Monday, December 17, 2018

Christian Spiritual Authority in the Heavenly Realms - Part III

John Paul Jackson wrote in his book, Needless Casualties of War, that engaging spirits in the heavenly places was like throwing hatchets at the moon. Do intercessors overstep their bounds and battle in places they don't belong?

Several years ago, I used to give spiritual warfare talks at a local bay area church conference. At the end of my talk, a local Asian pastor of a home church pushed his intercessor up through the attendees at the conference and begged me to help him. His intercessor manifested spirits immediately and this was a situation where I was warned by the PhD running the event that I was only allowed to give the rated G Disney version of deliverance ministry in my presentation. Well, now there was a manifestation and there was no putting the genie back in the bottle, so to speak. My wife and I discerned the intercessor went after a regional spirit. The intercessor confirmed she did, and was left with a nasty oppression demon. We did prayers of liberation and the woman was set free. The event was an interesting public example of over stepping ones bounds in the spirit realm and how the higher ranking evil spirits can respond in warfare, and dispatch a low-level demon to oppress and afflict the soul..

Part III in our discussion on Christian Authority and Dominion in spiritual warfare. In this installment, I provide the framework on prayer posture and authority in heavenly realms. According to scripture the heavens belong to Jesus. I call out dark angelic choirs as defined in Ephesians 6:12. In this talk I also discuss basic forms of petitioning prayer as it is presented in scripture. Do Christians have spiritual authority in the heavens? Can you bind principalities using your spiritual authority? How do you know if an attack is coming from the heavenly places? We'll take a look at what scripture tells about battles in the heavens.

Download the study outline PDF here:
Christian Spiritual Authority the Heavens Belong to Jesus 

I present to you, the video for this training on battling in the heavenly realms:

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Christian Spiritual  Authority Over Low-Level Demonic Spirits


Also of interest is John Paul Jackson's 5 Reasons Not to Engage in Second Heaven Warfare

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