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Spiritual Warfare and House Blessing a Haunted Residence

It amazes me how many Christians forget their faith when it comes to haunted residences. If you arrived at my blog by GOOGLE-ing house blessing and are at your wits end over a haunting in your home, then pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit down, relax, and read through what I have to share with you.

For starters, I work primarily with Christians, not because I am biased, but because those are the people who primarily come to M16 Ministries. Our team has worked with everyone, New Agers, pagans, and assisted homosexual believers in spiritual warfare. There is a strong bias that Christians won't help others, non-believers in the faith, in their time of need. Not so, I found the opposite to be true, that there is a reverse bias in asking a Christian for help in spiritual matters. I once spoke with a ghost hunter in San Francisco, and told him I was a Christian exorcist. The conversation abruptly ended. The other irony, is that we tend to help people for free. I had a conversation with a psychic who spiritually cleanses homes, at a psychic fair. He said he charges $1000 per home in the bay area and doesn't deal with non-human spirits (demons). This guy had a long list of people signed up for his services. Our ministry does exorcisms, and we deal with "non-human spirits" for free. That's right. We don't make a dime off exorcisms. A majority of the funding from our ministry comes from people who support us through love offerings. Yes, I am also and author and a speaker, but you don't get rich on that either. So why do what I do? God drafted me into this ministry and he broke my heart to help those who are being oppressed. Now with a very small ministry team it is impossible to assist everyone who comes to us. Which is why I write blogs, books, and speak. I need to equip you in spiritual warfare and separate what is commonly accepted spiritist malarchy and what is truth. There are a lot of exorcist charlatans out there -so BEWARE!!! Basically, if you land on a website of a person who is holding out a big cross and looks more like a vampire slayer then a normal person -it's most likely a charlatan. And there are a lot out there.

If you found yourself at this blog, because the ghost hunters have come and gone. They have posted the EVPs found at your home on their youtube channel. The psychics have come, spoke to the native American spirit residing in your home, and they performed their sage cleansing, told you your toddler was clairvoyent, which is why they see spirits,  and then left. HOWEVER -  you are still having nightmarish activity in what you once thought was your dream home. Am I on par with your predicament so far?

By this point you are at wits end. The spirits in your home have oppressed you and they have torn your family or your relationship apart. You simply want everything in your home to stop and you want your life back, NOW!

It doesn't matter what your spiritual background is at this point. Pagan, Buddhist, Kabbalah, Mormon, Jehovah Witness, Presbyterian, Catholic or Assembly of God. What you need to realize at this point is what the truth is in your situation. The truth is, the psychic was deceived by a spirit and he-she relayed the lie the spirit wanted you to perceive to keep you in your state of frustration and brokenness. This is called spiritual bondage. The spirit needs to keep you obsessed with the activity going on to oppress you. Oppression is a horrible thing and it can push you to the point of temporary insanity or to the point where the spirit can try to occupy you and use you. At this point in the battle you are broken. The spirit is whipping you into submission.

Now for the truth. That isn't a native American spirit haunting your home. It's a demon. If I had a nickel for every time I went into a haunting and the (Christian) owner told me a psychic told them it was a native American spirit, I would have $5 in a jar. This is tactical information for me and my team. We will walk through the house and discern it is a demonic spirit of witchcraft and the false information from the psychic will help collaborate the teams findings.

When we work with individuals in this situation we start with aligning their spiritual life to Jesus. Not the false Jesus found in splinter New Age churches, but the one true Jesus Christ, King of Kings, Lord of Lords. Whoa! Reverend Mike, your getting a bit religious on us here! Tone it down!

When dealing with the demonic you must call on the one true God. The demons can send you a false Jesus and really mess with you and your warfare. Up until this point, you have not been in warfare with the spirits. When the ghost hunters and psychic came to your house, you were unwittingly aiding and abetting the enemy within. Yes, through your own actions you were feeding your own torment. Does this make sense to you?

When spiritual warfare starts you must be working with the one true God, Jesus Christ, King of Kings, Lord of Lords. If you are a New Ager, or a pagan, or even a Christian, and you are getting crushed by the forces of darkness in your own home, call on Jesus. Forget about what others are telling you and what you SHOULD be doing based on your faith. Obviously, if what you were doing was right, this nightmare would have ended by now. RIGHT? Also keep in mind your own faith practices could be the source of the demonic activity. There is no difference between white magic and dark magic. The only difference is that the practicer of white magic has been deceived and is still practicing dark magic. If everything else you tried has failed -then Jesus is excited about coming to help you.

Step One. Go somewhere private, away from the haunting, or defiled site, and call on Jesus. Speak with him like he is right there with you. If you are not a believer in Christ, but you found yourself to this point, here is what our team would do if you asked us to help you. Remember this is a personal decision and it can't be shoved down your throat, my God doesn't work that way. God is gentle and he wants you to invite him into your situation. We would pray with you, regardless of your faith, the following prayer for help. If a spirit manifests through you because of the haunting, have someone who understands what you're going through sit down with you and help you read this prayer. Many times we find people who are demonically oppressed can't read through this prayer. If you have a Christian friend who isn't RELIGIOUS and isn't ready to convert you on the spot, have them help you. Don't let them convert you. This is a process, and right now, this is a cry for help! All we are asking is for Jesus to come make himself real to you and help you.

A Prayer for Help:
Dear Jesus, my heart is wounded and I am oppressed by your enemies. I don't know what to believe at this point. My prayer from my heart is that you show me you are real. I ask you Jesus to show me in my situation that you are the creator of the universe, you are the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. I ask you to help me and heal me. To bind the lying spirits in my life who are oppressing me. I ask you to send the Spirit of Truth to help me see the truth and to help me in my condition. Jesus Christ, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, I invite you into my condition and I am asking you to help me.

If, during this prayer, or after, you find yourself crying and maybe getting a bit angry at God, that is okay to. The most powerful prayers are through your tears.

Once you have made this prayer keep talking to Jesus as you go about your day. You may not be experienced in prayer, but God will reveal himself in battle. As your heart has called out for God, go home and bless your home. Sometimes a priest won't come out and bless your home if your not a Christian. But don't worry about that. What kicks a demons ass is your heart turning to God. A house blessing is useless if your heart isn't inviting Jesus into your house. There is no methodology for blessing a home. Walk your hurt heart through your home and show Jesus where it hurts you in your house. Ask for his peace to come into your house. Ask for the light of Jesus Christ, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, to come into your house. Ask him to push out the darkness and seal up your home. At this point you have now entered into spiritual warfare. All the time and nightmare before this was oppression and not warfare.

What is in your house are not disembodied human spirits. They are demons. A spiritual war has been going on since before the history of the universe itself. A group of high ranking angels chose to rebel against God. They were thrown out of heaven and exiled on earth until their day of judgment. This is what is making you sick in your house. This is what is tormenting you at night.The demons are the shadows the ghost hunting team caught on video and whose voices are on EVPs. Yes, what you thought you knew about the spirit realm is wrong.

Now as you bless your house, Christian and non-believer, alike, walk through your home and ask the Spirit of Truth to reveal to you what is in defilement in your home. You will be surprised what is revealed. One Halloween, we were assisting an individual in spiritual warfare, they were being attacked by demonic spirits. The individual was reaching out to God, but the warfare continued because they were renting a room from a person whose home contained movies that were in defilement - Twilight, horror flicks as well as pornography. The home owner was in agreement to defilement of their own home. The home owner was also in rebellion to the will of God and had sex partners sleep over at the house. This made for a situation that was difficult to contain. I have also been on the site of a haunting where a Christian was sleeping with his girl friend in the house. We couldn't assist this individual because what he was doing was wrong in the eyes of God. He knew it and he didn't feel it was necessary to abide to God's will in this matter.  As you walk through your home, look to see what is in defilement and get rid of it. This is a process. You are tuning into the will of Jesus Christ, Lord of Lord, King of Kings. Let him help you, it will take time. The demonic will recognize your attempts to ask Jesus for help and the warfare will really start in your home. When the clash starts, take this as a sign as the demons are in fear and don't like the fact you called on the one true God. They're incapable of defeating God and they know they're haunting days at your home are now numbered.

Gosh Rev. Mike. I thought this was a blog on house blessing. It is. Your body is your house. It's where you live 7 days/ week x24 hrs/ day x365 days/ year. Bless your home and make it impenetrable to the demonic. As your heart becomes blessed you will leak out into your house. This is the nuclear weapon against the demonic. M16 Ministries has worked with nearly 500 people in cases of demonic activity. Many times we find that when we go to a haunted residence, it is the person in the residence that is haunted. True they moved into a defiled property, over time, they got slimed and the property defiled them. The cleansing of the land must come from within. Even Christians don't get this part of warfare. It's the change of heart that nukes demons. I teach classes on deliverance ministry and from time to time I get those individuals who puke religious doctrine on me on how I should cast out demons. You should see some of the wacky e-mails I get. Over doctrinal religion is a form of demonic bondage.

Jesus is all about being set free. If you're in bondage in what was once your dream home. Take action. Your heart is spiritual in design and it knows how to contact Jesus Christ, King of Kings, Lord of Lords. After all, your creator designed it that way.

Again, if you want to learn more about deliverance ministry, please buy a copy of our book. We give this book out to the people we work with in ministry. So help us help others in expenses and buy a book.

A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare - the Power to PULL the IMPOSSIBLE from the HEAVENLY REALMS


Rev. Mike

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