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A Reality Check on Reality TV Paranormal House Blessing Advice

By now if you've been following my blogs you know I love watching reality tv paranormal shows. One show I love tuning in to is The Dead Files on the Travel Channel. One thing I love about this show is that it is an honest attempt at people involved in the paranormal to assist people who are in dire straights with their paranormal situations. I can tell Amy Allan's heart is truly in the right place to help people in paranormal conundrums. I watch the shows through the eyes of my own ministry, and the people we have reached out to and helped in similar no where to turn situations.

I'll be quite honest here, if I were to give the people who came to us the same advice given on The Dead Files, these people would still be living in their nightmares. I am an exorcist who works with pastors and Christian counselors. I am not a paranormal investigator. I am a minister, who operates in the ministry of exorcism. In this blog entry I will bring to light through our ministry what I see is wrong and flat out demonic in a lot of popular paranormal shows.

The Chemistry of Sensationalism

Let's face it, the producers of these shows need to attract viewers in the millions. The best way to gain viewers is to create a show with the combination of psychics and demons appearing weekly in each episode. This is the chemistry combination these shows strive for. Case point number one, the goal of these shows is to pump out as many demon filled episodes as possible to the craving viewer. In a nutshell, reality tv is giving demons a means of communication to millions of viewers.

Let's look at the show chemistry of the psychic. Each show carefully chooses a psychic that appears to be highly educated in the dealings with the after life. Amy Allan holds a degree in parapsychology. Which, from an exorcist point of view, is useless. Most tv psychics are pagan. Michelle from Paranormal State and Amy Allan are obviously pagan practitioners.

A majority of Amy's advice for people in demonic situations has been to flee the house or to call in, what she called in one episode, an alpha warlock, to drive out a demon. When Amy does recommend and exorcist it is to be a janitor to come in and clean the house. Then she recommends a parapsychology clairvoyant to come in and finish the job. These shows also tend to display clergy as weak and incapable of dealing with the demonic. Au contraire!!!  The men, women, and clergy I have had the honor to go into battle with proved to be an insurmountable and victorious in nearly every battle. These were nasty battles with the forces of darkness - I am not talking about deliverance sessions - I am referring to exorcisms.

The Dead Files seems to go out of its way to show how ineffective the followers of Jesus are. Which is a spiritual lie the demons want to spread with their reality shows. I am a minister through River International, I am not Roman Catholic, but I was raised Roman Catholic. The Roman Catholic exorcists I have worked have, for the most part, proven to be phenomenal warriors of God almighty. If you are in a situation where you are getting scratched, raped, or terrorized by shadows (the demonic) don't call a psychic or a paranormal team - call the local Roman Catholic diocese office.

Parapsychology is junk science and should not be employed in demonic war zones. If you call a psychic in to your war zone you will compound the problems on your site. The communication with the demonic (NOT THE DEAD) invites more demons into the problem. There is always more than one demon involved!

Steps to Take in a War Zone 

If you're a follower of Jesus jump right in. If you're not a follower of Jesus, you maybe a wiccan, a psychic plagued by demons you attracted, a gnostic, a New Age follower, doesn't matter, who you are - you have a demon problem with no where to turn.

You need to pray the following,

Jesus, the true Jesus, the King of kings, and the lord of Lords. I need your help. Please help me. I am in a battle against your enemy and I have no where else to turn. I ask for your protection and for you to reveal to me how real you are. Reveal to me how you can help me and protect me. I need your help.

That's all you need to do. If feel yourself braking down in crying in your weakness that's okay too. That's just Jesus stepping in to take a load off your shoulders with the demonic. The demons will try to stop you. Ask Jesus to show you that he is stronger than the demonic spirits. You must be willing to step out of your bondage to a spirit of fear the demons have placed you in. Some battles like this end in a matter of hours or they can drag on for months and escalate. But Jesus is dealing with it the whole time. The fight always ends with Jesus victorious. And a life changing event in spirituality for your belief system. If you are engaged in warfare, you must cease and desist spell casting, transcendental meditation, observance of pagan holidays. You literally need to close all portals, by remaining inactive in your normal spiritual behavior that is creating gateways. Just let Jesus handle the battle. Fighting the demonic with witchcraft is a seriously BAD idea. Just chill and keep talking to the real Jesus. Why the real Jesus? Witchcraft will send the false Jesus to lead your mind into defeat. This is the false Jesus that sets up shop in spiritist churches and universalist churches. It's a demon with no power anyware close to the true Jesus!

Now let's jump back into the warfare advice. 
If you're arguing and fighting in the house you need to shift the atmosphere. Be self conscious of the tension. Play worship music in the house. Pandora (stations: Jesus Culture, Hillsong United, Gospel) and are good places to look for streaming Christian music.

If you're in a war zone then the demons have you in CHAOS! That's right, I can tell right now from experience, the rooms with activity may be uncleaned or cluttered. Fight back and remove chaos. Clean the house. Cleanliness is NEXT to GODLINESS!!!! God is order and clean. The demonic are disorder, chaos and a filthy home!

During this time start looking for churches who may be able to assist you. If you're looking for help from a church be willing to work with them. If you're not a follower of Jesus and the church is more interested in having you take the salvation prayer then assisting you you need to keep looking for a church. The right church will work with you, but you must be willing to work with them. If they come in and pray and then you call a psychic and a paranormal team and your activity escalates - don't blame the church! You just shot yourself in the foot.

If you're a church asked by such an individual for help, i.e., they're pagan or New Age, Jesus is big enough to handle this situation. He is going to show the individual his awesome power and most of all love. Just give the situation some slack and let Jesus do his job. Jesus is working with them where their at and their own timing - not yours!

Have some people from the church come over and worship in your living room. Have them pray with you. Make sure you have a few of the church prayer warriors on your team.

House Blessing

I recommend blessing the house yourself. I provide a detailed description in my book, A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare. The demon is kicked out by YOU!!!! You have dominion over the demonic. What do I mean by that? Go rent the Passion. I think it is on Netflix and even youtube. When Jesus was crucified he took back the dominion over the earth from his enemy and he gave it back to us. That demon that is attacking you violently, must answer to you - in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Wow. You never heard that come out of Amy Allan's mouth! I am only giving advice to those who are living in a nightmare. If you're a follower of Jesus don't go out looking for a fight with the demonic. All the hundreds of battles I have been involved in - Jesus brought to me. I never went out looking for a demonic battle. Some popular preachers are dangerously encouraging people to go out and pick a fight with the second heaven. But that's another blog I need to write.

Demonic Fights Back - It's Spiritual Warfare!

The demonic will fight back. It's called spiritual warfare. 90% of Christians (in America) are inexperienced in spiritual warfare. You need to put a team together around you and engage the demonic through a team of intercessors.

You need to walk your land and anoint it with anointing oil or olive oil. Bless the olive oil by asking the Holy Spirit to anoint your grocery store bought olive oil. Walk around the house and anoint doorways, windows and walls (see A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare...).

Don't burn sage, or spread rock salt. That is all gypsy nonsense. Don't RC priests use sacraments? Yes they do. But they are using it as a part of the mass for the Rite of Exorcism. When a medium does it, it is a more of spell that lacks the power of Jesus Christ being involved. But wait a minute! Don't psychics use Jesus name. Yes they do. Jesus shows up for his kids. He was crucified for everyone! The reason he shows up is because He wants us to know he is real!!! Jesus will take on the demonic? That's not the message I've been seeing on paranormal shows. Well, these shows are dangerous and many well meaning people have been demonized from following these reality stars as examples.

I have seen incredible miracles time after time in our battles with the demonic. It is not because I am saint with a special anointing it is because I know Jesus wants to make himself real. Satan is the producer of reality tv so you'll never see an incredible miracle of Jesus whooping a demon on tv!

Finding Help

As long as you are in battle continue to look for help! You may be in luck and be near a diocese with an exorcist or a local church with a deliverance minister or an exorcist. The head start I can give you is to avoid psychics, paranormal teams, and anything para....  And most of all avoid charlatan exorcists. There are a lot of quack pots out there. Your safe bet is call the local diocese.

If you don't believe in God, you must ask yourself, what is His enemy doing in your house???  On another note, some Christians out there won't call a Catholic church because they have been deceived into believing the Catholic church is the arm of Satan. If you are in this doctrine of mind you need to seriously re-evaluate which Jesus you are listening to. The same true Jesus, the Heavenly Father, and the Holy Spirit are present in both the protestant and the Catholic church. These churches combine to make the body of Christ! Us!

If you are one of the people who had your nightmare portrayed on a reality tv show and you haven't found any help in your problem contact me through our M16 Ministries web site.

If you require information on how to bless a house, or foundational information in starting a deliverance ministry, pick up a copy of my book.

A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare - the Power to PULL the IMPOSSIBLE from the HEAVENLY REALMS


Rev. Mike

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  1. Hi I just wanted to say thank you for this. I was watching an episode of the dead files and amy got all agro over the term exorcism. It was odd to me so I googled why and it brought me here. You're my idol I mean besides God ya know lol. I just really like how you put it. I also love that you got your education in this. That's the dream. Anyhow this is pure gold and thank you again. I always call on saints when I feel like negativity is starting to take over. I have some odd things happen from time to time and for me I'm too uncomfortable opening up to anything like that. I don't meditate at all. Prayer works best. And I'm not a super involved church goer or bible thumper I walk with the Lord every day though and it took me a while to get back to his love but the years that I blamed and ran from his love were some of the hardest. Keep writting man you're awesome. Thanks again and God bless!