Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Tales of Glory - Interior Castle First Mansions Chapter 02

After some hiatus and a little quarantine time in between, Tales of Glory - Interior Castle First Mansions Chapter 02!
Let's dive into this classic manuscript on prayer and see what the Saint has to say on developing your interior life. We are in First mansions, where we just entered the castle and the soul is beginning to learn to pray. Or as the Saint says, the soul opens into itself through prayer.
In chapter 02, Saint Teresa wants to warn us about the dangers of mortal sin, before we move into deeper mansions. We must address our sinful nature, before advancing through the castle. Otherwise, the venomous vipers and reptiles, our own sinful natures we allowed in with us will draw us back out!

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Angel Moroni missing his trumpet

Saint Teresa of Avila Interior Castle Manuscript
Audio First Mansions Chapter 02

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