Monday, December 19, 2016

Dissociative Identity Disorder and Connecting with God

Between working full time and ministering nearly full time in the evenings, it gets a bit crazy with my weekly schedule. Because I am so busy, I am only currently working with cases that fall under the M16 umbrella (at In the Potter's Hands counseling). That is, people who have nowhere else to turn, and their church doesn't have the resources to help them with the severity of their spiritual situation. In other words, all my cases are 911 spiritual emergency cases I am on. My ministry is very entrenched in spiritual warfare, and there are a lot of things I see at this level of warfare I like sharing with others in this ministry.

Today, I want to elaborate on a season the Holy Spirit has me in. A Holy Spirit season is a theme of ministry training you are lead into, and it is a repetitious theme you see in the cases you are working on at the current moment.  The season I am in now is the Connecting with God season.

I have multiple high-level cases involving severe demonic obsession,  ritual abuse survivors, and other forms of dissociative identity disorder involving demonic oppression.

The repeating theme that has surfaced in this time is that of individuals being unintentionally but badly hurt, from bad prophetic, deliverance, and Sozo ministry. Wow, did I just shove the stick in the hornet's nest? Well, don't be so religious just yet, here me out.

Because dissociative identity disorder involves a soul fractured into multiple identities (parts, or formerly personalities), a part in the D.I.D. system will seek help for healing. The part that seeks healing from Jesus, we call the Christian Host.

Now, what is difficult to the minister, is that a person may show up, and be D.I.D., but the minister isn't immediately aware of the individual's state of consciousness or being. D.I.D. souls. They don't usually disclose this information to the minister. Many times the Christian Host believes that a deliverance or Sozo prayer session will be a magic prayer bullet. This is never the case!!! Jesus doesn't heal internal trauma and pain at the snap of a finger. Jesus walks them out of this.

Now, how do you tell if the individual seeking prayer is D.I.D.? The individual will appear to be a bit odd or a bit off in the session. One telltale sign is that you're going in circles in the session. Spinning your wheels in the mud, so to speak.

I tend to recognize this as D.I.D., someone with a fractured soul. I have had to deal with too many counseling sessions, where non-discerning Sozo and deliverance ministries determined the fractured soul parts to be demons. When I am at this juncture of discerning, which I do at the beginning of every session with a new person seeking help, I have them connect with Jesus. I want to see what they're interior life is like. Eight times out of ten, I will encounter people who claim to be prophetic but can't connect with Jesus in their soul. Yes, figure that one out!

I will simply work with the soul before me and have them meditate on Psalm 46:10 and work with them to connect with the indwelling Jesus. The Charismatics always tell me they are having a fantastic vision with Jesus and angels. This is a soulish rendition from the D.I.D.-er to throw you off track. What I try to get them to do is simply sit on a park bench with Jesus in the place of their soul where they go everyday to meet him for prayer.

These individuals can't do this, and then they proceed to tell you how they can't meditate or read the Bible. This is not demonic! This is a fractured soul. When I encounter this, I do not proceed with any deliverance ministry. You need to change course in ministry and take them by the hand in baby steps. My recommendation is to find a ministry or counselor that understands D.I.D. Sozos and deliverance ministry will make them much worse!!!

In counseling, I work with the traumatized soul to connect with Jesus, it could take one session, or it could take a year. Why do I do this? If you have ever taken a martial arts, the first thing they teach you is your fighting stance! Equipping a fractured soul to connect with God is teaching them their fighting stance! They must learn to connect and speak with God to find out what is truth and what is lies from the enemy. A soul that can't connect with God is in a locked state of hopelessness. No matter how much of a deliverance show you put on, and that's all it will be at this juncture, the soul will never be set free. They must learn to fight their own way out and meet Jesus. D.I.D usually occurs from surviving severe traumatic experiences from childhood, such as emotional and sexual abuse, ritual abuse, abduction and slavery, and sex trafficking.

Not all D.I.D.-ers have an issue connecting with God. The ones that can I have worked with attribute this to having had very good youth pastors in their lives who helped them with their spiritual direction. So take note youth pastors, less bowling with frozen chickens and more emphasis on having the youth learning to connect with God.

And whatever you do, if you discover the soul before you is D.I.D., refrain from any and all forms of prophetic ministry!!! Don't care if the word is from a prophet on the Elijah list, no prophetic words to D.I.D.-ers. PERIOD! This will be the subject of another blog conversation I need to address. Again, more on this later.

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Well, that's enough for now. Hope this was beneficial.

Rev. Mike

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