Thursday, August 20, 2020

TOG - A Field Guide to Advanced Spiritual Warfare - Chapter 01 - Introduction to Deliverance Ministry


In this episode of Tales of Glory - Advanced Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare! That's right, as I take breaks for research on the Interior Castle, I will supplement the podcast with going through my book on Spiritual Warfare, chapter by chapter. In this installment, we dive into Chapter 1, Introduction to Deliverance ministry. An exciting topic, and the podcast is packed with information. So put on your smoking jacket, get your beverage, and climb into your easy chair, it's time for Tales of Glory and the Advanced Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare!

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Thank you for tuning in. Any questions, please post here down in the comments, or over on our facebook page, and I will try to answer in future podcasts episodes. Next installment on The Field Guide to Advanced Spiritual Warfare, we will dive into Chapter 02 - Sin and the Soul. Some good stuff ahead! Remember to pick up a copy of The Field Guide to Advanced Spiritual Warfare to follow along!

God Bless
Rev. Mike

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Saint Teresa of Avila - Interior Castle Fourth Mansions Chapter 01

Tales of Glory - We enter into the mystical mansions of the interior castle. Souls entering the Fourth Mansions begin to experience mystical prayer experiences. A new prayer experience happens here that conflicts with our third mansions style of prayer meditation - infused contemplation. 
The Fourth Mansions is both joyful and full of spiritual warfare as the soul begins to experience absorption and the will is drawn into the presence of God. Saint Teresa provides us with insightful spiritual direction through the gateway to the deeper mansions. 



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The Interior Castle Manuscripts and Commentaries Used for this Podcast 

Amazon: The Fire Within Fr. Thomas Dubay

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Saint Tersea's Autobiography Life Ch xii (2-4) from Fourth Mansions Chapter 01 parg 7

This wraps up the Interior Castle Fourth Mansions Chapter 01 and beginning mystical prayer, called infused contemplation. Next we move deeper into prayer with beginning mystical experiences of God coming to us in the Fourth Mansions Chapter 02!    

God Bless
Rev. Mike