Friday, January 15, 2021

TOG - Fireside Chat - Discerning the Demonic from Dissociated Voices - Ep 24


In this episode of Tales of Glory, Fireside Chat edition, we look at mystical experiences of locutions as they apply to discerning internal voices. Is a demonic voice always demonic? Can a dissociated identity (a part) take on the appearance of a demonic manifestation.

Pastors and counselors, what do you do when you think it is a demonic presence, but the demon won't leave? We cover some important topics in Christian inner healing and spiritual warfare.

How do you discern demons from dissociated human parts? Some good points on ministry are presented to help you become a more effective deliverance minister, inner healing minister, and Christian counselor.

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Show Notes

 Discerning Internal Voices - Demonic or Fractured Soul  a blog I wrote in 2018 on the subject matter.


Thank You

Thank you for tuning in to Tales of Glory podcast fireside chat. I hope you found this beneficial. 
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Rev. Mike

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