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Ghost Adventures Aftershock Aftermath

 Back on Oct 23, 2014 I posted a blog about The Ghost Adventures team and their conduct in investigation with spirit boards and a demon. The October 2014 episodewas about a Demon that was tormenting Darrell and Katie Evans. You can find the blog here: Did Ghost Adventures Go Too Far? I wanted to follow up with the Ghost Adventures Aftershocks episode, where Zac Baggans revealed some things about the investigation that aired in October.

Because of this episode a demon's name trended on twitter. Which is the same as a large scale global summoning of the demon. Way to go on that one,,,

In the Aftershocks episode, Zac reveals some interesting things which are pretty much duplicitous for an individual self-proclaiming themselves as an expert in demonology. First case in point Zac says the demon they encountered is Biblical. Duplicitous Zac uses wicca to cleanse himself and some innocent people of the demon. Second, Zac finally admits this is demonic obsession and not research. Which I pointed out in my blog. Third, Zac comes in as savior to help a family he was responsible for demonically slime-ing. One of which was a young teen girl who should not have been on site with the crew.

Zac demons target young girls!

Any person with a minimal understanding in demonology would have caught this. How did the expert not catch this and send her home???

 I was surprised that Zac made the following comments, yet they didn't seem to settle on his on conscience. Interesting enough, Zac referred to the demon as Biblical at t=3:14. t=4:29 the conversation switches to demonic obsession.

 During this interview Zac reminded me of the Hunger Games character, Ceaser Flickerman. That's how comical this show is becoming. Well it would be funny if it weren't for the peoples lives it is destroying in the shows aftermath. Maybe that should be the name of this show, Ghost Adventures Aftermath.

I spoke about how I knew Katie was demonized and no one went to help her. She wandered off possessed and the crew decided it was more important to play with ouija boards. The filming should have stopped and this woman should have been taken to an exorcist. It was later revealed that an incubus demon manifested and sexually violated Katie. In hind site, the exorcism may not have been successful, because it was later revealed to us in this episode, that Katie was using the spirit board and having relations with an incubus spirit. This stuff needs to be shutdown for an exorcism. It's all about a battle of the will. I was still shocked at the infamous GA team and how they did nothing to assist Katie at this time.

I don't want to focus on this much longer. I would like to focus on how the spiritual ignorance of the crew put a young teen woman through the nightmare of spiritual attachment to a demon. I created a transcript of the interview with Tee Jay and his daughter, Makayla.  Apparently, Makayla was on hand for the shows filming at a demonized location. She was supposedly interviewed at the site and it was later not used in the actual show. Just thinking off the top of my head, knowing what I know and have seen, it's not the best choice for a dad to bring his daughter too. Again, all these safety checks weren't in place. But that is biggest issue with ghost hunting (demons).

As for Tee Jay, I don't think he believed the site was demonically active until the team stirred up the demon with a spirit board.

As you may have noticed by my tone. I am VERY UPSET about what happened to this young woman.

 To re-cap the episode -Tee Jay was in the house for only 10 minutes. Let's examine the Spiritual attachment to Makayla. What bother's me about this interview is the combination of Zac's arrogance and his ignorance in the subject matter. Zac wants to educate Makayla but he doesn't have the foundational understanding in spirituality to know that this young girl could get a dangerous spiritual attachment.

 t = transcript time from the video.


TJ - How can I fight what I can't see?


Makayla - The night we came home form the interview my dad says he felt someone standing behind him. And I start crying because I was laying on the bed and someone is standing over me and has their hand right here (over her right shoulder). And I can see a man walking back and forth in my room.

Zac - He was putting his hand on your chest?

Makayla - he had his hand right here.I was laying in my bed. I was getting ready for bed.


 Zac - you couldn't breath?

Makayla - I couldn't breath. So I ran in and found my dad and we left the house.


Makayla - and my dad was crying also.

 Zak - your dad was crying?

Makayla - He was crying. He was scared also.

Zak - have you ever seen your dad this freaked out before? Have you seen your dad cry before? 


Makayla - (shakes her head no!) he never cries. My dad never cries. 

Zak - and he cried that night...

 Makayala - his eyes were tearing up. When he came out of here and he was talking to me. His eyes were tearing up.

 Zak - out of fear after I interviewed him?

Makayla - Uh-huh! (yes)

 Zac - are you guys okay now? do you guys want any help?

 Makayla - we do want help yes.

 Zac - what kind of help? would you like.

 Makayla - he just wants it gone.

 Zac - ok

 Makayla - whatever it is -gone!

 Zac - ok. Before you guys leave here today I am going to have it arranged.To get somebody to your house and get this entity gone. So you don't have to cry anymore over this.

 Zac - I arranged for the woman who did the ritual cleansing on me,

Lisa Ghariani, psychic medium, to do the same for Tee Jay and Makayla.

 Lisa - do you feel like it's an attachment around you?

 TJ - I do. Lisa - OK.

 TJ - I entered into something I was ignorant to and I want out.

 Lisa - that's why we're here okay?

 Zac narration - she uses sage and smoke to remove the negative energy from the home.

 Lisa (ritual) - if there is a dark entity that has been in this room. You will go and you will not be allowed to return.

 Zac narration - while blessing it's occupants with words and rituals..


 TJ - if there is something that has somehow attached to me Lisa - it will be gone. if I feel any doubt I will let you know.

 TJ - OK.

 Lisa - deal?

 TJ - Deal! t=28:53

 Zac narration - as soon as the cleansing is finished both TeeJay and Makayla are overcome with strong emotions. Suggesting whatever negative force had a hold on them has been finally removed. 

Lisa - may this home be protected with light - pure light.

 Zac narration - Unleashing a wave of feelings. I am so grateful to be able help this family move past this dark period in their lives.

So here are my comments on all of this. Why are ghost hunters so duplicitous in their spirituality?

Zac calls the demon out as a Biblical demon? He is correct there. All spirits were created by God.

for all things in heaven and on earth were created in him—all things, whether visible or invisible, whether thrones or dominions, whether principalities or powers—all things were created through him and for him. - Colossians 1:16

Demons are former angelic beings that allied with Satan and rebelled against God in heaven. Demons are low order grunt soldiers of various ranks, above these demonic spirits, there are evil angelic spirits who sided with Satan in the rebellion. We are looking at the choir of angels outlined in Ephesians 6:12.

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world rulers of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavens. - Ephesians 6:12

The demonic forces here in our physical realm we have authority over through Jesus Christ. In the heavenlies where these dark ruling angels reside (sometimes referred to by Christians as the second heaven), we have no authority. False teachers tell people learning spiritual warfare to go sharpen their iron in the second heaven. This is a very bad teaching with extremely dangerous repercussions.

To bring this point home, when the Ghost Adventures team are self-proclaimed demon hunters and don't walk in the authority of Jesus Christ, they walk in nothing. Zilch. This is why they are oppressed and demonized. Zac isn't demonologist he is a demonically oppressed soul blindlessly obsessed with demonic activity. When your work is responsible for twitter trending the name of a demon. That is not a very good claim to be making. By trending the name on twitter the demon was being globally summoned. How many people besides Zac had nightmares of the demon and oppression that night after the show?

Zac next tactical mistake was using a psychic to rid the demon. Psychics are operating off a hi-jacked spiritual gift from the Holy Spirit. Yes, they have a real gift to discern spirits. However, since the soul the gift is operating in isn't justified and redeemed through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, God, the gift is high jacked and connected to a familiar spirit. This is information from ancient Hebrew, it is not a new revelation.

13 So Saul died for his transgression which he committed against the Lord, even against the word of the Lord, which he kept not, and also for asking counsel of one that had a familiar spirit, to enquire of it; - 1 Chronicles 10:13 KJV

The cleansing of Tee Jay's house was an abomination. Demons may not like what the wiccans did, but it certainly drive the spirits away. The joy presented at the end of the cleansing is a false one.

Unleashing a wave of feelings does not get rid of a demon. Especially, one of this magnitude! Wicca rituals do not cleanse homes of Biblical demons Zac! What a nightmare the Ghost Adventures crew has unleashed on this family. I have attempted to reach out to Tee Jay and Makayla. I hope the care package and calling card make it to your hands. There are real ministry teams out there that can help you. Just as the show the Walking Dead is a documentary of "what not to do" in a zombie apocalypse, so is Ghost Adventures a documentary of "what not to do" with demonic oppression.
I am starting to call the Ghost Adventures Aftershocks - Ghost Adventures Aftermath! Zac doesn't see the trail of destruction this show leaves.

I seriously don't know how Zac allowed young Makayla to be on site when the crew was filming. A person who is an expert in demons must certainly be aware of the dangers of demonic attachment to young girls. Either he is blinded by his own obsession or we are seeing his oppressing spirits making decisions for him. In other words, He needs a God exorcism by a Roman Catholic priest. I believe he does at this point anyway.

 That's just the truth of the matter.


Rev. Mike

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  1. Good morning, my name is Jay and I’m having something that’s going on. I don’t dabble in anything I’m a friendly person most of the time as everyone. I get rushed when I enter certain buildings and have to eventually leave. At first I thought it was kind of like dejavue, I would have a dream months before and then I don’t realize then it hits me. I’ve held on for a heck of a ride things have been distorting and distroying me mentally. I had an ex from high school her, her mother, brother and his wife dabble in Wicca and whatever else. Ever since I left her for cheating on me this has been my world. That was 02-03. I read your post here and I feel I can trust you. I have two spirits that follow me. One his name is Joseph, and the other is shyboy he pokes his head around corners. I’ve personally never seen eather of them Personally and I don’t know how I know ones name. I see them in my dreams.