Thursday, November 9, 2017

Removing Cursed Objects and Haunted Possessions

Cursed objects and haunted possessions are in the media quite a bit lately. For the 2017 Halloween episode of Ghost Adventures, Zak Bagans and the GA crew took us on a spiritually twisted tour of Zak's haunted objects museum in Las Vegas. Followers of the paranormal are dangerously obsessed with haunted and possessed objects. These objects are collected under the blatant lie to be preserved and researched. Spiritually infested objects need to be rendered powerless and destroyed - not preserved!

Objects came become defiled or cursed in various ways. The most common method is through occult rituals. Dolls are commonly cursed as they are used as ritual fetishes in voodoo and the occult. Other objects, such as tribal masks, cultural jewelry, paintings, sculptures. or objects intended for bringing curses are activated through occult rituals. Objects can also become infested just by being in an environment with demonic activity. Mirrors are another common item that can become cursed through ritual activities, occult dabbling, and practices. Note, even illegal drugs are cursed objects  (substances) now. But that's another conversation...

If you are a Christian minister that is called into one of these situations, please use extreme discretion. Always be on guard with your spiritual discernment and allow the Holy Spirit to instruct you on what is present in your environment. Tainted objects usually radiate oppression at the locations they are in. You may walk into an environment and feel a heaviness immediately without seeing the item. You may have experienced weird car problems on the way over. These are not signs of tainted objects, but the some of the whole of the experience, are indicative of something may be present and pushing back on you.

When you receive an email or a call about on object always give yourself ample time to pray and consult God. If you are in this ministry you are not a paranormal investigator, nor do you participate in any way with the paranormal field, but a follower of Jesus, who spends most of your time helping others spiritually in their inner prayer life and growth. You must have the capacity to connect with Jesus and know His voice, the name above all names, the one true God. I am not talking about visions and so forth. You must hear the peaceful inner voice of the indwelling Jesus and the convictions of the Holy Spirit. Spiritual maturity is critical because this is where the tactical information is going to come from in shutting down occult powers and object fetishes. I highly recommend meeting somewhere, like at church, or someone's home, to spiritually pray up and worship before you go. Also, have an off-site intercessor team that is praying for you while you are in infested places. Keep in mind, if you are doing this level of ministry, that this is not your first rodeo. The Holy Spirit has already raised you up, and you have already defeated the lion and the bear.

If you are on site where the object is, you must discern the power of the demonic presence. Is the presence a low-level demon that comes under the jurisdiction of your spiritual authority? Or are you dealing with the occult, and high-level demons and satanic angels which requires the petitioning of Jesus for His help? These questions are crucial to being the spiritual first responders. Let the Holy Spirit and Jesus reveal to you everything and never consult angels, which is a dangerous and growing charismatic practice. False angels of light always answer that call. Proceed through the home, with a team, never go alone, using listening prayer if you're new to this. Listening prayer is asking Jesus to bring revelation on what is going in on.

Jesus, could you bring revelation on what this object is?

If you feel anything demonic, bind it and forbid it from calling on higher spiritual powers. Bind the occult and witchcraft. Ask the Holy Spirit to go before you. If you are spiritually mature in your own inner prayer life, the spirits will look at you like Philistines seeing the ark of the covenant coming their way. You must be spiritually mature and be walking in your authority. That is, you know that Jesus is going to do something to bring healing to the situation. You may not know what Jesus is going to do, you just know that you showed up and He is too. Never put Jesus in a box, let Him fight these battles. Pray to fall in step with what He is doing rather than pray and tell Him how to fight. He pretty much already has that one covered.

Walking in your authority also means not stepping out of your covering. This means you don't start a bar fight in the second heaven like most deliverance ministries wrongly teach and practice. The heavens belong to Jesus and Jesus alone. We stay out! If you are dealing with the occult, you're dealing with rituals and high order spirits, whether high level demonic or satanic angels. Petition Jesus in this warfare. Listen to what He tells you.

If you are dealing with an object with spiritual attachments to an individual, have them renounce their attachments and free will bonds to the item. If the item was an occult fetish, a conjuring device such as an ouji board, cameras, ovulus, spirit boxes, flash lights, digital voice recorders, crystal balls, wands, and mirrors, to name a few, the user must renounce their use of the objects and renounce satan. Once it is discerned the connection with the individual is broken, the spiritual attachments to the object must be evicted through prayer. Bind the spirits and command them to go where the Holy Spirit instructs them. Always let the Holy Spirit tell you if the site is cleansed. Don't rely on your senses. Demons are great decievers.  It may take one session or several sessions. However, log it takes to expel the occult activity. Always operate in humility and to the protocols of Jude 8-10. There is a common charismatic practice to laugh at satan. This is ill-advised and is a form of reviling angelic beings. We are told in the Bible that we are lesser than angels.

Once we have the certainty that the spirits have been expelled from the object, the item must be destroyed. Most fetishes you need to burn in the church parking lot drum. Mirrors and crystal objects need to be shattered once the spiritual attachments have been removed. Care must be given to get to this stage and ensure the object has been cleansed. There may be times where an object will require a Roman Catholic exorcist to handle the object's destruction.

When you leave the site, pray and have the Holy Spirit cleanse you of all dark assignments and attachments. Spiritually clean yourselves off from the demonic muck.

I can easily write a lot more on the subject. But that's it in a nutshell.

If you have any questions on how to deal with occult battles, please drop me a comment, and I will answer the question in blog posts.

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 Well, that's enough for now. Hope this was beneficial.

Rev. Mike

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