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Silencing Demonic Voices - Locutions

One of the most common forms of spiritual attacks my ministry deals with are mind attacks. There so common that every Christian has experienced these through spiritual warfare in one form or another. As an example, perhaps you have gone through life believing your never really good enough at something you wanted to do in life. Or perhaps, you feel like no one could ever love you. These are basic examples of how spirits can invade our thoughts and rational. This is why in Corinthians, the Apostle Paul tells us to take every thought captive.

2 Corinthians 10:5 5 We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ,

Spirits speak to all of us to inject ungodly beliefs into us. These are thoughts that steer us away from our identity in Jesus Christ. For some people these supernatural voices are far more desturctive and can cause harm to the individual hearing them. For some indiviudals, hearing these thoughts can be a living nightmare, causing depression or instructing people to harm themselves.

Voices - Spiritual, Medical and the Soul

From a ministry perspective there are several ways we hear voices and thoughts.

1. Locutions - spirits speak to us in our own minds and sound like our conscience. This is the most common way we all hear spiritual thoughts and voices. Class: spiritual, soul-intellect, soul-imagination

2. Dissiociations - people who survived life long traumas as children, such as repeated molestation,rape, and or forms of ritual abuse. These voices tend to be loud thoughts. People with dissociations tend to have committees in their own minds rather than singular patterns of thought from one identity. Class: spiritual, soul-fractured

3. Haullucinations - drug induced or occur from a medical condition. Class: medical

4. Bi-polar - person switches between personalities. Class: spiritual, medical

This is of course the short list I compiled. I want you to get the picture that not all voices are spiritual in nature. An immature deliverance minister treats everything demonic. There are natural reasons for hearing voices, the soul, there are medical reasons for hearing voices, drug addictions, mental illness, and medical disorders. Then there are the matters which are spiritual in nature, the locutions. If the reasoning for hearing voices is not spiritual in nature, deliverance ministry is not the answer.

I work with people who are ritual abuse survivors and people who survived life long trauma from molestation, rape and some were incest. Through the natural design of God's creation, these minds fractured to protect themselves from the inhuman and ungodly trauma they endured. This is called dissocitation identity disorder. Many Christians (deliverance ministers) who are untrained and don't have an ounce of spiritual discernment have done some horrible things to people with D.I.D. One woman I worked with, her church called the county hospital, when one of her identities was triggered in church. The pastor couldn't cast the demon out - go figure! Dissociation is not a demon. It is a human part. So this poor woman came out of her dissociation hand cuffed to a gerny in county hospital. I have story after story of these D.I.D. nightmares. Some people I worked with reported massively dissociating for weeks after Sozo ministers tried to minister to fractured parts. Nothing wrong with Sozo, it's just that low level demonic deliverance and Sozo inner healing don't work on fractured identities. Are you going to deliver or do Sozo on 1000 or more identities in one individual? I didn't think so. We use a different approach in ministry for inner healing and it is long term. We work with people for a year of longer for full healing and integration into one primary identity.

I look for everything when someone comes to me and tells me they're hearing voices. Take your time and learn to understand the person. Listen to their story and make them feel comfortable when they're around you. If there is a dissociation involved be prepared to catch a change in personality even if it looks demonic. This is why you need to understand you spiritual discernment. The rest of this discussion I am going to focus on locutions. These are Six Dwelling Places (or Mansions) mystical experiences. The sources are self (your soul), spiritual, and God.

You don't have to be in a poltergeist active home to receive internal and external locutions from spirits. As I opened with 2 Corinthians 10:5 lying spirits try to oppress all of us - all the time. Some of us have the will to stand in our authority and fight back. Some don't. And some become obsessed by the severity of the torment that they begin to beleive the lies. This is where the lies become an ungodly belief system inside of your soul and it's very distructive.

Dealing with Voices - Internal Locutions

Recenlty, I started working with an individual who was receiving heinous thoughts of hurting people they loved. This individual knew full well these weren't their thoughts. They came in quickly, in a flash, and portrayed horrible pictures of stabbing a loved one. This person was freaked out by these quick flashes. After sitting down and talking with this person the ministry team discovered that this person was starting to get nightmares of the same thing. The individual themselves were perfectly sane and it was nowhere in their character to harm any living creature. There were no dissociations in this person. They were whole, body, soul and spirit. So what the heck was going on?

These thoughts are demonic locutions. Thoughts injected into the mind from a spiritual source - the demonic. People who live in homes with demonic activity will experience this. But it is not the only means this can occur. There can be some strange demonic attachment, from somewhere else. It can be generational or happened through something else in life.

We listened to this individual and took some notes. This is where a good ministry team always starts. We listen for them to tell their story. We listen and document the ungodly belief system. This is the road map the demons are using to bring the person into the obsession of lies. Then we have the person renounce and repent of the ungodly belief system. At the very end of the session we'll use prophetic ministry to speak into the person's life.

Now anyone who has ever had a session with me knows, I don't do the fighting for you. People come for ministry and think I am going to roll the magic deliverance bones - break curses and send them on their way. Go ahead and laugh. But that's what a lot Christian's think deliverance ministry is. When I minister with people I teach them how they can fight back. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a meal. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life. I joke with my clients and tell them I am their new sensei. I am going to teach you how to fight. If I teach you to fight - I don't have to lose a weekend with my family. You get built up in your spiritual life and learn your authority. It is a win-win! Every new deliverance ministry makes the mistake of running to people and helping them. If you read this - stop it! Make them come to you! I found out those who really wanted help made the time to come to me. Those who didn't wasted some other ministers time. So this is time effective. It cuts your ministry in half and weeds out those who are distracting spirits. As a friend of mine in ministry shared with me, we are not an urgent care ministry.

About a year ago I had a woman call me and frantically ask me if I could meet for her for prayer as soon as possible. I asked her why she needed me so soon. She said her room mate returned from South America and had spoken to a shaman. The shaman said that this woman, the one who called me, is cursed. She was terrified on the phone and again asked me how soon could she meet with me. I told her I didn't need to meet with her, and that she just needed to repent to God for allowing the lies of the enemy to cause fear in her life. This woman became irrate at me. I told her not to be upset, I just gave you a nickels worth of free advice. Repent for believing the lie of the room mate and the shaman - and MOVE ON!!!! This woman called another deliverance minister! I just want to see how mindless we can be in situtations like this. Christians don't have a solid background in their own faith! Jesus created these spiritual beings. He can deal with them too! In fact my Jesus can spank these things senseless. He saw Satan fall like lightning! Don't beleive me? Go look it up!

When Spirits Attack

When the spirit realm attacks, you need to know Jesus phone number, Jeremiah 33:3! Let me set up a scenario for you. Your home alone, a demonic locution occurs. Whether it is dropped into your mind, and some of these can be visual, like you see a ghost in a mirror. This is a demonic locution. It may freak you out and that's okay at first - but consider this. If a local gang member came to your house and spray painted it with grafitti, would you sit in your house and cowar? Or would you call the authorities and demand justice? Of course you would call the police and demand the perps be arrested. Now consider this, many of the low level demons are gang bangers. They're even setup in a similar hierarchy. When the demonic show up. Call the authority - YOU!!!!

Step one. A horrible locution just dropped into your mind. Recover quickly. Your in battle mode now, and not fright and victim mode. Turn on some worship music. Any worship music that puts you in the ZONE! I am a user, there are the Jesus Culture and Hillsong United stations. Use those for thermonuclear response. Like I said, whatever it is that gets you in the ZONE!! You are preparing for receiving God. We start by opening ourselves to receive God. Sit in your chair, and still your mind. You need to train yourself to quiet your inner self during these times so you can go to Jesus. This is a basic form of meditation. I am not talking about Eastern meditation or Yoga meditation. THESE ARE BAD!!! And open you up to more demonic torment. Don't harp on me about Christian yoga. I have yoga stories from my minsitry experience that you don't want to hear! Back to Christian meditation (Psalm 1:2, 1 Tessalonians 1:5).

The reason we are going to our still place is because we are responding to the demonic incursion.
When the demons attack, you are going to go to Jesus! The purpose of the attack is to turn you from Jesus. This is the first stage of demonic obsession. This form of meditation will be hard at first. But it will gradually develop to the point of where all you have to do is think about going to your quiet place. This takes work and it pays off in the long run of shutting voices down and taking back your thoughts.

Don't pay attention to the garbage on the paranormal shows. What is more powerful? Blessed Holy Water or the indwelling Holy Spirit inside of you?

Step 2. I want you to go to Matthew 6 and meditate on the Lord's prayer. If you are under spiritual attack,  recite the words of the Lord's Prayer out loud and do it calmly and slowly. Try to meditate on each word as you recite them. This is bringing you into God's domain in the fight. You are removing yourself from the state of fear and into the protective arms of God. I use this in sessions where angelic majesties manifest. I have seen stuff far beyond what Nick, Zach, and Aaron have caught on camera in Ghost Adventures. Levitation, astral projection, and teleportation, I have witnessed in my ministry. Learning to quiet yourself and be in the presence of God is critical in supernatural warfare. Many people whom I have worked with in teaching them this, have later assisted me in ministry. You have to learn to fight for yourself. Reciting the Lord's prayer out loud brings the entire embodiment of both flesh and spiritual into the prayer. This is very powerful. Still under attack? Repeat reciting the Lord's Prayer. Don't do it mindlessly. Focus on the words and who God is.

Your Kingdom COME!!! Your will be DONE!!

You are now positioning yourself in warfare. Stating to the heavenly realms - I don't receive this demonic broadcast or torment. I am going to Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords! You will most likely, as your starting out, get more mind attacks. This is okay. The spirits don't want you understanding your spiritual authority. They will put on whatever show they can to distract you. And this sounds weird - but this is a good thing. Now you know they are upset at you for stepping out of their boundaries. Your changing their game on them. They don't lke that. Step out of fear and into Jesus.

Step 3. Integrate the inner quieting into your time when reading the Bible. This is not just for warfare. You need to learn how to receive Jesus during your non-combat time. Beginners start by meditating (reading) the Bible. There are basically two forms of meditation that occur naturally while reading the Bible. These are discursive and contemplative meditation. Some people are discursive in their meditation. That means they read the words in the Bible and the intellect analyzes and memorizes it. Some people are contemplative, where there imagination portrays the words like a movie as they read through the scripture. Take the time to discover who you are. I was always taken back by the difficulty I had in memorizing scripture. Some people could do it with relative ease. I found it to be extremely difficult. Too much emphasis is placed on discursive meditation by the church. God knows we're all special needs kids, so we can be discursive or contemplative. Take the time to discover who you are. I honestly have people come to me for deliverance because they can't memorize scripture. In 99% of the cases, this is simply because they don't know if they are discursive or if they are contemplative by design - learn which you are. I did have one case, where a man couldn't read the read letters of the Bible (Jesus words). And it wasn't because he was color blind. This was a read flag for needing deliverance. The enemy was preventing him from reading Jesus' words.


Did you find it odd that I didn't mention I was going to run over and bless someones house who was having these locutions? I occasionally bless houses now. I found it is best to invest my time in turning a victim into a spiritual MMA fighter. If I did my job correctly, blessing their own home shouldn't be an issue with them. My first step in training is taking back one's own mind.  Just as I described above.

This is warfare so there will be volleys fired back and forth. The quieting of the mind is essential in learning to hear God during warfare. The stillness and peace bring in God. Chaos brings the demonic. Cut yourself some slack when you do this. I recommend practicing daily - whether you are under attack or a new Christian setting out on your baby steps walk with God. This becomes invaluable as you walk in your spiritual life. It's a life journey. The first steps are renouncing sin and locking out the enemy out of your mind!

 The big snag I have found in training Christians is that too many people who come to me for help seem to have a poor foundation in their own faith. Many have been Christians nearly all their life and don't know who Jesus is. But this is an issue at the pulpit. If you're living in fear or locutions, or living a nightmare in a haunting, bring Jesus into the situation - and not Amy Allan.

By now, some of you have figured out that I haven't mentioned a word about demonology. I won't.
I am an exorcist that focuses on the supernatural ministry of Jesus Christ. I could careless about demonology. What I presented hear on quieting and meditation far out ways anything else. Whether in your personal prayer life or seeking help in spiritual matters. What I have found through this is that so much about demonology is a lie from the enemy it is absolutely worthless in pursuing. Don't think I am ignorant of these matters. Its just that I don't need it. Jesus solves problems in unfathomable ways that I don't waste my time with what is not in synch with Him.

There is so much I covered here feel free to comment and ask questions.

Rev. Mike

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