Wednesday, May 15, 2013

House with Demonic Infestation Burn it Down or Call an Exorcist?

Well, it's that time for another video blog entry. My original vblog for today was going to document what appears to be another paranormal show bamboozling over the Sedomsville Rectory. But instead I didn't listen to my better judgment and watched the paranormal show, The Dead Files. It's about a psychic and and retired cop going out to help people with paranormal issues. At first I avoided this show altogether because psychics in the paranormal give me migraines in my field of work.

This show surprisingly -is a notch up from the run of the mill paranormal shows. All the shows out there are trying to top Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters, but in their effort to do so, they closely mimic them, and then visit the same sites. Boring.

The Dead Files I thought was interesting because the people in the show were actually trying to help real people. And there were no paranormal toys, like the ovulus and we were spared the EVPs. This show actually is more interesting to watch. I liked it. But I am going to tear it apart because of the volumes of spiritism coming through on this show. The advice provided is dangerous and shouldn't be followed. I especially love how the psychic in this show is just a treasure trove of horrible news for the home owners.  The psychic is sitting across the table from a mother and father, who have been through literally hell, and possibly demonically induced health issues, and tells these people their only true option is to tear their house down. Option B is to call a Hoodoo priest out to the house. Ah, I was having a field day with this show!

The question posed for this video blog is, "Should you burn down your demon infested home or should you call an exorcist?"

FG2SW VBLOG 051513 from Michael Norton on Vimeo.

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Rev. Mike

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