Thursday, April 2, 2020

Tales of Glory - Analyzing Voodoo Spirits and the GA Episode Home Invasion

In this episode of Tales of Glory podcast, we look at voodoo and the recent episode of Ghost Adventures, 'Home Invasion". About the voodoo witch spirit that infests Aaron Goodwin's old home. More important, what do you the pastor do when a member of the church body tells you there house has a demonic voodoo infestation?

I've been ignoring GA more and more lately because of its level of darkness is reaching an all time low. They're satanists. The crew doesn't call themselves that, but it's what they are. And they're actions reveal it. This episode of GA has some revelations on the current readiness of the Christian Church on dealing with the demonic and witchcraft. We are not to RUN from it. In this episode, Aaraon's father Dan, admits his pastor and friend could not help him with the matter of the demonic infestation of Dan Goodwin's home. M16 Ministries, from it's early days, was literally thrown into battles with voodoo, No one shadowed me, or trained me. God brought the fight to my ministry, literally. I didn't advertise or ask for it. The Holy Spirit trained me. In this podcast I want to speak out and make comments on what to do when this supernatural battle hits the pews of your church.

Remember, there is no methodology in this. It's all about who you are in Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit directs you in these battles!!!



Note, I made this episode on OBS, and youtube wouldn't let me use the Ghost Adventures clips. Well, dang it! Oh, well. So this youtube is just a rehash of the podcast. Sorry...

Show Notes:

M16 Ministries Curse Breaking in Haiti - I mentioned I would post my video on the praying and cleansing of the Haitian witch doctor. My video was removed. Arghh!!! I'll need to go dig up the original copy. Hopefully, I still have it somewhere. Apologies. 


  1. Thanks for rolling that beautiful bean footage! :)

    1. Thank you. The original recording I did in OBS, was recorded in Mystery Science Theater 3000 style, with me commenting on the GA gang. Youtube nailed me for copyright eventhough I posted the FBI disclaimer for educational purposes. So the final product was video clip free.