Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Tales of Glory - Interior Castle Third Mansions Chapter 01

Tales of Glory - We enter the Third Mansions! 
We have persevered through the first two mansions. Now Saint Teresa identifies another destination ahead in our interior prayer life development and our deeper union with God. The soul enters into the third mansions, where we experience aridity and trials, that make us wonder what God is doing. Saint Teresa guides us through the soul's development of humility as it weathers this dryness in prayer. The soul learns it must choose to love Jesus deeper, where it's develops a relational maturity that loving Jesus is far more important than desiring spiritual consolations in prayer.



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The Interior Castle Manuscripts and Commentaries Used for this Podcast

This wraps up the Interior Castle Third Mansions Chapter 01. Next we move deeper into the Third Mansions and unpack what Saint Teresa reveals to us on advance prayer in the Third Mansions Chapter 02!

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Rev. Mike