Wednesday, November 18, 2020

TOG - A Field Guide to Advanced Spiritual Warfare - Chapter 04 - Forgiveness Ep 21


In this episode, Tales of Glory - Advanced Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare - Chapter 04, we're diving back into our topic of deliverance and exorcism. The subject for this podcast is forgiveness. Here we examine why basic forgiveness deliverance ministry often fails to bring healing. Why do corporate forgiveness rituals fail? Why should you understand the difference between deliverance and inner healing? In this podcast we investigate the darker challenges of forgiveness. Are you dealing with demonic oppression or dissociative identity disorder (D.I.D.). Is D.I.D demonic? What role does forgiveness play in deliverance ministry, exorcism, and inner healing?

Some exciting topics in this installment of Tales of Glory.

Poor yourself some coffee, cocoa, or whatever beverage it is you relax by the fireplace with and tune in. We're examining topics in deliverance ministry and exorcism. 

Come on in and sit a spell! 

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Show Notes

Get your copy and follow along! 

Thank you!

Thank you for tuning in! We're moving through my book, A Field Guide to Advanced Spiritual Warfare. Hope you enjoyed Chapter 04 - Forgiveness. Next time we'll discuss Chapter 05 Spiritual Authority in Christ.

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God Bless!!!!

Rev. Mike

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