Thursday, April 9, 2015

FG2HR - Angelic Choirs and Demonolgy

A Field Guide to the Heavenly Realms - Angelic Choirs and Demonology

A teaching on the angelic hierarchy as defined in the Pauline epistles and Jude. 

What are the cosmic beings?
What are demons?
What's the difference between a demon and dark angel?
Is Ephesians 6:12 about demons or dark angels?
Is Satan a demon or an angel?
Can you bind a dark angel?
Do you have spiritual authority in the 2nd heaven?
What does Jude say about warfare with dark angels?
Why are dark angelic beings still around if Jesus defeated them on the cross?


Rev. Mike

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I read your book a few years ago, and it illuminated so much. I do have a couple of questions about the video--the first is, why do you call them dark angels and not fallen angels? Is there a difference or is that just your preferred term? The second involves the reason you are calling the "footsoldiers" demons--are you doing this to distinguish authority? That is, are all of those beings fallen angels, but we only have authority over the footsoldiers, which you are referring to as demons? Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much for supporting the ministry and purchasing A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare. Very much appreciated!!!

      Fallen angels - all angels that were expelled with Satan including demons and dark angels.

      Dark angels - are the choir of angels called out in Ephesians 6:12.

      Demons "seem" to be confined to earth's spiritual realm (earth and sheol).
      Dark angels, from Paul's epistles are set up in heavenly places (commonly referred to as the 2nd heaven.

      Paul's epistles refers to the dark angels as celestial beings. Jude refers to them as angelic majesties.

      Our spiritual authority and dominion is over the earth. Given to us in Genesis, when God created us in His image, and we handed it over to Satan.

      Our spiritual authority is over the earth and not the heavenly realms - 2nd heaven.

      Deliverance ministry is our spiritual authority over the earth and the demons inhabiting our dominion. When we pray we pray directly at the demon expel it.

      Exorcism ministry (Protestant) we pray and petition God to protect us and liberate the person from the angelic realms. Beware exorcism is a different ministry from deliverance! Many Christians are calling themselves exorcists because they have expelled demons. Deliverance ministry expels low level demonic angels in our spiritual dominion.

      God raises up exorcists. As I stated this is not a promotion from deliverance ministry. We need deliverance ministers. Warring in the heavenly realms should be avoided at all costs unless God has released you into a specific ministry to be there (i.e. God sends your ministry people where deliverance ministry is ineffective). Church intercessors tend to overstep their covering and war in the 2nd heavens over their region. They get an onslaught of retribution from the 2nd heaven that they are incapable of dealing with or shutting down. And the whole church gets attacked. And its severe!

      The occult tends to summon the dark angelic from the 2nd heaven.