Saturday, December 14, 2013

FG2SW Interview With an Exorcist Part II

Last February some of the M16 Ministries prayer team members were invited to be interviewed for a documentary on exorcism. Here is the second segment of the interview with author of A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare, and spiritual warfare director and exorcist, Michael Norton.

Interviewer is Dr. Jerry Johnston of Crossroads Christian Communication in Canada.
This was video was shot for a video project he was working on about exorcists. Dr. Jerry Johnston also interviewed Roman Catholic Exorcist Father Gary Thomas and Christian Deliverance Minister Bob Larson for the project.

This is part 2 of the documentary where Dr. Jerry Johnston asks Rev. Mike questions about incubus spirits, haunted houses, pentecostal views on exorcism, and gospel views on exorcism. And the big question can Christians be possessed? Are ghosts real? This interview is raw video and unedited.

Interview With Exorcist Part II from Michael Norton on Vimeo.

Rev. Mike

For further reading on the topic,
A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare - the Power to PULL the IMPOSSIBLE from the HEAVENLY REALMS

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