Friday, January 17, 2020

Tales of Glory - Saint Teresa of Avila's Interior Castle First Mansions Chapter 01

In this episode of Tales of Glory we dive into Saint Teresa of Avila's classic masterpiece on prayer, "The Interior Castle" or "Mansions", Chapter 01. Saint Teresa was a Spanish Catholic from the 1500's who knew a thing or two about developing a deep a prayer life with Jesus Christ. As we continue the topic of the way of the warrior we are going to dive into the theology of intimacy with the Father, his Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.
Starting with the First Mansions, Chapter 01, we starting in at ground level on the topic of learning to pray and developing a spiritual interior life. The saint is a romantic at heart and provides the language for us for our stages in going deeper in prayer and what intimacy with Jesus Christ looks like. SO kick back, pull up a chair to the fireside conversation and let's learn about beginning stages of prayer.

Let's dive in!! The Interior Castle - First Mansions Chapter 01

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Show Notes and Links

The Interior Castle pdf

The Interior Castle (audio)

Saint Teresa's History

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The Lord's Prayer

Psalm 46:10 

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