Saturday, December 8, 2018

Christian Spiritual Authority Over Low-Level Demonic Spirits - Part II

Can the average lay Christian expel a demon? Where are instructions found in the Bible to cast out evil spirits? Are there limitations to our spiritual authority with demonic spirits? Do you have to be a Christian to cast out spirits?

M16 Ministries was founded in 2009 as 501c3. During this time God has brought numerous and crazy battles to the ministry door step. From the get go, God hurled me into a Mark 9:29 type of ministry. As a street minister working with the drug addicts, homeless, and prostitutes,on the streets of San Francisco with Night Strike ministry, I have seen a lot of the occult and the supernatural. Some stuff so freaky, I literally had some street ministers never return to Night Strike. 

During this time I have met a lot of severely demonic afflicted souls, fractured souls, and survivors of the occult. In my years, I moved away from calling myself a deliverance minister and am now simply a minister of God. Why? For one, it's what we're supposed to do, according to Luke 10 (see the training). Second, in my 10 years I have watched deliverance ministry turn into a Vegas side show run by prideful ministers. This isn't the deliverance ministry Jesus gave us, its a circus version that proliferates bad teaching. Some deliverance ministries have even become doctrinal, which in itself again is something very bad. Many ministries are not even grounded Biblically anymore in their teachings or practices. For instance, where in the Bible does it instruct people to cough out a demon? When I work with individuals who have issues other than demons (i.e. behavioral), they insist their issue is demonic and proceed to do the cough in front of me to prove their issue is demonic. These are poor souls who have been conditioned by Vegas deliverance ministries. Let's take a look at the Biblical approach to casting out demons. In Part II, or this 3 part teaching, I go through the scripture to demonstrate how Jesus instructed us to expel low-level demons - deliverance ministry!

Download the study outline PDF here:
Christian Spiritual Authority Over Low-level Demonic Spirits

I present to you, the video for this installment.

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God Bless
Rev. Mike

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