Monday, March 14, 2016

Paranormal Investigator Being Scratched by a Demon

Paranormal Investigators Being Scratched by a Demon

Just when I thought I was done blasting paranormal shows…. Saturday night, march 12, 2016, the Travel Channel aired the Ghost Adventures episode, Leslie’s Family Tree Restaurant. This episode took us to a haunted restaurant in Santaquin, Utah.

I am not going to go into much detail about this episode, I just want to fast forward to an incident that Zak Baggans captured on video where he was scratched by a demon. Now I am having a hard time determining what Ghost Adventures is truly about outside of thrill seeking and dangerously disturbing the demonic realm. Sadly, a lot of wannabe ghost hunters and people seeking the unknown in dangerous ways follow this show as if it were a documentary or training guide. This is far from what this show actually is and what is portraying. Zac portrays himself as a demon hunter but comes off more as a thrill seeker not truly grasping the powers of what he is meddling in.

Nearly every episode Zak provokes a demon, which in all honesty, in a person his spiritual disposition, is not a very smart thing to do. “You want to attack somebody? Attack me!”
Any person with a sound understanding in spiritual warfare would never give a demon legal grounds to attack them and attach to them. Is it any wonder he is always demonized when he leaves these places?

In this episode, Zak provoked a demon to scratch him like the demon did to another paranormal investigator in a previous investigation. For a demon hunter, Zak, clearly has no understanding of what it is he is dealing with. Let’s take a look at why a demon scratches. The purpose of the scratching is to curse you and your bloodline. This curse usually lasts for generations until it is broken. Now with this understanding, why would Zak exclaim, “AWESOME!!!”, when he was scratched? The answer is pure ignorance to the powers he is meddling with.

When these scratches happen, the demon is cursing the individual. These curses included severe oppression, spirit attachment, illness, from anything mild to the horrendous stuff like cancer. Addiction enters through these curses as well as a dysfunctional family line. Birth defects, generational illnesses, spirits of suicide and death enter as well. This stuff is serious. Now Zak Baggan has every wannabe ghost hunter adding this thrill seeking experience to their bucket list. By the way folks, sageing and New Age pagan cleansing, like Zak uses, doesn’t remove the spiritual attachment. This stuff is generational and it requires a the utmost High to remove the curse.

Seen enough of this stuff happen to Christian clients. Our team removed the curses and the clients never went back to ghost hunting. I have a saying, the spirit realm is not politically correct. There is only one way to salvation.


Rev. Mike

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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Christian Duplicity and Practicing Yoga

It’s been about 4 years since I posted my blog on Dear Chrisitan – Yoga is Hinduism over on my ministry blog, To date this blog on Christian participation in yoga has been the most controversial posts of either of my blog sites. Since I am focusing my fireside chats on Christian duplicity in the church, Yoga has got to be the number one deception that has slithered its way into the pews.

The previously mentioned blog, on M16 Minsitries is my repository, for collecting info on yoga. You can easily burn up some hours there on the research I collected on Yoga. Western society has embraced Yoga as a holisitc wellness practice. It is not a wellness practice it is a spiritual practice of Hinduism. Many yogis in India are outraged that the Western world has turned Yoga into a multi-billion dollar holistic and wellness industry. Stripping the spirituality of Hinduism from Yoga. But is the spirituality really stripped? I cited an article over in Dear Christian Yoga is Hinduism blog that a yogi explained the Hinduism can’t be separated from the practice of yoga. All postures in yoga are adorations for demonic spirits – Hindu gods.

Many Christians get suckered into the deception that the poses of yoga can be redeemed. Can demons be redeemed? Can their work be redeemed? If you answered yes to any of these questions you have no core foundation in the teachings of the Bible. Don’t be suckered into this deception. Since I already wrote a thorough dissertation on why Christian’s shouldn’t participate in yoga, I will share with you a case I was apart of which involved possession and yoga. This case will best show how Satan uses duplicity to deceive Christians who practice yoga.

Possession and the Kundalini Spirit
About 2 years ago, I was in a church on a Sunday morning. The pastor preaching invited the presence of the Holy Spirit to enter the church right after worship. A woman sitting in the church service started screaming and shaking. I didn’t hear her at first, but she progressively got louder in her shrills and soon became a disruptive spectacle in the service. This woman was a few rows a across from me and a couple of people sitting around her kept glaring over at me to come over and do something! I wasn’t a pastor in this church so I had to wait for the authority of the church to release me to minister. One of the pastors, who wasn’t preaching that day, and is a friend of mine, waved his arm at me to come over and minister. I calmly made my way over to the woman who was manifesting and I discerned it was some sort of witchcraft. I put my hand over her third eye and I QUIETLY ordered her third eye closed in the name of Jesus Christ. The screaming immediately stopped and the woman slowly stopped shaking. The pastor I was ministering with led the woman out of the sanctuary. Where we ministered to her in the prayer room.

In the prayer room some of the details began to unfold about this woman, whom we’ll call, Teresa. Teresa was a cancer survivor and her doctor at Stanford recommended she take up yoga for holistic purposes. Teresa liked yoga and fully embraced the life style. Teresa was raised in the Catholic church. She knew her prayers and she said she knew Jesus. However, Teresa went to India and studied under a yogi. While Teresa was India, she became possessed with a spirit of Kundalini. By possession, I mean possession. She invited the spirit into her. As the conversation unfolded and the depth of her involvement was revealed I decided it was time for an appointment to have Teresa work with me.

Some points I want to make clear here, most Christians who take yoga are oppressed by a Kundalini spirit and not possessed. This was a unique circumstance where Teresa literally invited the spirit of Kundalini into her at a Hindu temple. Does this answer your question if a Christian can have a demon or be possessed? God gave us free will. We can use our free will and live blessed or we can use our free will to do a lot of stupid things. Like, get ourselves possessed. Please don’t send me an e-mail on why a Christian can’t be possessed. I have encountered a lot of Christians oppressed and a couple possessed. It happens. We’re allowed to fall. It’s free will.

As I mentioned, Teresa, was a life long Christian, she was Latino, and she knew was raised Catholic. Keep this in mind, because I want you to see how the duplicity and Luciferan agenda started seeping in on Teresa’s spiritual beliefs.

When Teresa, myself, and the pastor’s wife, from the church service on Sunday, and I got together, we immediately focused on the yoga spirits. As I led Teresa, in prayer, she started saying these crazy things, like, the sanskrits, are older than the Gospel. And started doing this reverse apologetics, on why yoga was real, and Jesus was only some guy who lived 2 thousand years ago. My self, and the women with me, reminded Teresa, that Jesus has no time line, He is the Alpha and Omega. He is the un-created One and He existed before time. He created the demons who invented the sanskrits. This whole argument went in circles with the sanskrits. The duplicity twisted her beliefs in her mind that  the sanskrits were older than the New Testament -and, more specifically,  Jesus! This folks is duplicity and it is the demon running the interference.

I asked Teresa if we could pray for her, I wanted the demon to manifest again so the prayer team could expel it. Teresa went into this completely fake prayer ecstasy thing. Where she looked like she was filled with joy. I, on the other hand, smelled smoke, like something was burning. I asked Teresa if she smelled it and she said no she could feel the Holy Spirit. The smell of the smoke got worse with me. I knew the Kundalini spirit was manifesting as a fake Holy Spirit.

I asked Teresa if I could ask the True Holy Spirit to increase His presence in our office. She said no. Anymore, and her legs would fly open and she would urinate on herself. I asked her if that happened often. She said, yes, every time she prays and the Holy Spirit comes. She said He comes so powerful that she needs to run to the bathroom before her legs spread and she forcefully urinates. I told Teresa, that her experience is not that of the Holy Spirit. She became offended and angry at me. At that point there was really nothing more I could do for Teresa unless she wanted to deal with the truth. Teresa didn’t want to give up her spirit of Kundalini.

She even told us that when the spirit entered her in India, when her Kundalini was activated, her legs flew open and she urinated on herself. What we have in this situation is a demonic possession.

Since Teresa was Catholic, and I am pretty much Assembly of God, I notified my Roman Catholic Exocrcist friend, Fr Gary Thomas, and a Roman Catholic Deliverance minister friend, Moira Noonan. But wanted Teresa to contact them immediately by she never did. Teresa later contacted me with a follow up e-mail and a link to an article on how it’s ok for Catholics to practice yoga. Which is a lie, Fr. Gary Thomas, and Moira Noonan, know full well the Luciferan agenda in yoga. Teresa is a Christian trapped in duplicitous thinking. Which led to her being possessed. She took the forbidden fruit from the tree just as the serpent had asked her too.

I have many other cases involving yoga. I have seen crazy things with yoga, like a person levitate. This happened while I was on a Christian covert outreach. We had an undercover ministry tent. A young yogi liked the peaceful Holy Spirit atmosphere and came in and laid down at my feet where I sat. His head was right at my feet. In seconds, his eyes rolled in the back of his head. I could only see the whites of his eyes. Then his body went limp, like a rag doll.  The yogi’s butt stayed planted on the ground, from shoulders up he began to float up off the ground with his arms dangling down like he was dead or unconscious. I bound that demon right away and his body fell back to the ground.

I am going to share with you my personal response on yoga and stretching. Whenever I share this about yoga I always get someone in my face about stretching muscles. What if I just want to stretch my muscles? What you can't stretch your muscles without yoga? I am a 50+ old school power lifter. I stretch muscle groups before and after training sessions. I don't use yoga. I use physiology. I am not telling you can't do yoga. As for me I'll never go near it. And for our friend in this story, it's been several years and to this date I believe she still runs to the bathroom to pray.

Next fireside chat I will continue to poke the stick in the hornet's nest as I discuss Christian duplicity who are involved in paranormal investigations.


Rev. Mike

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Christian Duplicity and the Harry Potter Series

Fireside chat: Christian Duplicity and Harry Potter

Welcome to fireside chats, where I let you inside my head and hear the conversations I have within myself whenever I come across entrenched duplicitous behaviors in the church. I am going to host a fireside series on duplicity on how I encounter it on a daily basis in my prayer ministry.

Webster defines duplicity as a dishonest behavior that is meant to trick someone.

Duplicity in the church occurs when you the believer knows that something is not right, or goes against the will of God, yet you let your soul convince you that what you’re doing is okay with God.

Notice, I didn’t say demons?

Duplicity is a Luciferan agenda that enters the church through – you!

Far too many  deliverance ministers and their brothers seems to be on a witch hunt for a jezebel spirit, yet, they don’t deal with their own duplicitous behaviors. Perhaps this is one of those cases where Jesus is telling you to deal with that 2x4 sticking out of your own eye.

It’s not up to me or a deliverance minister to tell you what’s right or wrong. It’s between you and the Holy Spirit --and how you offended Him at the end of the day. Your soul must deal with this! This is about your sanctification!

I am going to address many topics on church duplicity in the next couple of articles on this blog. 
Today, I am going to address the topic of Harry Potter and how its connected to duplicity in the church. I thought I beat this one to death, but the church still keeps bringing this back in. I will only cover the key point of how Harry Potter, or as we call it in our house, Harry Pottie, offends God! The rest is up to you, if you’re out raged then go talk to the Holy Spirit. Ask Him if you or your kids should be reading this. That would be a good exercise in whether you truly hear God or not – or if you listen to your own soul-ish desires.

I work daily in the ministry of spiritual warfare and deal with the occult and attacks from witchcraft. My discernment is pretty dead on for incoming attacks.  What I and other people in ministry started reporting on was how are own alarms were starting to go off with subtle entertainment productions, like the Wizard of Ox, Wicked, the Craft, and Harry Pottie.  The more the spiritual discernment grew within us for darker battles, the stronger our discernment became, tangibly, for a disdain for these venues of entertainment. I used to really love these genre of movies, The Craft, and The Wizard of OZ was my favorite movie of all time. So what happened? Why the change on spirit in myself and with others in deep warfare ministry?

The spiritual discernment started becoming more aware of witchcraft and how it was seeping in through the cracks of our every day lives. Anything that is in agreement with witchcraft or glorifies witchcraft is pretty much witchcraft.

Luciferan Agendas and Duplicity in the Church

The father of duplicitous behavior in church, just so happens to also be the father of lies. None other than the fallen angel with the title, Satan. We know from Ezekiel 28, and Isaiah 14, that the title of Satan, was originally, the title, Morning Star, or Lucifer, in Latin.

Witchcraft is rebellion to God. The angel with the title (Latin) Lucifer led a third of the angels in rebellion to God. This rebellion and the corruption of Lucifer’s powers into darkness was the birthing of witchcraft. A white witch, good witch, good witch from the east, wicked witch from the west, the pagan witch who solves police crimes, all draw their power from witchcraft. The father of witchcraft is Lucifer.

All witchcraft is from the forces of darkness, Lucifer.

What does that make Harry Potter, and who is this novel series glorifying? Witchcraft!

I know what you're saying to yourself. But I am a mature Christian and I nor my kids would ever get sucked into witchcraft through Harry Potter. It’s simply a children’s book.

Fair proposition. Let’s look at the Luciferan agenda in Harry Potter. It’s right there in black and white, or whatever it is your Kindle settings are.

Let’s take a look at the Hogwarts' syllabus from Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s stone. At the fictitious Hogwarts, a student must study, transfiguration (shape shifting), charms, potions, history of Magic, defense against the dark arts, astronomy, herbology, and flying. The discussion is not to bash this work of fiction, but the point is highlight the duplicity for a Christian.

Deuteronomy 18:10-13 - 10 There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, one who uses divination, one who practices witchcraft, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, 11 or one who casts a spell, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. 12 For whoever does these things is detestable to the Lord; and because of these detestable things the Lord your God will drive them out before you. 13 You shall be blameless before the Lord your God.

Go back and re-read the Howart’s syllabus and Deuteronomy 18:10-13 until you see it. This is duplicity, scripture forbids us to do something, and the Luciferan agenda comes in and tells us it’s ok to go against the will of God.

The purpose of a Luciferan agenda is to invert scripture and go against the will of God.
Sorcerer – transfiguration, flying
One who casts spells – charms, potions, herbology (pharmaceutica)
Witchcraft – defense against dark arts (witchcraft against witchcraft), flying

The Luciferan agenda takes something that is against God's will and flips it with a flare of seduction.
Don't be seduced by the lie. Adam and Eve were seduced with the Luciferan agenda in the garden. Folks this is how the occult works. This is one of the ways how the occult recruits, through seductive lies.

The Harry Potter series makes witchcraft look like a lot of fun. It even kindled interest in a lot of children who read the series to explore and dabble in the dark arts of witchcraft. Mission accomplished.

My goal isn’t to convince you of what you should or should not be doing. If you’re into spiritual warfare and you have a crack like this in your spiritual life, I would go repent and seal that crack immediately!


My Encounter with the Demon Calling Itself Voldemort

Back in 2010, it was Spring break, and I was leading ministry outreach team  from the a school of supernatural team from Bethel Redding. We were ministering to the homeless in the Haight-Ashbury of San Francisco. We were setting up at the Mc Donald’s on Stanyan in the late afternoon to prepare to go out on the streets and meet with street people.

While we were setting up one of the girls on our team freaked out because a homeless man came up to her and identified himself as “Legion”. He was manifesting spirits so I walked over and talked with him. His taunting spirits wanted no part of me, so they went back down inside. The man had a lightning bolt tattoo on his face like Voldemort in Harry Potter had. The man identified himself as Voldemort. I noticed it was another spirit that was up and not the man. From that day on I was always intrigued that a demon chose to represent itself as Voldemort. And with Voldemort were Legion. Off and on I saw that homeless a few more times on the streets. He mostly manifested Voldemort whenever I was around him. I always thought this was an interesting encounter from the Harry Potter lore. Is it demonic? Does it have demonic roots? There is something about Harry Potter that fuels dark angelic realms do to the world wide popularity of the series.

I hope there is a convincing case here about duplicity and how it enters the church through the Harry Potter intellectual property. I know there is even a priest at Yale who teaches about Christianity and the benefits of Harry Potter fiction. The course points out the Jesus like aspects in Harry Potter. Again this is Luciferan duplicity. Forget Jesus, magic is what you need and it does it in the place of Jesus.  You can’t fight darkness with darkness. But the Luciferan agenda wants you to think so.

I can speak volumes on Harry Potter and the occult, but I want to keep the fireside chats to vignettes, in a matter of speaking.

Some of you Christians may flame away at me. Go right ahead. I just pray you never have to walk in my shoes to find out why the Holy Spirit has me convicted in this manner.

Next fireside chat I will continue to poke the stick in the hornet's nest as I discuss Christian duplicity and yoga.


Rev. Mike

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