Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Healing the Land from Dabbler Spells and Rituals

What do you do when someone performs a curse ritual on your property and you find the crime scene? I get many e-mails on this one particular subject. What do we do when we discover a curse has been placed on our home and our land? There are varying degrees to this question depending on the severity of the spiritual disease on the land. In this discussion I am going to focus on a common scenario I get asked about. It goes something along the lines of this. An ex-lover or ex-spouse was a practicing witch and you are a Christian believer. The breakup was very messy and the witch cursed you and your house. You woke up one morning and found the smoldering black candles from a ritual in your living room or your front yard. 

What do you do?

For one, do not simply clean up the ritual site and throw the items away. The tainted site must be cleansed, this is a spiritual crime scene and the attachments and the doorways must be closed. Throwing away items or destroying them only makes things worse if the attachments and ties are not broken off. 

Step 1 – Clean Yourself Up First!

The day you discover the defilement I would immediately go into a liquid fast for 24 hours. Or maybe just fast from food for the day. If you are diabetic or have health issues, do not fast! Connect with God and go to Him in supplication (face down on the knees) and prayer. Once you have connected with God and discussed with Him your situation ask Him if you are released into this battle. 

This is all about dialog with Jesus Christ, and not about Christian rituals to undo this defilement. 

  • During this moment in prayer, confess your sins of being in a relationship out of wedlock, or involved in an ungodly union of the flesh with a witch.
  •  Ask God to break bonds of the soul, and your free will you, made with this individual. 
  • Ask for being released from spiritual attachments and strongholds coming through from sex. 
  • Repent for knowingly having sex in a sinful manner, either out of wedlock, or with a witch or both. 
  • Ask God to cleanse you and forgive you of these sins. I recommend having a prayer partner with you who isn’t afraid of this stuff. If you have a guitar or a friend that can lead some worship – worship up first!
If anything demonic should manifest or make objects move bind it!

We do not petition God in warfare, Jesus has given us dominion and authority over the demonic. When the demonic shows itself pray:

"I bind you in the authority Jesus Christ! I expel you from this house, this land, and the people who live here. I sever any and all spiritual attachments through the sword of the spirit and the blood of Jesus Christ. I command you to go where the Holy Spirit tells you to go. Leave here and never return! In the name of Jesus Christ!"

Step 2 - Renounce and Repent for the Sin of Witchcraft

After you have finished in prayer with Jesus, and you feel the ties of the free will have been broken, then proceed to the next step of the cleansing. Bless a cup of water, tap water works. 

  • Ask Jesus to bless and sanctify the water. There is no process in this or ritual. 
  • The concept is to stay in prayer and dialogue with Jesus as you bless the water. Let the Holy Spirit give you the words to say. 
  • You will be surprised at how you can pray when you surrender to Jesus. 
  • Keep it simple. 
  • You are not holding a Mass of exorcism. 
  • Jesus is your deliverer. 
  • If you are stuck in what to pray just go to Matthew 6 and read aloud the Lord's prayer. 
 Stay in dialogue with Him in prayer. You don’t have to speak the whole time. Many times you speak and the rest of the time you'll be in mental prayer with Jesus. Mental prayer is simply having a conversation with Jesus - in your head

Now you should have 8 oz of Holy Water. If you don’t trust yourself, go to a local Roman Catholic church and ask them for some blessed Holy Water. Have the pastor of your church bless water for you. Some Bible bookstores sell it too. 

Now go to where the ritual defilement took place (note this guide is for a basic ritual defilement, not for a site of routine Satanic rituals, that you will need a lot more help with and a Christian warfare team– ‘not a paranormal’ team).  

  • Take your blessed water, and pour some out in your hand. 
  • Take the blessed water and sprinkle it on the defiled objects (the candles and ritual objects).
  • Pray the following (this is praying, not reciting),

In the authority of Jesus Christ. I bind the demonic and witchcraft in these objects. Every knee will bow in heaven and earth, and under the earth. And every tongue will confess the name of Jesus Christ. Witchcraft you are bound. I forbid the demons here from calling on higher spirits. Jesus if there is anything from the heavenly realms involved in this I petition you to please shut it down. Witchcraft you have no power here.

Jesus I repent, renounce and take ownership for the witchcraft that I have allowed in my life. I renounce Satan, his forces of darkness, and witchcraft. I ask that you forgive me and release me and my family line from any and all of these curses. I repent for having ungodly sex and allowing myself to be involved with this. I repent for any and all rituals I was will-fully involved in. Lord I ask you to rebuke the enemy and deliver me. In your Son’s precious name, Jesus Christ, amen.

  • Now expel the demonic attachment to the objects. 
  • Pray the following,
In the authority of Jesus Christ you are bound. I expel you from my property, my finances, my health, and my life. I command you to go where the Holy Spirit tells you to go. Never return to me or my property. You are expelled forever from me and my family line. Go where the Holy Spirit tells you to go.
Continue praying like this until you are satisfied the spiritual attachment is broken.

Step 3 Healing the land at the defiled site.

Take a moment before proceeding to destroy the objects, and allow the Holy Spirit to bring to memory and all things you need to repent from. 

  • Now remove the objects to somewhere that will allow you to burn them. Once the items are removed from the site. 
  • Sprinkle more Holy water over the desecrated site and pray,
Jesus I ask you to bring healing to this land of yours that was defiled. In the authority of Jesus Christ I command all demonic portals to be closed and never be re-opened. I ask the light of Jesus Christ come into this darkness and seal the demonic portals. The Lord rebuke you. Father in heaven please release your healing and forgiveness on this land. Let this land be blessed with your abundance and presence. I bind every curse and ask that they be turned into blessings. Every atom, every molecule, every mineral of this soil was spoken into existence by you. Today I ask you to consecrate this land and make it healed and blessed. These things I ask in your son’s precious name, Jesus Christ! Amen.

Step 4 -  Burn it!

Once you feel the heaviness lifted from the defilement. Proceed to burning the defiled objects which are now exorcised from witchcraft, demons, and spiritual attachments. You can’t skip exorcising the defiled objects, this will make the matters much, much, much worse if skipped. The spiritual attachments must be broken. When you are at this point, put the objects in an old barrel and burn it! Worship and give praises of deliverance as the material burns. Thank Jesus for his sovereignty over all creation and that He is the Creator who loves us.

Step 5 – Bless the Fence Line

You can even do this step while you are waiting for the defiled materials to incinerate. Prayer walk the four corners of your fence line and bless the property.

I recommend getting some olive oil (every kitchen has this, right?) and bless it like you did the cup of water. If you have anointing oil that works too. 

  • Now with the oil in hand, let’s commence walking the land.
  • Read from scripture, 2 Chronicles 7:14
14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

  • Thank the Lord for His presence and begin to walk your fence line. 
  • This is a prayer walk. Every step you take, like Joshua, you are taking possession of the land. 
  • Stay in dialogue with Jesus and pray what comes to mind. 
  • Anoint all four corners of your property with crosses you drew with your finger dipped in the anointing oil.
  • Pray in warfare,

“Only the light of Jesus Christ is allowed on my land and I expel all darkness. You are not to cross the perimeter and you are bound. This land is Holy land. In the authority of the King of kings, the Lord of lords, Jesus Christ.”

Read from scripture:

3 So Joshua said to the Israelites: “How long will you wait before you begin to take possession of the land that the LORD, the God of your ancestors, has given you? Joshua 18:3

Step 6 – Faith 


Stand in faith that the Lord healed your land. Do not go off looking for a fight with demons and witchcraft. Notice I didn’t bind Satan as most ministers wrongly do. Satan is high up fallen angel he is not a demon. I used the protocols from Jude 8-10 and Zechariah 4 to deal with him. The Lord rebuke Satan and his Satanic angels. We don’t step into that fight. We only have dominion over earthbound demons. Stay out of the heavenly realms (especially the 2nd heaven), too many Christians ignorantly believe that they can take on principalities and wicked angels. A very big tactical error! We don't have dominion in heaven. The heaven belongs to the Lord!

What I outlined is simple. Nothing complicated. The same Holy Spirit that is in me is in you. So there is no reason why this won’t work for you. This is warfare tested material. You just need to stand in your authority like the 70 disciples did in Luke 10. Don’t complicate things, there is no process or ritual. Just keep the dialog open with the tri-une God that dwells inside you and sits on His throne in mountain of heaven.


Never do this alone. When sin is involved it helps to get the confession out in the open. It removes any and all toeholds from the demonic. I strongly recommend a prayer team of at least 1-5 people. Pray the land and walk in the prophetic (listen to God). If you have a prayer team worship before the land cleansing. Keep it simple and invite the presence of God into the situation.
After the cleansing has completed, take communion and seal the healing with covenant to the Lord.

The land can be healed after one blessing but there may still be some warfare. The spirits may still manifest. Move on to a house blessing and stay in the fight. Eventually the spirits will leave. If you are strong in your faith, they will most likely depart from your property that day. If your waning in your spiritual authority, they will try to return and test you. This is where more spiritual warfare comes in. Don’t take it personal, God may allow this trial to strengthen you and show you the spiritual authority you didn’t realize you already walk in.

The key point this is all about your power in prayer with your creator, the Lord Jesus Christ. It is your faith in Kingdom come and Your Will be done! Notice we're not doing any outlandish stuff with sage burning? It's all about you and Jesus connecting and standing in your authority that he gave to you over two thousand years ago at the victory on the cross. All things were created by Him and for Him. Demons are fallen angels that serve God.

This is basic warfare for land and objects that were defiled and used in one ritual or dabbling in the occult (such as Tarrot cards, black candles, and ouiji boards). Satanic rituals, homes, lands, and objects used frequently in rituals require special deliverance ministers and exorcists who operate in this pastoral office.


Rev. Mike 

If you want to learn the straight up facts on learning spiritual warfare, get your information straight from a book that was written from the front lines of spiritual warfare. Get your copy of:

A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare

M16 Ministries


  1. Thank you ever so much for posting this! I live in South Florida and often come across the remains of santeria (thankfully not in my yard or directed to myself). This info will help!

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