Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Demonic Obsession from Episode of American Haunting

Once again, the object of my affections - paranormal television shows. In this video blog I will examine the third episode of the AE show, American Haunting. In this episode of American Haunting, a man is obsessed with taking pictures of spirits in his home. This behavior, from the stand point of Christian faith, is called Demonic Obsession. It is when the individual being tormented is obsessed with the activity going on around them. They will obsess over constantly seeing spirits, that as part of the torment, others can't see. The individual obsesses over proving to those around them the spirits are there. Since only they can see them.

Please note, the vblog doesn't have an ending. I had to clip it so it would upload to Vimeo as a 500MB file. I did lots of re-editing to crop out what wasn't needed to squeeze in the info you viewers demand.

FG2SW 082013 VBLOG from Michael Norton on Vimeo.

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