Saturday, February 14, 2015

Demonology Today Radio Interview February 4 2015

Wednesday evening February 4 2015, I took a break from my evening ministry sessions to be interviewed by Catholic Demonologists Ken and Farah Deal. This was an incredible interview with a couple who really understand their material in high level spiritual warfare. It was an absolute pleasure being on their show. Ken and Farah did an outstanding job in interviewing me and reviewing M16 Ministries A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare.

Thank you Ken and Farah.

Presented below is what I call the Director's Extended cut of the interview. It is the complete interview for the first hour (it was a two hour interview). I included pictures for some of the topics I was talking on. Hence the Director's Cut. It's kind of like an audio book now.

The interview is packed with lot's of great information and I am grateful it was Ken and Farah doing this interview to bring the FG2SW story to light!

And now, the show.....

WPAR Demonology Today with Ken and Farah Deel


Rev. Mike

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