Thursday, October 23, 2014

Did Ghost Adventure's Go Too Far?

Did Ghost Adventures go too far? For those of you who caught the October 18, 2014 broadcast of the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures, I ask you this one question, Did it go too far?

 This particular episode took the GA crew to a house that was already demonized by a spirit that came over through a spirit board session by a previous resident of the home. Zac Baggans tends to compromise any form of logic or moral in exchange for spiritual sensationalism on his show. In this episode, Zac reunited a demonized resident with the defiled residency. It's hard to separate truth from reality on this show on what Zac is presenting. How much was re-enacted and fabricated for sensationalism for the audience?

If what we viewed was real, is the GA team really trying to help Darren Evans or is the premise to promote Darren Evans and his media on being knowledgeable about the demon he is still in bondage to? There is always a strange underlying factor of promoting haunted sites. GA doesn't really help anyone. It's a travel channel show to promote industry to haunted locations.

What really is becoming more evident in these shows is Zac's unhealthy obsession with the demonic. One of the key factors of spiritual attachment is obsession. Its obvious that Zac Baggans is addicted to going to places that are demonized. This is not the sign of a spiritual warrior as he proclaims, it is the sign of one spiritually obsessed! Don't take my word for it. Zac said himself in the opening scene of this episode during a conversation with Nick.

 Nick - this #*@$ can linger in your life. I got it off me. And now were opening this #*@$ up again? 

Zac - we always have to take this deeper. it's like truth or dare amongst ourselves. we're daring each other to go deepr and deeper. We're daring each other to contact the demon.

Zac listen to Nick. Not only can these attachments linger in your life, they can continue for generations. 

For Zac it's obvious he's not about spiritual warfare, it's a game - its an addiction. Zac certainly provided no help for Katheline Evans in this episode. Zac Baggans has such a strong spiritual attachment to oppression he is involuntarily drawn to it. He cant stop himself. Like a heroine addict craving his next fix.  The GA isn't helping anyone they're satisfying their own addiction to encountering the (BAD) supernatural. In my opinion this show went too far for several reasons. For instance, during one interview in the show they spoke with an expert on spirit boards and he warned Zac that this spirit has a characteristic where it sexually assaults some of its victims. No common sense or Zacs supposedly vast knowledge of demonolgy was used here. I have worked with individuals who are under the oppression of these types of demons. They are difficult to sever the attachment from for various reasons. 

For the sake of common sense over viewership, the lock down plans should have been terminated there. What about the demons ability to oppress the viewership Zac? This garbage can go through the internet and cable fiber and oppress the viewers. I am curious to know how many viewers got whammied like Zac did with the spirit repeating its name over and over in their heads? The spiritual attachment can go through the video stream!

What really bothered me about this show was the treatment of Katheline Evans. During the lockdown a demon manifested in Katheline Evans and it was insinuated she was violated outside the lockdown.  In one scene Katheline returns with a spirit manifested in her and her belt is unbuckled. The spirit commented in the scene it wanted to see her private parts. At this point, anyone with true spiritual warfare experience would have safely removed Katheline from the premises and commenced prayers of liberation. No experts on this show considered the safety or liberation of Katheline. And to be point, any one with true spiritual warfare experience would not have placed themselves in this situation for the sake of television.

Let's continue with Katheline Evans, in the height of her oppression she disappeared. Zac and Darren went to go look for her, but stopped. Why? So they could return to the lock down and finish with their spirit board session. Either this garbage was completely scripted or the evidence of the GA crew speaks for itself. A woman demonized has gone missing, and one of the people looking is the spouse. And it was a good idea to quit looking for Katheline? Seriously???? There is no concern at all for the people involved. This episode clearly portrayed that.

Katheline, if your husband really quit looking for you while a spirit manifested in you - you need to completely rethink your relationship with him. I have worked thousands of cases, with my wife, and never once did I put her in jeopardy! If you need help Katheline contact the ministry. We can help you sever the spiritual attachment. I am so sorry this happened to you.

...and Christians! Quit contacting the occult for HELP!!!


Rev. Mike

A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare - the Power to PULL the IMPOSSIBLE from the HEAVENLY REALMS


  1. Hi can you refer me to someone that does cleansings, my family and I have reason to believe my niece is being affected by voodoo. This is pretty frightening and we don't know what to do please contact me at, thanks for your time.

  2. During the episode they make sure Kathleen was okay before they returned to the house to finish the ouija board session. At the end of the episode they check in on her and she was doing okay. You should get your information correct before you attack someone. I agree that when she was showing signs of oppression/possession the “lock down” should have ended. They all should have been better gentlemen!

    1. Thank you! I was wondering if i was the only one that caught a special where it clearly showed before they continued any further they made sure to find Kathleen and that she was okay! I agree with you they could have been more concerned, but to persuade your audience especially as a reverend common sense would be use facts!

  3. The show ‘after shocks’revealed that Kathleen was still either oppressed or possessed. She was in jail for assault I believe according to her husband who also admitted she had gotten violent acting since the lock down. Zac has indeed done some stupid crap. This being his worse. He also has a habit of offering up other people as bait and talking previous victims to return to sciences of haunting to be bait. Why they do it seems to be becuz they are star struck.

  4. I saw this episode just few nights ago from finnish channel 6. It was terrible sensationalism. Zac has defenently gone too far. Aaron, Billy and Jay are blind followers of Zac, is is because of money? Only Nick gas a courage to say something against.

  5. What happened to her after the show?.. Kathleen