Sunday, February 21, 2021

TOG-Fireside Chat - Module III Mark 9:29 Ministry - Ep 25


The last weekend of January 2021, I had the amazing opportunity to fly out to Texas and equip the saints in spiritual warfare at the OpenDoor church. Wonderful church, with an amazing congregation. The class had over 200 saints in attendance. Again an amazing time out there, thank you Tim and Cindy McGill, and Pastor Otis, and SOKE, for having me come out there. 

In the class I covered four major topics as a primer for spiritual warfare ministers, topic 3, or module III, Mark 9:29 Ministry - Battles in the Occult and Exorcism, I gleaned over quickly to focus on the more pertinent module IV, on Dissociation. So I didn't feel I gave module III the proper time and justice. But when you're trying to obedient and respect the time given to you, you adapt accordingly. But I felt afterwards, I wanted to provide the material to the students. Here is module III, from the class. To the Open Door church, thank you for your hospitality. I wanted to make sure you guys got this in its in entirety. God Bless!!!!

Please note, this is an introductory course to the ministry of exorcism for pastors and counselors. This is not a comprehensive course on the ministry. 

Module I - The Preeminence and Diety of Jesus Christ

Module II - Luke 10:17 Deliverance Ministry

Module III - Mark 9:29 Ministry Battling the Occult and Possession <- You are Here!!!

Module IV - D.I.D. 

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Show Notes

The information from this podcast comes from the M16 Ministries equipping course for Christian Pastors and Counselors - Introduction to Spiritual Warfare Ministry 101.

An early version of Module I - the Diety of Jesus Christ, TOG Ep 23, while I was putting together this class back in December of 2020. I refer to this at times in this podcast.

John Paul Jackson - Five Reasons not to Engage in Second Heaven Warfare - Youtube video


Thank you for listening in. I appreciate the saints out in Texas! 

God Bless!

Rev. Mike

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