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More Bad Advice from The Dead Files - The Dark One

I primarily only tune in to watch, The Travel Channel's The Dead Files, for the last ten minutes of the reveal. To see what horrible advise Amy is going to give the family in trouble. Don't get me wrong I watched the entire episode. I really like Steve and think he does a great job in his research. It's the REALLY bad advise from Amy that is hard to comprehend. Where does this stuff come from? I am presuming she is a wiccan or a universalist. Or something. Anyhow. I digress.

The episode, The Dark One, S06 E06, aired Saturday 08/16/14, about a family in Abilene Texas, living a demonic nightmare is no exception. Amy's involvement with this stuff is to the point where it is nerve racking. In this episode Amy goes into a Christian home and advises the people to bring a voodoo priest in to stop the supposedly voodoo summoned spirit by a long deceased slave. Amy terrifies the family and tells them if they don't do this, or any one from the family is missing from the African voodoo ritual, this inhuman African voodoo spirit will single the individual out and torment them. ---REALLY???

Amy knows flat out these people are Christians. Is there no church in Abilene Texas capable of exorcising a house? I think not! I don't know what happened to get this family to this point. But for Amy to tell even the grandmother in so many words, that God isn't big enough to stop this - they should have thrown Amy out!

I would like to speak to the family. There are Christians who know how to fight spiritual warfare at this level and magnitude.

The entity is a demon. Forget the misinformation from Amy's familiar spirit. You will need to get with a Christian ministry team that knows what they're doing. And that's the clincher on this. There are deliverance ministries - and then there are real spiritual warfare teams. There is a huge chasm in understanding in spiritual warfare between the two.

For starters, as in this situation, the family will first need to repent for doing the voodoo cleansing ritual in their house. The voodoo ritual brings in more demons. The activity will also resume and on a greater magnitude. Since the family brought in the voodoo priests - they can't move away form the house to evade the demonic oppression. They have brought it in under the agreement of working with Satan. Again, a team that knows what they're doing and has battled at this level will know how to assist someone experiencing this oppression.

The demon oppressing this family isn't all as powerful as Amy made out. Demons have power, but once you have repented and realigned yourself with Jesus, the demon will submit to your spiritual authority.By submitting to spiritual authority I mean ordering the demons to leave under the authority of Jesus Christ. Again, with as much as is going on in a house like this, I would work with a special ministry team or a Roman Catholic exorcist.

In my bouts with voodoo, I have had to deal with high level voodoo priests. we do things a lot differently than paranormal investigators and wiccan psychics. We know the power of our God Almighty and so do they. I have seen with my own eyes where voodoo priests stopped because, quote "I see Jesus is here!".

Voodoo is Satanic. Satan is the king of the demonic. Voodoo (Satan) won't run off his own. I think Jesus already scolded the Pharisees about a house divided.  The ritual was in favor of the devil. You now have made a pact with the devil by performing the ritual in your house and you need to break it. The illness in your home will only get worse. Rituals open doorways to things far worse with higher spirits that want to be worshiped! Your house is now unholy grounds. Take it back! This is beyond a simple house blessing now that you have involved the occult.

Listen to your grandmother. She was right. You just need to understand how to engage the enemy and what the protocols are on this battlefield. You can take your house back!

I am here if you should ever contact me.

...and Christians! Quit contacting the occult for HELP!!!

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Rev. Mike

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Author Addendum 12/17/2017

It's amazing that this article was written in 2014 and still gets heated responses from occult practitioners. Can a Christian remove a voodoo spirit?

I am adding this addendum to provide answers to my statements on this blog. I receive numerous comments from followers of the show, and many are occult or voodoo practitioners. The comments tend to have the same general flow to them, and look like this (an actual comment),

This is rubbish, you don't know how strong this entity is because you've never experienced it.  I know what this thing is and what's capable of, it is not a Demon it's something more ancient and much harder to get rid of, it's brought from voodoo and it has to be expelled with voodoo, I do believe in God but an exorcism or anything of the sort is not strong enough to battle this thing. Now if you don't believe in voodoo or find it unholy it's your opinion and it's fine, but do not bash Amy over things you don't comprehend I don't think it's not fair.  

Let me break this down, and respond, in the opening statement,

you don't know how strong this entity is because you've never experienced it.

I am a Christian minister with an advanced spiritual warfare ministry, M16 Ministries, that works, around the world, exclusively with cases of the occult. Yes, we have tackled dark voodoo at this level, and darker. And yes I have experienced this level of warfare, in many of our ministry cases. I am NOT arm chair quarter backing my blog entries. These cases are documented on my blogs, and in my books. These spirits of voodoo never prevailed going up against the Name Above of All Names, the Ancient of Days, the Great I AM, the creator of the heavens and earth, the Lord Jesus Christ. It's just the simple facts and the TRUTH!

Let's address the next line item,

I know what this thing is and what's capable of, it is not a Demon it's something more ancient and much harder to get rid of, it's brought from voodoo and it has to be expelled with voodoo, I do believe in God but an exorcism or anything of the sort is not strong enough to battle this thing.

Many voodoo practitioners don't understand the level of darkness they are dealing with. There is a high level of deception, which is exchanged to the practitioner in the form of dark power. Are these spirits harder to get rid of? Yes! Many Christians don't understand the difference between low-level demonic deliverance and exorcism. The pastor or minister will go in and try low-level demonic deliverance and get clobbered. This level of the occult requires special prayer ministry teams that know how to battle in this degree of warfare. It is very different. Exorcism is where the minister and team petition the Lord Jesus Christ to remove the spirits. It is always effective if the parties under attack follow the instructions of the minister. Get that? It is always effective if done properly!!! These spirits are not stronger than God! The lie that the spirit is more ancient and harder to get rid of? It is not more ancient than its creator. Who is the creator of ALL things? Jesus Christ. All things were created for Him and by Him. Every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is the King and Creator. I have witnessed this first hand in my battles.

Finally, response to the last word,

Now if you don't believe in voodoo or find it unholy it's your opinion and it's fine, but do not bash Amy over things you don't comprehend I don't think it's not fair.  

I do believe voodoo is real. I have been all over the world, and I have ministered to high-level voodoo priests who saw the power of God and converted to Christianity. Jesus spoke to them in supernatural ways through dreams before I showed up. These souls were shaken to their core by the message in their dreams. Again, this is not my first rodeo.

As for the show, The Dead Files, it is an atrocity in how to handle spiritual warfare (and so is Ghost Adventures for that matter). Any true Christian follower should not be using any advice Amy offers. Or follow any paranormal advice for that matter!  Save your hate mail that I am an intolerant Christian. I am only intolerant of lies. I have spent over a decade at this level of spiritual warfare. Christians don't need to go to Amy for her new age advice.


  1. my home in abilene tx is under attack our marriage and my wife are dying how can i contact you for help thx lee

    1. Send an e-mail to the ministry.

      Send contact info and a description of what is going on.

    2. If, you would have watched entire episode... You would have heard that the Christian family had requested help from their Christian faith community. And didn't have their issue resolved.

    3. Their pastor should have reached out for help. That may be the issue. He didn't seek help at all.

  2. Hey Mike I just want to thank you for stepping up and especially it being a Christian home shedding light on this subjecT. Jesus name is above any name no matter who it is..Plain amd simple these folks don't know who they are in Christ and what the Authority of the Believer is and what they have that belongs to them.

  3. I did some house cleaning in the comment section. I allow contrary positions and views to be posted here. The guidelines to posting are maturity and integrity.
    I removed one individuals rant on the basis of lack of integrity -they were lying about their experiences.
    Simple google string will reveal the lies.
    Second, they attacked the ministry without taking the time to google and find out what exactly it is we do. We have a huge digital footprint. Rants without data to support your insanity will be deleted. As these were. :)

  4. I grew up christian and I believe in God but I also believe in other evils. To me you are no real christian at all for you to say that practicers of voodoo or any other religion are inherently evil no just like there have been good and bad christians in the world. Second amy uses christianity too if the entity is from voodoo then a voodoo priest should clean it up. If it is satan than go ahead and let god take care of it

    1. PART I.
      Robert thank you for chiming in. Good conversation points in your comments. I will respond line by line to your posted arguments.
      You mentioned you grew up Christian and you believe in God. Do you believe in the Christian God? The Christian God created the universe; there are no other gods that pre-existed before the Great I AM. God created all spiritual beings and all creatures. Voodoo gods are spiritual creations of the Christian God. They weren't created evil, they rebelled against the God almighty and LOST! The theology I presented is all biblical and found in the 66 books of the Bible.
      Robert, you mentioned that you believe in other evils. Evil is the absence of righteousness. God is righteousness.
      I would like to address the practitioners of voodoo being evil. God detests the worship of other gods. Remember, from your Christian upbringing, our one True God, is a jealous God.

      14 —for you shall not worship any other god, for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God
      -Exodus 34:14

      Voodoo is the occult. It deals with contacting spiritual beings demi-gods, or let's call them for what they are, demons, for secret power and knowledge. The occult is non-righteous, ungodly. Therefore, it is evil. This is what God says in His Bible about practitioners of the occult.

      10 There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, one who uses divination, one who practices witchcraft, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, 11 or one who casts a spell, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. 12 For whoever does these things is detestable to the Lord; and because of these detestable things the Lord your God will drive them out before you. 13 You shall be blameless before the Lord your God. 14 For those nations, which you shall dispossess, listen to those who practice witchcraft and to diviners, but as for you, the Lord your God has not allowed you to do so.
      -Deuteronomy 18:10-14

      You are correct there have been good and bad Christians in the world. This addressed in Genesis 3 (and the rest of the entire Bible), the fall of man, and original sin. Because of the fall of man we are all born under the curse of the original sin. God foretold the coming of Jesus Christ in Genesis 3 to break this curse. And the prophecy was fulfilled in the Gospels. Those who believe in the one true Jesus Christ are legally purchased out the bond slave contract to the original sin. God separates the good from the bad Christians. Furthermore, a real Christian, as you put it is in a transforming union relationship with Jesus Christ. Where Jesus intimately knows the individual Christian's soul. This soul so deeply loves Jesus that it would never go to other gods or religions. This soul knows such things are detestable to the indwelling Jesus Christ. Therefore, a real Christian would never, our intimacy and belief, ever consider using or accepting the unrighteous practices of voodoo or any other god. That which is unrighteous is evil.

    2. PART II.
      Let's comment on the false notion of a voodoo priest can only deal with a voodoo spirit. This is the biggest fallacy in voodoo dabbler circles. I have been to Haiti and have worked with some high up voodoo priests. You should see the expression on their faces when they see a minister walk into the room who is walking in the grace, mercy, power, and salvation of the one true God. I have had one priestess tell me that she saw Jesus with me and didn't want a fight. This was a very high up priestess in Haiti (who is now a Christian). I have been called into numerous occult battles involving voodoo spirits. Beleive me; God smacks them down like they were nats.

      Amy uses Christianity to win (over her gullible, weak Chrisitan audience) and to deceive her viewers. She uses the occult. You can go to youtube and search for Amy's pod casts interviews, and you will hear her true colors. She makes fun of her Christian grandfather and in so many words refers to him as a fool for his Christian spiritual beliefs.

      To answer you question, I am a real Christian because my soul is in union with God. I don't do anything spiritually that is detestable to God. The New Age is trying to flip this as you mentioned. This is not Christianity, this is called the universal church, which believes in many paths to their eternity. Christianity there is only one true path to salvation and eternity, and that is through the Lord Jesus Christ.

      Thank you,

  5. Mr. Norton.
    I enjoyed reading your articles greatly. I’m a Christian as are my family members also. I have so many stories that’s been handed down from my fathers side of the family that will make your hair stand up! But I won’t go into that right now. My question is we moved into an old farm house that was built in 1910 and the original homestead is still on our 30 acre farm built in the early 1800s. Now all of us has experience very strange things and I was wondering what would you advise me to do so our home can be at peace and my 3 sons will stop sleeping in my wife’s and I bedroom every single night! Lol My boys are to afraid to even walk by there selves in our home especially at night you can forget it! My 4 yr old talks to things we can’t see and he calls them zombie people. My 13 yr old sees and hears people talking and walking and scratching on the doors and walls but More so upstairs. My 20 yr old hears the same upstairs as my 12 yr old. Now my wife and I sees orbs and fast moving orbs from golf ball size to basketball size. And I see a lot of shadow mists and haze looking things constantly on a daily basis. Now none of my children as been hurt or my wife but it’s scaring the hell out of my children ! We have things being moved constantly and toys that the battery’s been dead in for yrs all a sudden turn on! I’m 40 yrs old and never had any kind of health problems before but after moving into this farm house I now had heart problems that Doctors can’t answer why and a lot of bad accidents that’s happened to me while working on my property. Seems like every time I’m going to work on something I know in my heart I’m going to get hurt one way or the other and it happens every time! My luck has turned from great to horrible. I know in my soul it’s this property doing it but we have sunk everything into this place so we can’t leave. I need to know how to fix this? When I was growing up I had a lot of scary attack’s that happened to me and when I turned 14 something came into my room which I seen plan as day and informed me I needed to get baptized immediately or something horrible will happen to my unborn children. So that nite I yelled for my father and when he came into my room and seen me white as a ghost and soaking wet he immediately told me not to worry and immediately told me we will get baptized together ! Now I didn’t say a word to him what I experienced. My father told me he already knew what needed to be done. He said something visited him earlier and told him he will be receiving a message about what needs done very soon! But before that night I had very bad and scary experiences from things picking me up from my bed and throwing me up against the wall behind my headboard. The only way I can explain what it looks like was a creature that looked like heat waves rising up from a hot blacktop road and was shaped like a human. Now that’s just one thing that happened to me. There’s many many more disturbing things also. Like talking to a well dressed man sitting on our porch and when he stood up to leave I looked down at his feet and they was hooves like a horse would have and he just smiled and walked away laughing! So with that being said what can I do to protect my family from encounters like I had? Now This has happened to every single Male on my fathers side forever and I need to break this chain so my boys won’t experience any of this. But after I was baptized it all ended until we moved into this farmhouse and it seemed to flare back up ! Not sure it could just be this house? Anyway if you want to talk more or have any fixes just message me. Thanks and God Bless.

  6. I am looking for answers regarding orbs. What are they & why are they “coming at me”. I first noticed them as I was recording my dogs playing. I have had lots of paranormal experiences, but, the orbs confuse me. Actually it all confuses me. I am a nurse & have seen some pretty strange things & been present when an individual takes their last breath. I’m a Christian but, I am a sinner & I feel that my interest in the paranormal is not approved of by Jesus Christ my Lord & savior.

    1. I didn’t put any contact info in my post - My name is Kacy. Thank you

  7. Really anything not jesus is satan? As a Reverend you are blind. Gods name isnt even Jesus to start. I was a bible teacher, my fathera minister. However I now practice Voodoo which is not demons. No more then human spirits are demons. Sad how everyone talks down about other religions and yet the christians have and still do spill more blood then any other religion.I am good with Micheal aka Jesus as he was known on earth. And can tell you that Christianity and Voodoo very much can go hand in hand. Most Loa have no problem with Angels or Jesus/St. Micheal many are represented by saints.
    And Christians can be helped via pagan or voodoo religion. Its faith that causes the effect. As a medium and a voodoo follower I have helped many christians. It all boils down to what faith the home owner is and including that belief in the process. That and the person handling the situation. In Christianity and pagan religion Ive seen many frauds. But to dismiss pagan or voodoo and say only the christian religion can help in hauntings is misleading, arrogant, and false.

  8. Dear unknwon, thank you for your "Hold my beer" response. Good luck with that!