Saturday, November 16, 2019

The Way of the Warrior - the Holy Spirit and His Presence

Here is the start of a new series I felt on my heart to discuss. The subject matter in this series I call "The Way of the Warrior". Looking back on my experience I hit a lot of strnage snags in ministry where M16 Ministries should not have existed at all. Even attacks on my health. What is it that keeps me in the battle? What keeps me going in very long battles when I become weary? How do I find strong during intense battles?
I begin the discussion here in what I know will break out into numerous discussions on Tales of Glory. The Way of the Warrior. What does the spirit look like that was raised up by the Holy Spirit. How do we find training for the impossible tasks at hand? How do we commune with God and bring His presence permenantly into our reality? What is real and what is contrary to popular Christian media on the subject matter of spiritual warfare warriors. Pull a chair up to the fire, I invite to site back and be entertained by the the first in the series of The Way of the Warrior!

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Hope these are edifying to all you spiritual warriors out there!

God Bless
Rev. Mike

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