Thursday, May 30, 2013

When You Should Curse Break Before a House Blessing

In this video blog entry I give an example of why a house blessing may fail.When spiritual attachments are involved with people living in a home, the attachments must be removed first. And then proceed with the house blessing. I am trying out a new camera in this vblog. I am both the man in front of and behind the camera. My attempt to use the auto focus feature on the T3i was unsuccessful. Hey, live and learn. I totally respect Bear Grylls now and his one man show. The trials and tribulations of shooting on location and then going home to edit.

Here is the video blog for Thursday May 30, 2013. I discuss two interesting topics in spiritual warfare, clairvoyance vs. spiritual discernment and I discuss whether  you should do a Spiritual Curse Breaking before a Spiritual House Blessing.

FG2SW VBLOG 053013 H264 VIDEO from M16 Bishop on Vimeo.

Curse breaking and house blessing prayers are found in my book,

A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare - the Power to PULL the IMPOSSIBLE from the HEAVENLY REALMS Blessings 

Rev. Mike

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