Friday, March 26, 2021

Saint Teresa of Avila - Interior Castle Fifth Mansions Chapter 02 - Ep 26


Tales of Glory dives into Santa Teresa of Avila's Fifth Mansions Chapter 02. 

In chapter 02, Saint Teresa explains to us her classical metaphor of ascetical and mystical prayer life - the silk worm and the butterfly. Here she explains how the silk worm is like a soul in the First through Third mansions, developing from a beginning to advance prayer interior life. As the soul prays, like the worm feeding on the mulberries, the soul begins to go deeper (cocoon) in Jesus Christ. Where it makes its home before emerging later as a butterfly (a soul in the mystical states of prayer life).

Pull up your cozy lounge chair next to the fireplace. Pour your self your favorite beverage and sit back as the Doctor of Prayer of the Catholic Church edifies us in these amazing experiences with God in our interior life.


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Show Notes

Interior Castle Fifth Mansions Chapter 02 HTML

Discerning Hearts Audio Reading of Interior Castle Fifth Mansions Chapter 02

 Discerning Hearts Podcast Interior Castle Fifth Mansions Chapter 02

Guided Meditations for Children - used in the TOG Podcast spiritual exercise

I found this hard bound copy of Saint Teresa of Avila's Interior Castle on Thriftbooks website. It's the same manuscript we use on Tales of Glory and the HTML manuscript I post in the show notes section here.



'Til Next Time

Thank you for tuning in! We're moving through the mansions, and next time we enter into the Fifth Mansions - Chapter 3!

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God Bless!!!!

Rev. Mike


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