Friday, January 24, 2020

Tales of Glory - How to Get Started in Spiritual Warfare Ministry

In this episode of Tales of Glory, we'll take a short prep break, as I work on the Interior Castle. Tonight we talk about the simplest way to get into healing, deliverance, and prophetic supernatural ministry. This is what you need to know to start your own homeless ministry, and why it's advantageous to do this to get training from the Holy Spirit.

I will present why the homeless ministry is the best approach for ministers who are being called into ministry and how easy it is to get started. I provide tips on how take simple approaches for launching a powerful ministry with minimal budget.

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Show Notes

Night Strike on the 700 Club

A Tourist Getting Prophetic Word at Night Strike

Night Strike History

Night Strike began in 1999, when Bob Johnson, pastor of the Frontline church in Redding, was called by God to come minister on the streets of San Francisco. Bob Johnson, along with Mark Neitz and Milton Meyer, started ministering to the poor on the streets of Jones and Eddy. It was then the skidrow of the city. It is now the site of the Tenderloin Police station. Mark Neitz said their old white van with a purple stripe would pull up on a Thursday evening for street ministry and the place would just go nuts. The people knew the minsitry van pulled up and they would gather around it and start rocking it and pound on it. Mark and Milton would hand out peanut butter sandwiches prepared by Debra Stineart. Debra was still in Redding at the time and she would prepare all the food and items to be handed out. Redding is a 3 hour drive from San Francisco.

Mark Neitz made connections with other local ministries, like the Homeless Church, led by Pastor Evan Prosser. Mark and his wife, Jessica, led ministry bootcamps to serve the people in high crime areas like Hunter's Point and the Richmond district, as well as the Tenderloin.

By 2006, Night Strike grew into a large minstry event occuring every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month. Church groups from all over the United States came to work in the "manna truck" and serve hundreds of meals to the homeless in a matter of hours. Some attendees chose to work close to the "manna truck" because the streets were still rough at night. Other more adventurous people went out on teams to deliver food, and most important of all - a touch from the heavenly Father. Night Strike has witnessed incredible healings and delivernces on the streets. Night Strike started as, and still continues on today, as a supernatural street ministry bringing healing to the street and heavenly encounters.

In 2009, M16 Minsitries evolved from deliverance ministry on the streets with Night Strike.

In October 2011, Bob Johnson was called again by God to work in area of passion, social Justice. Bob returned to his home in Redding to start iDignify. Mark Neitz was being called to start an orphanage for children rescued from sex trafficking. Bob and Mark passed the batton of operation over to M16 Ministries to fullfill their new calling and season in ministry.

Hope you enjoyed the fireside chat. If you have questions about starting your ministry, leave them in the comments. I will answer, or expand the good questions in future podcasts.

God Bless

Rev. Mike


  1. Great stuff! Thank you Mike I enjoy listening and learning from these Tales of Glory.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. Very appreciated!!! God Bless