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Help Me I'm Cursed

A common request for ministry help I receive in emails is for curse breaking. The email body usually reads, “Help me! I’ve been cursed! Contact me ASAP!” The M16 Ministries' in box is overflowing with these requests. Due to the volume of these requests I can't respond to everyone. However, with a blog I can address how to walk out of a curse. If a curse is present.

The first step is to determine if a curse is present. I have worked with a lot of Christians who have had very tough lives. Hardship in finances and living is not a sign of a curse. Ever wonder why you met people who have seen a shopping list of deliverance ministers and have never had their lives restored to their satisfaction? Many times these individuals believe that God has forsaken them after this many failed deliverance attempts. There could be other issues going on that God is trying to point out but they're refusing to see. A person who thinks they're cursed could actually be dealing with rejection and self-hatred and they view these lies about themselves in the form of a curse. Many times, this or a similar situation has been the case. Not always. But it is actually more predominant than actual curses being present.

A good place to start when ministering in curse breaking is using my book, A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare, in the appendix there is a curse-breaking prayer. It's been pretty effective in stirring up curses if they exist during the prayer session. If nothing shows up to the party during curse breaking just have a conversation afterward about the individual's system of beliefs about themselves.

Now let's look at tougher scenario, there actually is a curse present. In this case a person was actually cursed by the occult or willfully subjugated themselves to witchcraft. Curse breaking prayer is a good start, but it may not free the individual or family from the curse. What this soul needs is spiritual direction. A curse can remain attached to a soul or bloodline because the people don't possess the indwelling spirituality to make the curse break. What I am talking about is the soul's relationship with Jesus Christ.

A soul battling a curse may go to church on Sunday’s and not comprehend why this happening to them. It's because they have a weak relationship with Jesus Christ and a stronger relationship with what's in the world. The curse is anchored in the latter. The individual must work on their internal life with Jesus and strengthen it. As the relationship grows stronger a prayer life develops. As prayer life develops the anchor spot for the curse weakens. The spiritual mindset must switch from being cursed to one of a spiritual tribulation that Jesus Christ is going to grow and walk you out of. A curse could break off right away or be months to years of tribulation. Under a curse, all is hopeless, this is the message of the enemy, that Jesus can't help you. Furthermore, you have bought into this faithless lie. This is where you must develop your prayer life and relationship with Jesus Christ. I am constantly in dark battles as I work with individuals in their healing. Do you think my life's a picnic? I must be able to find joy and strength in my darkest battles.

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High
Will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.
2 I will say to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress,
My God, in whom I trust!”
3 For it is He who delivers you from the snare of the trapper
And from the deadly pestilence. (Psalm 91:1-3)

I can find joy and peace in my secret place with Jesus Christ. I have had some violent long drawn out battles. I know Jesus, and I know there is always a victory when I am in Him and listening to Him. When you are in the midst of battle with witchcraft and curses you must master practicing the presence of Jesus Christ (St. Teresa of Avila called this recollection). In my darkest hour I can feel Jesus presence with me. So tangible that I can reach out and feel His hand. I can feel His heart and at times hear Him speak to my soul. This is where you need to be spiritually when battling to break the curse off yourself and your family line. There is strength in Him and you must learn how to go deeper in Him for freedom. The curse begins to break when your heart changes. God is about resurrection, restoration, redemption, and reconciliation.  You will notice a common thread in all of my posts that I am big on connecting with God. Transformation of the heart and soul is what brings freedom from the demonic. Only Jesus Christ, God who became incarnate, can bring this change.

But Mike, you don't understand, we’re seeing shadows and our family is being attacked.

How do you think I learned how to fight? I have dealt with shadows, it was an oppression through a lot of my life. I have also been physically attacked by the unseen realm while assisting others. I have been involved with very dark levels of warfare. Seriously, nothing really shocks me anymore.  Whatever the enemy throws at you practice His presence. This is how I can go into cursed homes and not bring home any spiritual attachments. As of now, and being involved in a lot of dark battles that go beyond low level demonic deliverance, I live in a peaceful house with no spiritual activity other than the Holy Spirit. God’s presence is in me, it’s in my family, and it’s in my home.

Deliverance ministry books are cookie cut and copied. No one speaks about deepening a relationship with Jesus to break off curses. Jesus is your fortress, your stronghold. You must make significant spiritual changes in your life to break off the curse’s attachment to your life. Don't be surprised to find out what you need change in your life to break the clutches of a curse. I am constantly learning and changing, The Apostle Paul calls this a transforming union. As you develop a deepening prayer relationship with Jesus He will show you, very calmly, areas in your life that need to change.  If you are praying and you think you are hearing from Jesus that you are going to hell, you are on the wrong channel. Keep praying and pressing in until you find His voice and His will. It’s very calm and it’s never condemning. Many times the Holy Spirit will urge your will to make changes. The triune God is very subtle in how He speaks to us internally.

On my ministry blog site, I wrote an article for beginners on connecting with God, First Stages of Connecting with God and Trauma Survivors . The fact of the matter is, if you want to break a curse you’re going to have to deepen and develop your prayer life. Curses can be broken through curse breaking prayer, but not all the time. I am just presenting you with the facts and what I have observed. When curse breaking fails you need to develop your relationship with Jesus Christ. You should develop a strong prayer life anyway, regardless. This is not taught from the pulpit and is something you need to tackle and develop on your own. Your soul must become a student of Jesus and learn what offends Him. I hope this was an eye opener for you. If you’re wasting money and phone calls with deliverance ministers, who are reading curse breaking prayers and asking you to cough after each renunciation, stop this nonsense right away. Your money will be better spent on prayer books and learning how to pray.

I recommend:
A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare - Michael Norton

Crafted Prayer - Graham Cook

The Ways of Mental Prayer - Vitalis Lehodey OCS

Opening to God - SJ Thomas H Green

Conversation with Christ - Peter Thomas Rorhbach

The Healing Presence - Leanne Payne

Fasting - Jentezen Franklin

Curses break as you go steeper into your stronghold and protection of Jesus Christ. There is no shortcut around this. Its also the true way warriors in survive in battles with dark forces. Many battles simply take time. Not because God has forsaken you, but because God is changing you to be the person He needs you be for a deeper relationship with Him. So choose today, are you cursed? Or are you going to go through this tribulation with God and allow Him to demonstrate His glory?

When you get the idea of what I am sharing here, you'll see that over time God will do a lot of the fighting for you. Before it shows up your door step.

I hope this helps.

God Bless

Rev. Mike

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