

 “The Lord rebuke you!”

I will discuss more in this series why we are to use that and not provoke. For now, I just want you to be careful of what comes out of your mouth. You are to start to regain your self-control for the bigger battles ahead. If you are living in a house that was defiled through ritual abuse or ritual activity, you must be extremely careful of what you say. In ritual activity there can be angelic enmities, which are forces of darkness from the heavenly realm. This will take a team that understands heavenly warfare to come in assist you. A good book to pick up to understand this is John Paul Jackson’s Needless Casualties of War . A paranormal team is not qualified with this level of battle.

As a hint, my team doesn’t bring in toys, meters, and FLIR cameras. We only bring in Jesus and our FAITH. You must clearly understand what you are up against. This is not a hobbyist ghost hunter amateur hour. Angelic enmities and high order demons can curse you for generations with horrible illnesses, miscarriages, and very bad fortune. These things fight real nasty and they aren’t interested in turning your mini-flashlight on or off to answer questions. They would rather embed the flashlight in you.

Also, most churches aren’t equipped for this level of warfare. If you get a pastor or a prayer team in your house binding satan and mocking him, you have another serious issue on your hands. Repent to God for bringing these people in to your home, and for their spiritual ignorance, and ask God to forgive you and cleanse you of anything they may have stirred up. Very bad mojo can come your way by ministers who don’t understand their Bible. Especially, in the epistles, and post Pentecost spiritual warfare. If you are dealing with a haunting with malevolent spirits, like the classic Bob Mackeys Music World you are probably dealing with something from the angelic realms.

And a scratch is not just a scratch. Consider more of evil venom with curses. These people allowing themselves to be scratched don’t have a clue of what they’re allowing into their lives for generations for the experience of being scratched.

If you find a room or an area in your home that was used in rituals, find a team to come cleanse it, or call your local diocese for a Roman Catholic exorcist to come cleanse the area. In the mean time, ask Jesus to protect you from the angelic realm. Don’t war with the angelic realm. Ask him to hide your family from them and to protect you from their retaliation. Acknowledge to God that these are His enemies. And don’t proceed any further in this battle. Reciting the Lord’s Prayer out loud works great too.

Be careful, that in a defiled house, every room is a ritual abuse crime scene. Even the bathrooms!! Or I should say, especially the bathrooms. I found this out one day while I was teaching a Cleansing Streams deliverance class at my church. I was discussing house blessing as part of the class. I talked about how I usually encounter the spirit of suicide and anorexia in the bathroom. As I was discussing this, one of the women there in the class, dissociated into a child part and ran out of the class. The discussion triggered a memory that she was ritually abused in the bathroom as a little girl. Also, most all pedophile molestations occur in the bathrooms. Which is why there is always these weird spirits that hang out in the leu. Pray through the bathroom and bring a change of spiritual atmosphere to it. There will definitely be a spiritual tug of war in these rooms until the spirits are all expelled.

Well, that's it for today. More to come.

Feel free to comment, slander, throw stones, or ask questions below.

Rev. Mike

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