Saturday, October 5, 2013

House Blessing a Spiritually Tainted House

It is Saturday October 05, 2013. I am presenting a video blog commentary on the SyFy show Paranoramal Witness, aired Wednesday October 02, 2013 (I know I said September 28th in the video, but I correct myself here). The show was titled, "the Coven", and portrayed a Christian family moving into a spiritually tainted house. In future vblogs you may hear me use the reference of spiritual leprosy. Spiritual leprosy and a tainted house both represent a home that was defiled by ungodly rituals (i.e. witchcraft or satanism).

I actually enjoyed this episode because it portrayed a Christian family cleansing the enemy out of their house. Although they bolted afterwards, the house was cleansed. I include my commentary on house cleansing of homes with spiritual leprosy.

FG2SW VBLOG 100513 on Blessing Spiritually Infested Homes from Michael Norton on Vimeo.

Also, keep these in mind too during warfare the following points:
1. Pray to get released into the battle.
2. Never go into battle alone. Matt had his mother with him. I usually have at least one other person with me or a posse!
3. Spiritual leprosy is best dealt with by an experienced ministry group or a Roman Catholic exorcist.
4. Keep ghost hunters and paranormal teams off the premises!!! And no clairvoyants. A charismatic or Christian operating under the gifts of the Holy Spirit are OK! But warn them their are demons present.
5. Blessings and exorcisms are left to the discretion of the minister in charge. My posse and I have been to homes that weren't haunted. We'll bless the home anyway...

  A complete walk-through guide in house blessing can be found in my book, A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare. See below for ordering instructions.

Rev. Mike

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