Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Entitlement Spirituality vs. Spiritual Authority

I know, it's October, and it's time for a spiritual warfare author and blogger to blog about the dangers of Halloween, right? Wrong! Although, Halloween is a bad idea for Christian's to participate in and it is our biggest spiritual warfare season because of all the witchcraft going on. But I'll let other bloggers post their do-diligence on the matter.

For me, I woke with more pressing matters as the Holy Spirit spoke to me this morning while I was waking up. The Holy Spirit was speaking to me on entitlement spirituality. What's that? Well, read on.

One of the goals I had for writing the book, A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare, was to teach others about spiritual authority through Jesus Christ. It simply was not taught at my church. In 2007, when I found myself in the center of a horrible demonic attack I didn't know what to do. Over the next year, the Holy Spirit became my teacher and showed me a lot of things I didn't know about my spiritual authority. I took strides in my walk with Jesus, both in faith and in trust. Even to this day, the Holy Spirit is revealing more and more to me about the extent of our spiritual authority and how far it extends. The reason I made such strides in my spiritual walk was because I stood in my spiritual authority. When I was first under spiritual attack, I didn't run to my pastor and beg him to pray for me. Nor did I organize a prayer group to pray for me. I spiritually owned the situation I was in and trusted in Jesus he would do something about it.

In December of 2007, I was under severe attack with 7x24 demonic voices. The spirits were attacking my spiritual gifts of discernment. I was trying to help someone, whom I later found out, didn't want to be helped, was under demonic attack. The demons knew this Sunday dress up Christian didn't want help. It was a trap to suck me in and attack me. And attack they did. After 7 days of voices bombardment, I couldn't take it anymore and they almost won. They almost drove me to a nervous breakdown. But I did something unusual. Well, something unusual to the modern church. I took a stand against the demons and ordered them to shut up in the name of Christ. I stood my ground in my spiritual authority and ordered them to silence in the name of Jesus Christ! It took about an hour for the voices to shutdown. Then, by evening, my head was wonderfully, intoxicatingly, absolutely, silent!

That was a ground shaking day in my spiritual life. Most people can tell you when they became believers and accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I was raised in the Catholic Church and I was born with a cross in my hand, so to speak. What I can tell you though, is when I woke up and became a deeply passionate follower of Jesus. It was December 2007. What a wild Christmas season that was.

From that day forward, God has been taking me deeper into him and into spiritual warfare. I don't have an incredibly perfect prayer life. There are some days where I am too busy to read the Bible. And that bothers me. But I do have an incredible relationship with the heavenly Father, the creator of the universe, his son, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. It is through the relationship with God, that the authority in Christ is present. It is through my relationship with Jesus, that I am royalty. Jesus bought me and he bought you with a price.

Now, when I wrote A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare, it's targeted audience were people knee deep in their own warfare. People who bought a ton of books on how to route demons, and deliverance, but the books weren't adequate, because they said nothing about SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY!!!

Aside, from quoting Luke 10:18-19, what does it mean to have spiritual authority? And why did Jesus see Satan fall like lightning? It's because the 70 disciples took a stand against the forces of darkness and kicked it's shadowy evil butt! When you stand in authority, you are standing against the forces of darkness. Many Christians in America, couldn't spiritually fight there own way out of a paper bag. That's how far we've allowed our spiritual authority to be given back into the hands of the enemy. Part of this the pulpit is to blame. But also, it's the seminary schools, for ill equipping pastors for spiritual warfare. Academia is rarely on the battlefield and it's hard to teach about war unless you've been through a few major campaigns. What makes a better teacher of war history, a Harvard professor, or vet? We're losing ground in the seminary and the pulpit on this. Which means a weakened body of Christ. Plain and simple we have slowly been handing our spiritual authority back over to the prince of the world.

The odd spin off of this effect is what I call the entitlement spirituality. My ministry has seen this time and time again, where a Christian brings us into their battle and expects us to fight it FOR them. I have said this at speaking engagements, that I will not stand next to a Christian in battle who is unwilling to hold up their own sword in battle. I hear some scoffs and some sighs in the audience. Then I pause, and tell them, I will stand next to a Christian who is at least standing and shaking with their sword. Because at least they chose to put up a fight. From there the ministry can work with a person and teach them to fight their own battles. Yes, you read that correctly. Victory comes through fighting your own battles! In our entitlement society, we expect others to do everything for us. From the cradle to the grave. And now we have dysfunctional Christians in the pews. We get numerous calls from people who gave up without a fight and want us to battle for them.

We are a society that is self-absorbed with the occult and the paranormal. We are becoming dangerously fascinated by witchcraft. Christian witches are becoming a problem with churches. They show up as intercessors! The average Christian, we have seen through our ministry, has more misinformation in their heads from paranormal shows. They know little about the true Biblical way to fight off the forces of darkness.

What should you do if you're under spiritual attack? Go to the heavenly Father and speak with him. Then stand on your authority Jesus gave you and trust Jesus is going to do something about your situation. Most churches religiously tell you to put on your armor daily. Well, I am in spiritual warfare, I don't sleep naked! Which means I never take my armor off! Put your armor on and leave it on.

Do not become obsessed with the demonic attacks. This is a weapon of the enemy. Disbelief that the Father is not going to help you is another weapon of theirs. You must stand your ground, remain calm and pray. Command the voices to shut up!

In the name of Jesus Christ I bind you and command you to shut up! Now release my spiritual hearing in the name of Jesus.

This is a method of warfare for someone who has recently come under attack. Not for someone who is demonized, that is they hear spirits and they manifest them. This person requires deliverance ministry or clergy member from the office of exorcism to help them.

A lot of instructions of spiritual warfare can be found, in my book, A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare. Many times people buy a lot of books from popular Christian authors, only to find out the author has an academic theological understanding of spiritual warfare and not battlefield information. I receive numerous e-mails from readers with them writing, “Wow! You get it. That's what I needed to know!” Yes, we get it. M16 Ministries is a battlefield ministry.

God Bless


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