Monday, March 14, 2016

Paranormal Investigator Being Scratched by a Demon

Paranormal Investigators Being Scratched by a Demon

Just when I thought I was done blasting paranormal shows…. Saturday night, march 12, 2016, the Travel Channel aired the Ghost Adventures episode, Leslie’s Family Tree Restaurant. This episode took us to a haunted restaurant in Santaquin, Utah.

I am not going to go into much detail about this episode, I just want to fast forward to an incident that Zak Baggans captured on video where he was scratched by a demon. Now I am having a hard time determining what Ghost Adventures is truly about outside of thrill seeking and dangerously disturbing the demonic realm. Sadly, a lot of wannabe ghost hunters and people seeking the unknown in dangerous ways follow this show as if it were a documentary or training guide. This is far from what this show actually is and what is portraying. Zac portrays himself as a demon hunter but comes off more as a thrill seeker not truly grasping the powers of what he is meddling in.

Nearly every episode Zak provokes a demon, which in all honesty, in a person his spiritual disposition, is not a very smart thing to do. “You want to attack somebody? Attack me!”
Any person with a sound understanding in spiritual warfare would never give a demon legal grounds to attack them and attach to them. Is it any wonder he is always demonized when he leaves these places?

In this episode, Zak provoked a demon to scratch him like the demon did to another paranormal investigator in a previous investigation. For a demon hunter, Zak, clearly has no understanding of what it is he is dealing with. Let’s take a look at why a demon scratches. The purpose of the scratching is to curse you and your bloodline. This curse usually lasts for generations until it is broken. Now with this understanding, why would Zak exclaim, “AWESOME!!!”, when he was scratched? The answer is pure ignorance to the powers he is meddling with.

When these scratches happen, the demon is cursing the individual. These curses included severe oppression, spirit attachment, illness, from anything mild to the horrendous stuff like cancer. Addiction enters through these curses as well as a dysfunctional family line. Birth defects, generational illnesses, spirits of suicide and death enter as well. This stuff is serious. Now Zak Baggan has every wannabe ghost hunter adding this thrill seeking experience to their bucket list. By the way folks, sageing and New Age pagan cleansing, like Zak uses, doesn’t remove the spiritual attachment. This stuff is generational and it requires a the utmost High to remove the curse.

Seen enough of this stuff happen to Christian clients. Our team removed the curses and the clients never went back to ghost hunting. I have a saying, the spirit realm is not politically correct. There is only one way to salvation.


Rev. Mike

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  1. Zac's dingbat antics led me about a year ago to your site and to purchase your book. I refuse to name the episode that drove me here because it is the name of a demon. Couldn't believe my ears that Ghost Adventures allowed those creepy voices to be heard by anyone who tuned in, creating a portal right into my very own living room!!! I would see "shadows" at night after seeing some of the episodes and finally figured out what was going on. Your book and blog helped me take care of that problem - THANK YOU!

  2. You nailed it. GA does seances and witchcraft on their shows. If it is being performed on tv it is also being performed in your living room. GA does not understand the paranormal, they are just tv show personalities. Just by watching them on their own show I can tell they are terribly tormented. Something they don't share with their young fans.
    Thank you for purchasing A FG2SW!

  3. Did you see "Deadly Posesions" last night? I was horrified at how flippant Zac and his team were regarding cursed objects. Would love for you to do an article about this - they have sunk to a new level! THANK you and GOD bless you!