Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ghost Adventures The Exorcist House Using Ouija Boards

Last Friday, October 04, 2013, The Ghost Adventures aired their 100th episode at the original exorcist house, in St Louis, Missouri. This episode is loaded with information that I wanted to share with the prayer warriors. In this video blog I am going to focus on the use of the ouija board and some comments, Nick and Aaron made about the use of these tools. Including when they categorized the ouija board, the spirit box and evps in the same category as seance tools. In a nutshell, if a Christian Ghost hunter is using any of these they are involved in necromancy (communication with the dead -demonic).

Sit back and enjoy. At the end of the video is a curse breaking prayer for those of you who may have dabbled with the ouija board.

FG2SW 100813 from Michael Norton on Vimeo.

Rev. Mike

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