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House Blessing in Cambodia

Some of the highlights on my mission trips is when I am released to do spiritual warfare in a foreign country. First of all, I say released into ministry because you simply can’t go gung-ho and cast out demons everywhere you go. You must first get a feeling of the regional spirits and the spiritual environment you are operating. God may or may not release you to minister in certain settings. He does this to protect you the minister.

On this trip, I had the fortunate opportunity to be released into blessing a children’s home in Cambodia that was experiencing spiritual activity. The organization running the home is a powerful Christian organization and worship and prayer are practiced in this children’s home on a daily basis. So this made for an interesting challenge for me.

I entered the home as part of a missionary team to come work with the children there. We brought the kids some gifts and were going to play with them. When I stepped through the threshold of the front door of the home, my discernment alarms spiked. I felt oppression, for me it is tangible and I can feel it. It’s like a sense for me. I call it my spidey-sense. The spidey-sense was going off.

I excused myself from the free nickel tour and asked if I could walk the home myself. I was with close friends who raised me in ministry so they know what that question meant. I needed to walk the house alone to feel the house for spirits.

I walked up the staircase of the home and instantly I felt my stomach churn. As the oppression intensifies it tells me I am getting closer to the area of infestation. I actually use it like a compass, or the game of hot and cold, to seek the spot that is oppressed.

At the top of the stairs, in the head mistress bedroom I felt a lot of oppression. I turned and walked out to a balcony, where I could hear internally that a spirit was telling me to jump of the balcony and kill myself. The spirits were now identifying themselves under the authority of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit had me discern a spirit of death and suicide. I kept feeling that there was a spirit of infirmity that was with these spirits.

I collected my data, all with the use of rem pods, evps, or go dark night time videos, or pains taking reviewing of videos. 10 minutes tops!

Now I needed confirmation on my findings. I usually do a house walk through with a team of members that can truly discern. But none of these people were with me at the moment.

On our team were some ministry students who knew how to hear God and were prophetic ministers. It was time for some on the job training. I went downstairs to find a cadet for this mission. Everyone was outside on the nickel tour in the garden. Except, a young woman named Cynthia. God set her aside I figured, so I drafted her into my walk through.

I wanted to finish the walk through before the tour ended and the people returned. I told Cynthia to follow me and I took her to the base of the stairs and told her that I was going to teach her to feel the house. She looked at me kind of puzzled at first. I took her up to the second floor and worked with her to still her mind using psalm 46:10. Be still and know that I am God. I didn’t tell Cynthia that I felt that the house had spiritual activity.

It took Cynthia a few moments, and she dialed in to hear God. I told her to relax and tell me what she was feeling in her body. She said nothing at first. And I told her to wait a minute, and relax some more. And re-iterated psalm 46:10.

When Cynthia took a deep breath, and relaxed, she pointed behind her back to the stairwell. She said, “I didn’t like coming up the stairs. It made me feel a little sick in the stomach.”

I told her that was something I felt on the stairs too. Then I asked her to walk around on this floor and get a feel for the spiritual atmosphere in the house.

I told her not to worry, that the Holy Spirit would protector her up hear. Cynthia responded with a weird look. She walked into the head mistress bedroom where she felt the feelings inside her intensify. That was a hot spot for me too. Then Cynthia turned and flowed her discernment out to the balcony. I asked her what she was feeling. Or if she sensed anything on the balcony. But she wouldn’t fully disclose to me what she was feeling. I know she felt the suicide presence. She just wanted off the balcony and back into the house. Cynthia then followed her discernment into the dorm room. I felt a lot of oppression in their too and Cynthia went to the same spot I was drawn to.

Even though Cynthia was being given on the job training she was doing great in discerning the oppression hot spots. I released Cynthia to go back down and work with the kids. Her walk through validated what I discerned in my previous walk I did alone.

At this point it was time to interview people who lived in the house. I felt the oppression was so intense that objects were moving and people were being terrorized this.

This was going to be an interesting interview. I am in Cambodia, I have a friend who is a translator, but I don’t know if I could get this point across. I asked my friend Tong, to ask the head mistress if anything weird happens in this house at night. I didn’t say haunted I wanted to them to define weird!

The head mistress’ eyes lit up and she points to the upstairs. Tong told me that she said there is an old woman that appears upstairs and she is very violent!

We proceeded upstairs, Tong, the head mistress, a house mom, and myself. The head mistress led us to her room. I pulled out my phone to start videoing the interview. The head mistress told us of an arm and head apparition that comes through her wall. She then led us into the dorm and showed us where the apparition walks through the dorm beds and into the wall. It was the wall with the stairs on the other side where Cynthia and I experienced churning stomachs.


 The house mom told us that the spirit would violently shake the beds when this would spirit manifestation would occur. At this point I felt an aggressive house blessing was in order.

What really surprised me was the level of spiritual warfare these women engaged. In America, someone so much as thinks they heard something go boo immediately calls a deliverance minister. These ladies, were at threat to this spirit. I was completely in awe of their caliber of spiritual warfare. Satan himself could have showed up here and these ladies would have punched him in the nose.

The head mistress stopped the entity from coming through her wall through laying down spiritual boundaries. I then found out that my friend, Tong, who was doing the translating also was involved in the warfare. He prayed with the ladies in warfare and manage to stop the bed shaking.

I received the head mistress permission to conduct the house blessing. It was time to push this thing out completely.

When the head mistress went downstairs, Tong led me back into the head mistress’ bed room and showed me the attic access hole in her room. The access was closed. Tong told me that when home was having work done on it to convert it into this children’s home, the construction workers lived in the house. In Cambodia, construction workers live in the construction project, whether building a home or a remodel. He told me the construction workers kept experiencing this odd thing where the attic crawl space panel would be left open. This is a high ceiling and requires a ladder. They would close the ceiling take the ladder away, back down stairs, and then come back up and it was open again.

One day, while the construction workers were there, a full figured apparition manifested, went past them, into the bathroom and turned on the shower. They went into the shower and there was no one there. At that point they did the Scooby and Shaggy run for fear out of there.

After Tong’s walk through and interview with the ladies of the household, I felt at peace I could do a house blessing and close doorways.

Timing was perfect, the missionary team downstairs started a worship set with the kids. It some pretty powerful worship, so I felt in the spirit this was the opportune time to do a blessing.

The house mom was awesome, I asked if she had some olive oil. I wanted to bless it and conduct a blessing of the home. In translation she handed me cooking oil. I shook my head ‘no’. She didn’t have olive oil, but she was such a prayer warrior she had anointing oil in her purse. That would work!

With the awesome worship going on the first floor I made my way back upstairs alone and conducted expelling the spirits and blessing the thresholds. Every door jam, window sill, and all walls were blessed and sealed with signs of the cross in oil.

I wrapped up about my house blessing and expelling about the same time the worship ended. When I had completed the blessing I went back downstairs to debrief Cynthia on what I had her do on the walk through.

I showed Cynthia the video of the walk through interview that confirmed what we discerned. Cynthia asked me what I was doing during the worship. I told her I was expelling the spirits in the house and blessing it. Cynthia said she thought I was doing something. She said because in the middle of worship she felt her stomach go in nots only this time it was more intense. I told her that was part of the discernment process God gave us. It’s an indication the enemy is getting clobbered in warfare.

She started to tear up a bit in our conversation. I asked her what was wrong. She said she always thought she could feel this spiritual stuff but was afraid of being a psychic. I told her discerning spirits through the Holy Spirit is not being a psychic. A psychic uses a demon called a familiar spirit to communicate. WE use the HOLY SPIRIT. Big difference.

I told her one of the spirits was a spirit of suicide. Cynthia looked up at me and asked how I knew that. I said on the balcony I discerned it was telling me to jump off and kill myself. Cynthia said she heard that too but was too freaked out to tell me that. She was a bit more relieved now. She was also very excited to find out she could use her discernment gifting and not be afraid of it. I told Cynthia that God set up the divine appointment for us to work together today. He cleared everybody out of the house but you. She was pretty touched this moment. I am glad I was able to help her and let her know her gifting was safe to use under the parameters the Holy Spirit has laid out for us.

I waited several days to return to the children’s home after the blessing. I wanted to wait for either a phone call that the events were starting up again or no phone call at all for no activity. The latter was best.

When I arrived back to the home a few days later, I could feel oppression outside the house, but not inside. Which was weird. I felt it at the front steps, but not inside. All thresholds were blessed to keep out spirits. I walked the property and felt oppression in the back yard of the home. I discovered there were wells on the property and the oppression seemed to intensify in that area. But not directly at the capped wells. My plan is to return one more time and bless the yard and push the spirits completely off the property. The house itself seems to be okay now. I am not worried about anything returning to the house because of the level of spirituality and worship in the house. The spirits just needed to be expelled from the home. I believe when it is expelled from the property and God’s resources are released to protect it the oppression will be gone once and for all.

The house blessing I used in this house was from the kindle version of my book, A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare. I walked through the house with my cell phone kindle reader.


Rev. Mike

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  1. So glad you are there - been praying (for you) for wisdom, discernment, and insight into what your "hidden" purpose of the trip is - rock on!